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  1.  Great album!


    This album is great, bought it when it first came out and was shocked at how good it was, if your into hip-hop and rnb n dont mind a latin kinda twist to it then your love this! Good lalbum to bounce to in the summer time too and the follow up albums just as good, i think there's something in this album that will suit anyone who listens to it, just a shame they dont get promoted enough as they are one of the best groups around! buy it, enjoy and you wont be dissapointed!

  2.  Great!


    Ordered this t.v and got it the next day! very fast delivery and the t.v itself is amazin, definitly worth every penny, the 1080p full hd is better then the 1080i and you can see this, ps3 graphics are unreal and watching blu-ray discs will blow you away! its easy to set up and looks the part too. If your thinkin of buyin this t.v then do it now, its just the right size and if you go for the 1080i you will be wishin after you've set it up that you bought this! its over £200 cheaper on play.com and thats why play is number 1!.

  3.  Beer!!!


    Yes, a good comedy with plenty of laughs n jokes along the way, i think its not as good as super tropers but its not far behind it! if you like stayin in with the lads n havin a few beers while watchin a comedy then this is definitly one to watch! Me n my mates found it so funny that we even made ourselves a A**hole hat!

  4.  Fiffa??? This is PES!!!!


    I agree that the frame rate etc is a little slow and annoying but once you get used to this it dosent seem to matter much, for a start if you a real PES fan then you wont even mention fifa! only reason i have is because people keep talkin about it! its never been as good as pes and NEVER will be! the gameplay on pes is so much better and even tho bein a little dissapointed myself with the new pes, it's still a good game, worth playing and i dont think there will be a better football game until the next one comes out.

  5.  Over the top? Yes. Good Film? Yes!


    If you are a big fan of Die Hard then you will not be dissapointed, of course its over the top in some places but isnt every Die Hard film?? There's alot more action in this film then in the previous ones i would say, some parts take you by surprise and this keeps you on the edge of your seat!! great film and by the rating that its got from the 70 plus reviews i think you can see what most people think. A must buy.

  6.  Bottom!!!


    I'ts a real shame that they stopped doin Bottom, its got to be the most hilarious comedy ever! unlike other comedy programs every single episode will have you wetting yourself!!! Richie is desperate to have sex with anything that moves and eddie is full blown alcoholic!!! you can actually imagine 2 guys living together like this in real life!!
    Some people might think this show is just pure filth and nothing but bottom humar and bad language, well it is!!!
    If you liked guest house paridiso then you will fall in love with this box set as the t.v show in my opinion puts it to shame, a must buy for anyone whos a fan of comedy,
    Rick and Ade are brilliant! BUY IT NOW!!!!

  7.  Simply, Random And Stupid But In A Good Way!!!!!


    Couldnt agree more with lollerskates! this is by far the best spoof i've ever seen, absoloutly hilarious, one of the funniest things is the "dubbed" voices during the film and the complete random things that happen are also hilarious, the best character in the film is "Master Pain" who later chances his name to "Betty" this is definitly one to watch after a few beers!!! makes it even funnier!!!
    If you dont like this then you wont like any comedy!!!
    Buy it NOW and once you've seen it you will wonder why you didnt buy it along time ago.

  8.  Good but is lackin something


    Havin played the demo i had to buy this game, demo was great and packed full of action however, after buying the game i relised that theres alot more talking and walking about then first expected, dont get me wrong when you do come accross the enemys the different ways in which you can kill them are great! i think its a good game and worth buying if your into this sort of thing but like in the other reviews the thing which lets this game down is either the size of the maps(where you tend to spend alot of time on your own lookin around) or the lack of enemy's.

  9.  Hilarious


    This is simply hilarious!!! great bit of fun! if your with your family or just stayin in with the lads its great fun to mess about with! pull back and watch him fly!!! your be surprised at how fast this little monkey travels!
    I was in two minds wether to buy this or not but im glad i did, i recommend to anyone who has thought about buyin this to buy it now!!! great fun and only a fiver.

  10.  Worst film in years


    I was lookin so forward to watchin this film, trailers looked good plus samuel jackson is in it so i automaticly thought ut was gonna be great but after i seen it i thought that it is quite possibly the worst action film ever, apart from jackson, the actin is rubbish and the effects are dodgy, the only reason i watched it all the way through is because it started off so bad i thought that it could only get better but it didnt, if i could of i would have gave this film 0 out of 5,big dissapointment