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  1.  Amazing story, shortest game ever


    Storyline is great. Brilliantly funny with some of the best characters I've seen in games for ages. However the story mode only takes about 4 hours to complete. Lots of side missions, however all are nearly identical (based around a few different scenarios, e.g. racing, fighting etc), so not worth doing unless you want to waste your life boosting gamerscore.

  2.  Extraordinary phone


    Utterly amazing build quality. Awesome OS. Everything about this phone is fantastic.


    For only 30 quid more, you can buy the HTC Desire which has a much higher resolution screen (800x480 vs 480x340), more RAM (576mb vs 384mb), wireless n (when android 2.2 is released), and a faster processor (1gz vs 600mhz).

    This phone needs to be more than 30 quid cheaper to make up for this... unless you love the aluminium body just too much (it is amazing)...

  3.  Great earphones!


    Used to own a pair of ep-630s, but after going through 3 or 4 pairs of these I thought I'd try a change (ep-630s are great, and I use my earphones a lot and don't treat them all that well, hence why I get through so many pairs!)

    I tried a switch to sennheiser cx500 and hated them, far too bassy, silly in-line volume control that broke and not nearly as comfortable as my ep-630s. Do not buy them!

    Decided I'd try these as they were only 3 quid more than the ep-630 phones, and have to say I really like them! Sound is more spatious, and bass is more responsive without being overpowering. Just as comfortable as the 630s and the construction feels a little more rugged.

    Not 5 stars because creative are still fitting the straight headphone jacks, not the 90 degree jacks which last so much longer!

  4.  Too bassy, uncomfortable fit & stupid volume control!


    Having read many good review of these earphones, I thought I'd treat myself and go for a decent-ish pair of earphones I could wear running or whatever. I normally listen using a pair of grado sr60s, and of course didn't expect these to match up at all.

    However these earphones are way way below what I expected. The bass drowns out all higher responses, they sound horribly 'muddy'.
    In addition these are the worst fitting ear-canal style phones I've ever owned. I used to use a pair of creative ep-630 and despite being very similar, they are by far and away more comfortable.
    The last negative about these phones is that there is a stupid in-line volume control (variable resistor) that you can hear is clearly affecting the sound quality when you slide it (the sound crackles A LOT). It's got to the point that the resistor has developed poor contacts and now one earphone is louder than the other. AAAAH!!!!

    I like these earphones because they have a symmetrical cord, and a 90 degree headphone jack.

    I've now switched to a pair of creative ep-830 earphones. These have a noticably better sound than the ep-630 model and by far and away a better sound than these cx500. No in-line volume control, comfortable, cheaper. Top stuff creative! Sennheiser, sort it out!

    p.s. if you're about to buy a pair of cx300s, then go for the ep-630. They are cheaper, and the only real difference is that they have a symmetrical cord, unlike the cx300s. Hope this helps!

  5.  Not bad... but


    It's a good attempt at creating an HD media player for your TV, but all I would say is for this money why not think about buying an xbox 360. It will output a 1080p signal over HDMI to your tele, you also will have a games console for the money, and you can also plug in external usb drives just as with this media player. Not a bad gadget, but there are better ways of achieving the same functions.

  6.  buy this


    Undoubtedly Mraz is compared to his peers like James Morrison & Jack Johnson - but this album, for me, is so much warmer & lyrically beautiful than any of the offerings from either of the other two so far. It feels like this album sits somewhere between GC.WC.F with his horns and electro bleeps and the brilliant harmonies of Raul Midon.
    It's a gorgeous album, and for £4.99 it's well worth it!

  7.  Great value!


    Wow, bought this for £16 and it's brilliant.
    Black, which is perfect because it matches my mp3 player which I'm using it with... blue just looked odd...
    Class 4 as well!!! If you look at the Sandisk cards, they're mostly class 2 - which means the play.com cards have twice the read/write speed! It's noticeably faster than the old 2gb kingston card I was using!

    Brilliant, nice one Play.com!

  8.  Terrible


    Having listened to the album & also seen them live at V fest, they are possibly a band that manages to be blander than Keane. Apart from the drummer who makes up for the lack of talent from the others, these guys are just really boring!!!

  9.  Better Live...


    The album's ok... nothing special. What they can do with a guitar and drums is pretty cool, but the album is hard work to listen to. That's Not My Name is annoying... it builds really well, but is just annoying! Great DJ also has overly repeated lyrics & hooks. Great live, they just didn't come across that well to disc... If they ever release a live CD (after a couple more albums?) then that'll be worth buying...

  10.  Awesome value!


    Not the greatest selection of tracks by a long way, but for someone with little to no oasis music, for £2.99, BUT IT!!