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  1.  Focusing too much on one thing...


    Well I got this game simply because it was cheap and I was bored.
    GRAPHICS: Well, it's not great. I mean there are much worse out there, but I doubt you'll ever here anyone say "Shadowrun? Yeah, it has awesome graphics". Nothing to rave about, nothing to complain about.
    COMBAT: Typical 1st person shooter in many ways. Several weapons to choose from and the ability to choose your weapons each time a round begins means you don't get stuck with the same weapons. You gain points for kills and damage, and can buy abilities such as teleport and resurrect.
    STORY: None. Yep, that's right. It has *no* campaign mode. No story. Nothing. It has a tutorial and that's about it. Single player is basically multiplayer, but replaces real people with BOTS that kinda suck and pose no real enjoyment.
    PLAYABILITY: Well, if you have XBOX Live! then it can be a very entertaining game. There are several maps and weapons, different races to choose from all with different playing styles and lots of neat skills and abilities to use that make it very customizable. It's got some nice nice features like the D-pad gives your fellow players info on enemy locations and if you need back-up etc. It's the type of game you can pick up for 30 minutes just for a quick play and some simple fun.
    OVERALL: The lack of a single player mode makes this game ONLY for Xbox Live! subscribers. It's average in most ways and doesn't really give gamers anything to rave about, or anything unique to explore, and with nothing new in the pipeline to be released it looks like a game that will be forgotten easily. The othe rthing is there is only 1 game mode: Capture the Flag. That's it. So it's not like it has different modes. It is however, easy to jump in and out of games. Really, I think the game developers concentrated too much on making this game playable online between Windows Vista and Xbox users, and it shows that;'s what they focused on not only in gameplay, but also in Xbox 360 achievements.

  2.  A good title for the semi stealthy


    I'd never really shown an interest in this game prior to launch, and even for a little while afterwards, but I played it for around 30 mins, then decided I wanted it. I'm not a stealth game genre type of person. The closest I get to stealth is G.R.A.W titles, or Rainbow 6.
    GRAPHICS: Well this is where you can't really fault this game. The game engine is amazing. HD tv really shows it's true colours (pardon the pun) in this game. A big advantage is that, unlike Mass Effect, Oblivion and the like, it doesn't keep loading your general area every few minutes. This actually creates the whole city, and it feels very smooth to run around.
    COMBAT: Well, you have a small selection of weapons: longsword, shortsword, throwing knives, and hidden blade. Each one with it's own advantage. The combat is pretty simple, it's all real time and it's mainly about knowing when to block and when to attack. Not button bashing like some games, but a little repetative. The hidden blade never gets old though :)
    STORY: Well, umm, it's very, very strange. Now I've played a lot of games in my time, but this has to have one of *the* most bizzare story lines ever. It just makes little sense, though you can say it is consistant. It's kinda set in the future, and in the past. Can't really go into much detail, but you'll probably finish the game scratching your head. Cue sequal.
    PLAYABILITY: It can get a little addictive, and can be completed easily in one day. The 'bosses' arn't really that hard, and can all be killed in 1 hit (including the final boss). One thing that lets this game down is that you are constantly doing the same thing, over and over. Go to a city, climb a building, go to the bureau, collect info, kill target...So it gets repetative. Though the it does get noticeably harder as you progress, and easier to get spotted. With no multiplayer, and not additional endings or such, once you've done this game, it has little to no replay value.
    OVERALL: It's deffinatly a fun game. Jumping around assassinating people with an incredible game graphics engine. Though it can get repetative quite quickly and once you've completed it, it's not something you'd keep playing.

  3.  Spiderman meets Halo


    A game I'd never really looked at buying, but was bought for me, and after about 15-20 mins of play I got addicted.
    GRAPHICS: The graphics are cell-shaded (like Spiderman). It's done in a way that makes it look cartoonish, but not in a bad way. It's done well, and all looks very smooth and nice.
    STORY: Not really any story with this game. You can look at it either way as good or bad. Basically you're a Super Cop with a licence to kill almost anyone. You run about taking out all the gang members you can find. Simple.
    COMBAT: 3rd person view, with a 'lock on' system. Hold the Left Trigger and you'll target the nearest object. The good thing is that you can target spesific areas of each object, for example target a person's legs to knock thn down, arm to disarm them, if it's a car you can shoot the gas tank to blow it up, types to make it flip, etc. All these help in my opinion to make combat fun, though a little easy. Your main concern is getting surrounded, though you have lots of health and a shield system like Halo 3.
    PLAYABILITY: Good playability with you having free roam around a massive city (like Spiderman) with a massive array of weapons that you gain by claiming them from enemy bodies and storing at a Supply Point, same way with vehicles. Generally it can be fun, though it's better as co-op where you can run around with a friend freely. It has a good skill system where the more you use skills the better they get (so the higher you can jump, or the better you are at driving or with guns, etc). Once you've killed all the crime lords in a certain area of the city, no more bad guys will appear, which means once you've done this game...it's over.
    OVERALL: It's good. Not amazing to the point where you can't put it down like Call of Duty or Halo series, but it's good enough to keep you interested and good in co-op mode will keep you chatting to people and keep it fresh. Takes a while to max your skills so it takes a long time to complete, and there are a lot of achievements on this game for the people that like to hunt them.

  4.  Space, the final frontier...


    I've always liked RPGs since the early days of the Final Fantasy series, so I was very exited to get this game recenty.
    GRAPHICS: The graphics are almost flawless, the level of detail that has gone into the in game graphics, and the cut scenes is astonishing. However, I'm not sure if it's just my Xbox, but it seems to spend a while loading all the texture and shading for each area. This happened a lot in Halo 2 as well.
    COMBAT: Unlike Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) this game's combat system is *not* turn based. It happens real time, with real time damage, and a system that allows you to take cover behind obstacles and give instructions to your team as to where to take cover themselves, what powers to use, and who to target. It works in much the same was as Ghost Recon in this respect. Health wise, you do have 'hit points' and a shield like in Halo, that will regenerate over time. To make the character more unique BioWare have taken away stats such as 'strength' and 'dexterity' and replaced these with a system that allows you to level up 'skills' and learn new ones as you progress, making each character different each time, though all have an area of expertise.
    STORY: As you'd expect from an RPG, not to mention BioWare, the story is long, with the usual twists and plot turns. I found it to be very interesting and my first play through I pretty much talked to everyone about everything. It wasn't boring, like it can get sometimes with these games, but I was actually interested. You have a 'Codex' where all data you've learned is stored for you to look at at your own pace. Each character has a background, and own real personality and it really shows that they've put a lot of effort into this side of the game. Upon character creation you can choose all sorts of background for yourself, that will show different things about you during the game, and your choices throughout can sometimes carry a heavy weight.
    PLAYABILITY: It's a long play through. The first time it can be difficult and takes a long time if you also go for all the side quests. I'd really recommend you do as it adds to your experience and really makes this game feel special. If you want to go directly for the story, it'll be difficult with lower level characters, and probably would get frustrating, but it would be achieveable. Once you've completed it once, there's a good chance you'll want to do it at least once (maybe twice) more.
    OVERALL: I can't really fault it anywhere, graphics and story are two very strong areas, the character creations, and customisation are also excellent areas that really carry the game forward, and the combat is unique for this type of game, giving it the perfect balance of exciting past paced action, with slower, more interesting dialog than your average RPG. Lots of side quests to keep you entertained, lots of planets and things to find, though I will say it is more linear than 'Oblivion' it is still a very large game. Achievements are all obtainable, though some can be quite time consuming. I can't find a fault to talk about, except maybe that once you've completed it more than 3 times you might let it collect dust, but really it depends on the player.

  5.  Next time around...


    I bought this game *after* G.R.A.W 2. I know, that's a little strange, but I got 2 cheap 2nd hand and just thought I'd give it ago. I loved 2, so I thought I might as well get 1 and go.
    GRAPHICS: While not as good as graphically as G.R.A.W 2, the graphics are not to be underestimated. Your more likely to go through the game thinking "Oohh, this is good" and then when you play 2 you'll be thinking "Wow" so it's not bad, just not as good as they've made the new one. So I can't really fault it here.
    STORY: Excellent story. It's deep, but not too complicated, and doesn't feel like it's a film and dragging on, it's simply enjoyable. Has a few twists and it's all good fun.
    COMBAT: The fighting is very good. It's 3rd person, and because your health system is not regeneration based., you need to run from cover to cover, through streets and large open areas. Though there isn't any real close quarters in-building fighting in the game. Like I said about the 2nd game, it's intense, and absorbing. Just as good as the 2nd one. Only slightly annoying thing is you can't view through your squadmates shoulder-cam like in 2.
    PLAYABILITY: Has a good single player that's long enough to take a while, but not too long you get bored. On 'Hard' it's insane until you get used to it. I managed to do it on hard in about the same length as I did on normal (because I'd already been through the game). Multiplayer is good, online is good too, can't really fault it, though it does take a long time to get into a game. Though in my opinion, it really could do with a campaign co-op, as could the second one. The designers have made several completely new levels for co-op multiplayer, and they just don't feel as good as the real levels.
    OVERALL: If you like this sort of thing then deffinatly get it. It's got good graphics, great story and playability, brilliant levels, and an ark full of different weapons. Enemy A.I is pretty good and some fights can really get intense and drag you in. For full appreciation, I'd do this before G.R.A.W 2. The only reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars is because of the introduction of G.R.A.W 2, Rainbow 6, and Call of Duty 4, all of which are better than this game, but this game is still an excellent addition to any gamer's library.

  6.  Stay Frosty.


    If you've read any of my other reviews you'll know I'm a big fan of games like Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon, but I'd never even played a CoD game before. I read lots of good reviews and a friend got it before me and recommended it. So, I went out and took a chance. Glad I did, I got addicted to it and stayed up 'til 2am playing it, and the best bit; it didn't *feel* like it was 2am because I got so dragged into the game.
    GRAPHICS: They're very, very, good. Point made. Atmosphere is great, the surroundings look great, the ghille suites (grass suits) look amazing, and the grass is very well done. Bullets hitting ground and walls and spraying debris is a nice touch. If you've ever played 'Black' it's like that, but better graphics.
    COMBAT: Well it's a FPS game through and through. You have a 'crouch' button to manually take cover, but no active cover system like R6 or G.R.A.W. So you're always in 1st person. Health system is like Halo/Rainbow 6, which works well because you'll get shot a *lot*. The enemy A.I is very good, they move in packs and will not hesitate to flank you. They love grenades, but if you're quick you can throw them back at your opponents before they explode. I find when I get into a big battle it really drags you in and you just get absorbed by the fight. It's brilliant. And storming through houses and barns is so much fun. Your allies are very good and also have good A.I. They make you feel you're really part of a team, unlike some games where you don't really need them (Like the Marines in Halo). All put together, this really helps the game along.
    PLAYABILITY: Well, this is a double edged sword. The campaign can be a little short, which 95% of people all seem to agree on. Trying it on Veteran will overtake your life because it's *that* difficult/annoying. I think though, that some missions are so intense and enjoyable, that you'll probably play through the game a good few times and if not, then at least some select levels, so it does have single player life. The multiplayer is brilliant with you being able to customise your skills and abilities, upgrade weapons with your rank, do challanges, level up, and lots of different modes. If you've got Xbox live, then it's really worth playing.
    OVERALL: I'm happy to say it's an instant favourite for me, I can't seem to put it down, which means to me, it's a brilliant game. I'm even tempted to go out and buy the other CoD series games. The only thing that *slightly* lets it down is the campaign being a little short, but the levels are so intense you probably wont notice as the hours fly by. The other thing is it not having a co-op, which is dissapointing, but at the same time it's no reason to really take away a 'star rating' in my opinion, because it makes up for it in other multiplayer ways. In closing, I'd hughly recommend this game, and would say it's a deffinate contender for 'Game of the Year' I think even more so than BioShock, and if Infinity Ward are lucky, I think this could *possibly* out sell Halo 3.

  7.  In this case, old beats new!


    Now, without trying to sound too old; in my day, Sonic was a legendary game. It has good graphics for it's time, couple of new characters were introduced in each game, good levels, and you knew where you stood.
    GRAPHICS: Well, yes, the graphics are better than the original...But hey, it was made 16 years ago so I'd expect that. And it's in 3D! ... erm, great? Really, the graphics may be better than they were, but they're not what you'd like to see on an Xbox 360. I'd expect to see this on a Cube, or PS2.
    STORY: Well again, comparing to old, original Sonic *had* a story, but it was simple, straight forward, and you really didn't care that much. With this they've tried to make you more interested in the story, but really, there's no point. It's not the type of game where you really want 10 weeks worth of cut scenes. Never was.
    COMBAT: Well, it used to be jump, and there was a degree of skill involved, because you had to jump at the right time and speed to clear jumps, and hit enemies in the right place. Now you just keep tapping the button to perform some weird, unimaginably hard to control, homing jumps....it's a button bashing game at best.
    PLAYABILITY: The camera angles are poor, the control over your character is dredfull. Just keeping your character on the map is hard enough. It's the sort of game you think "Hey, that might be a bit of fun..." Then you spend 12 hours on the first level falling off the edge of the map ever few seconds and you loose your hair...Probably see a lot of these traded in.
    OVERALL: If you enjoyed Sonic, like I did all those years ago, or even if you're new and want to get into the amazing Sonic series, I suggest to you one thing; Get the originals!! Download them from Xbox live! or buy Mega Collection and play Sonic 1, 2 and 3. They were the games that defined the era. I don't even consider this game to be a Sonic game. It's an imposted. It has to be.

  8.  At ease soldier!


    I've always been a fan of Command and Conquer games, but the last one I had for a console was Red Alert: Retaliation for the PS1, so I was a little weary of this.
    GRAPHICS: The graphics, for it's genre, are quite good. They're not jaw dropping, but what I am please to say is that they're better than Battle for Middle Earth 2, and there is practically *no* slow-down or 'lag'. So graphics are good.
    STORY: C&C is one of those rare games that uses real actors for the cutscense. Now, I really enjoy this, I think it makes the game feel much more real. It also helps progress the story, which in this game, is very enjoyable. It's not a story that'll have you on the edge of your seat, but it's not that type of game genre. It's a solid story that does it's job, and is told very well, in a pretty unique way. Good so far.
    COMBAT: Combat is the same as it always has been. Point - click - click some more. Obviously you need to plan in your head what you want to do and there are stratergy buttons and things. But it's nothing more than all the other games. Can't fault it, can't complain. But what I will say is that it's much, much easier to control on a PC and there are more options for you, that make some levels easier.
    PLAYABILITY: It's got a lot to offer. Generally the difficulty is a little mixed. Some levels are very easy, some are insane. There seems to be a fairly long life to it's playability. The GDI and NOD campaigns last a while, the Scrin campaign is a little short, but once you've done the game, you might do it once more...Possibly. Though the addition of Xbox Live! could bring new life to it's playability.
    OVERALL: I'd say it's a worthwhile venture. I've not got very addicted to it, or fallen in love with it, but it's a solid performance from a good series. It lacks something, but nothing that makes you majorly dissappointed. Though the achievements are very hard to get, I will say. Probably best to buy this for the PC. But I say that purely for the control aspects, because for this type of game mouse beats controller. Good news now, is there should be an expansion pack available soon, which will make the game a little more worthwhile having.

  9.  Finish the Fight


    Well, me being a big fan of FPS games I got into this after a little adjusting and I grew to love the Halo Saga. Though Halo 2 was a bit of a let down, I felt confident Bungie would make Halo 3 one of the best games out in my generation...And if you were to ask me, I'd have to say they really have.
    GRAPHICS: Okay, Halo 1 and 2 were for the original xbox, and groundbreaking though they were, we want better. Bungie have done well. Especially with plasma explosions and the like. Also water, scenery, lighting and shading is all very well done. I think the graphics are excellent. Don't get me wrong BioShock's are possibly a *tad* better, but really it's splitting hairs.
    STORY: Well it's the final game of the trilogy, so they really put a lot of effort into this (partially to make up for H2) A lot is explained and I think overall players will be happy with the story. I'm not going to spoil it by mentioning anymore, but it deffinatly story improvment on H1 and H2.
    COMBAT: Well, the shielding system is the same as H2. I'd say enemies are a bit harder in Halo 3. Even grunts have had a going over and Brutes are still tough as nails, and now with beasty armour too! The Flood however, seem to have been made faster, but easier to kill. H3 also sees the return of the H1 Assault Rifle, though it's clip is reduced to 32 instead of the old 60, it is more accurate and powerfull. We also see some new weapons introduced like the Spartan Laser and Spikers. And the new 'equipment' features (such as portable shileds) I personally like the new, improved fighting. It feels more intense, and is helped on by the excellent graphics.
    PLAYABILITY: Well, there are only 9 levels, but they can last a long time, and you'll want to play this game quite a few times over. Multiplayer is arguably one of the best in the business, and they've now introduced a 4 player co-op! New features also include hidden skulls in each level that you get achievements for finding and extra cool things. Also a 'scored' meta-game. Basically you do a mission and it shows you your stats and gives you points. Get over 15,000 for more achiements. Also the 'Forge' which lets you edit/alter any existing multiplayer map (place vehicles and weapons in, etc) And a 'Theatre' option which lets you view 3rd person, every move you made during your games, online, or offline, including campaign. Sounds sad, but it's a REALLY nice feature. And you can slow down frames and take screenshots of cool shots you made, etc. And excellent addition.
    OVERALL: Okay, there was a LOT of hype with the launch of this game, and I think it is well deserved. I also think that this is possibly the best Halo in the series. I was thining for a while, and I think H1 pushed the boundries of it's time and had great features, and this is exactly what Bungie have done, yet again, with H3. Stunning. Though one down side; though it has good re-playability, and probably won't trade it in, the campaign is a little short. Took me about 7 hours (if that) on Normal. The extras dics are good too, but really only for people who are REALLY into their Halo games. If you're a casual FPS gamer, just get the basic version. So, you like shooting games, or just want some fast action thrills on a game; Get Halo 3. Hey, even if you don't, get it anyway, you'll probably change your mind!

  10.  Waking up to find things have changed...


    I've been waiting for this game for some time, and on release day I got home from night shift, had about an hours sleep and then practically ran to my local store, and I'm glad I did...
    GRAPHICS: Quite simply put, they're jaw dropping. At the start there were a few times when I just sat there staring at the screen waiting for the cut scene to end and then after a while went "Oh, it's not been a cut scene for a while..." If I remember rightly it uses the same sort of game engine as Rainbow 6: Vegas. Awesome.
    STORY/PLAYABILITY: Well, for a FPS you don't always look for a story, but in this it's another strong point. It has a deep. twisting story, but doesn't stop every 5 seconds to show you a cut scene or random dialogue. You simply just here things over the radio, and you find diaries that explain the rest (if you look for them). This, I believe, is one of the better ways to introduce a story to a game like this. As for plability, it seems to be quite big, and they sort of game you wouldn't mind completing a good few times, but without multiplayer or co-op I think it would eventually lose favour. Best way to think about this game, is like Doom 3 meets Oblivion.
    COMBAT: FPS games have to get the action right, and in this, they certainly have. Moving on from the old "Here's a gun, point and shoot" They've added some nice quirky things like the 'plasmids' (Spells basically) that you find and use. These are essential to your survival sometimes and add a real edge to any battle. The guns are varied and it's nice and easy to find ammo (yay!). Enemies are pretty darn fast, and often jump out of things, crawl on walls, etc...Makes you really need to concentrate, which gets you more involved with the game. Deffinatly good here.
    OVERALL: I'd say this has to deffinatly be on your "Must own" games list for your 360. Utterly fantastic! The only flaw really is te lack of multiplayer (But to be honest, looking at the way it's layed out, it possibly wouldn't suit the game style). Game of the year contender? I'd bet my funky hat on it. It certainly does deserve to win that title, though I'd like to see Halo 3 before deciding which is the better...