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  1.  Warning Not Like RESI or Silent Hill


    False packaging, This game is just a Manic Shooter. Just goes from one lot of mayhem to another. If you like being surrounded by monsters that move quicker than you and all you do is frantically bash buttons then get this. But if you are expecting a Story forget it.Worst Game I have ever played.

  2.  Good Game


    If you are looking for a Game that is not over in say 8hrs, Then this is one you should consider. Dont be put off by the Majin looks he can pack a punch in battle. It has a good endearing story and some frustrating puzzle, As to how to get to a particular place. The controls can be a bit frustrating as character turns on a kind of north south east and west axle. And can go from slow walking to fast running to easily hence you fall off places. When jumping. If this game had controls like Drakes Landing I would of give it 5 Stars.

  3.  Totally Underated


    Yes the Graphic are poor,Yes the controls are Poor. But the game is great. Think Res 1 think Silent Hill 1, think Farenheight, Think Shemue,Mix it all in one POT and yes you have a great game.The poor controls add to the tension. DESIGN INTENT. Give it a go and dont be put off by first impression. A ugly Duck turns in a manificent Swan.In my Top ten of best games I have ever played.

  4.  To Hard


    When I wrote my original review I gave it 2 STARS, Because at the time I was getting annoyed at how difficult it was despite playing on the easy setting. This still remains the same. But however I did not give up and managed to complete the game. it has good graphics, good gameplay good story. But easy should mean easy. As I am not the fastest when it comes to bashing out combos etc. A very good game better than Castlevania, Better than most other games of its type. Please make Darksiders 2 but make sure easy is easy.

  5.  Great but Short


    This is a great game,But over far to quickly as single player. Cannot comment on online content as I have not tried it. But its meant to be good. Great Game. Great graphics.
    But to short. But at 9.99 not to be missed.

  6.  Where they asleep?


    This game has been in development for years, But only lasts about 8hrs. Good graphics but no GAME PLAY. Its just a shooter no detective work, no puzzles in fact diddly squat. Unrewarding boring rubbish.

  7.  More Please


    Ths game may not have Great Graphcs, BUT GRAPHCS DONT MAKE A GAME........GAME PLAY DOES. Not every one lke just button bashng ,The more effort you put into ths the more you get out and t will last you 80 hours not 8 lke somes games do. Value for money and a great game to BOOT.

  8.  Jack Say's Avoid


    Taken in by the good reviews. Felt like watching ten episodes of Crossroads on the trot. I had to be peeled from the chair as I was bored stiff. Only good thing was Mike Read but sadly was only in it for less than 10 minutes.



    As films go not bad but very slow. It did not catch the era, Silly scenes etc. Lacked polish. Shame really considering the stars in the film. Not a classic just run of the mill stuff.

  10.  Basher


    This game is just a button basher as you fight hoardes of monster/soldiers etc. No time to stop and think. If thats your thing OK. But for me a bad purchase.