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  1. Portal 2

    Portal 2


    4 New from  £23.79  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £14.99



    Bought this expecting it to be a time filler before LA Noire comes out and I was shocked at how addictive it is. It's the kind of game where you sit down to play a few levels and end up completing it. The physics are amazing and you get an immense sense of pride figuring out how to complete the harder rooms.

    The storyline, though simple is hilarious, with the voice over for the training levels to Stephen Merchant as your trusty assistant.

    PS3 users also get access to Steam, which is an incredible tool and can play Mac and PC users online. Unfortunately being a PS3 owner I cannot say what the online is like at this time. Roll on May 3rd!

    Can there be a Portal 3 please?

  2.  Virtua Tennis (Move opinion)


    Bought this yesterday with all the Move paraphernalia and was expecting to be a little disappointed with how it works with Move.

    However, aside from the time it takes to get used to the first person camera and the occasional shot that you just can't seem to hit this is a brilliant recreation of tennis. The controller detects not only the power of your swing but the angle of your wrist making shots translate 1:1 on screen. This makes it VERY fun and truly immersive. If you like tennis and have/want Move, this is a must have title.

  3.  Top Notch!


    NHL 08 is an absolutely brilliant game, I wish the FIFA 08 people could have a look at this and see how to make a game!

    The presentation on this game is insane, It is like watching on TV the commentary is so detailed and they go over team history and player history so it is like watching a match on TV.

    The player likenesses on this game are amazing as well, not like FIFA where they just look ridiculous, this is really well done and again FIFA 08 makers should take a leaf out of the NHL makers book!

    Obviously if you're not a fan of hockey you probably wouldn't like it but for hockey fans this is a must buy!

  4. Skate



    5 New from  £14.97  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £29.99

     T.H. Killer!


    This game is absolutely brilliant, I love the ingenious method of pulling off tricks with FlickIt and the graphics are crisp, the framerate is not a problem in single player mode, only drops slightly during online play which is not a major issue.

    If I could improve one thing it would be the introduction of proper lip tricks, but that does not stop this being a 5/5 game, a must buy for skateboard game fans!

  5. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


    7 New from  £1.67  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Same old FIFA!


    Sure they've made some improvements, but the good looks don't mask the fact that there still serious problems with this game, like why your players run themselves for the ball even if you aren't using the stick and can run the ball out of play for you (always fun), also close freekicks are knocked in by the AI at least 80% of the time! I also don't like the fact that even League 2 teams can do defending that Chelsea would be proud of.

    To summarise, same FIFA, will not buy again, give licenses to Konami!!