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  1.  Pushing the boundaries


    Fantastic album, pushing the limits of music and styles further and creating new beats and sounds.

    From tracks with fantastic atmospheric qualities, to huge bassline thumpers, this album would give any existing fans of the genre more of what they love and any real music lover a great insight into the dark world that is dubstep.

    If dubstep keeps growing at its existing rate, it will be the likes of Benga who will be remembered as true pioneers.

  2.  Different... in a good way


    Well firstly, I am a massive fan of FF and loved the previous albums, but I was concerned and also saddened when I found myself reading some pretty scathing reviews of Tonight in the press. Luckily though, it appears that once again the media have got it very wrong, as I absoloutely love this album.

    As my review title suggests, this is a move in a different direction for FF, which it is, but you can still feel and hear the old style at the core of the tracks. So what is the new direction? Well it's hard to pinpoint exactly, some tracks are dark and moody, with others euphoric and bouncy.. but as a whole I guess the best word I can use is 'Dancey'... not exactly the greatest of words to employ I admit but the album really has that feel, but without losing the core FF appeal that made them so great.

    Hard to pick any standout tracks because in my opinion they are all extremely good. Please give this album a try if you're in doubt... I think you'll love it as much as I do.

    Great album, great band... welcome back Franz Ferdinand. Long may you stay!

  3.  Relaxing and inventive


    After reading mainly positive reviews I thought this sounded like the sort of different game i'd like to try and once i'd got it home and loaded it up I wasnt wrong.

    Starting with the basic training features you are eased into the beautiful underwater world, which is viewed through fantastic graphics - probably the best I have seen on the Wii so far.

    Once you get the hang of the fairly simple controls it is great to be able to swim around and explore the ocean and interact with the sea life as well as gaining knowledge of them.

    This really is not a game for those of you who have to constantly be racing/shooting/completing missions - I really think anyone who falls into this mould will be very bored very quickly. I myself, even though a big fan of action games, found this to be extremely interesting and relaxing, and is the perfect way to spend a few lazy hours crashed out in the armchair.... overall (imo) a great and novel game experience.

  4.  Fantastic - an updated, improved version of a classic


    Not much needs to be said, other than, you need to own this game on the wii!

    It isnt often that I go too crazy over how good a game is, but this really is top draw. From the 1 player with enough to do to keep you occupied, to the fantastic online game where you race people from across the world - where i was extremely surprised, and pleased at how well the online play works, the other players could almost be sat next to you on the sofa.

    This really is good old fashioned fun, mixed in with a game thats so easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master!

    Will be a favourite of mine for a long time to come.

  5.  A work of genius, a must read for anyone


    After seeing the film some 10 years ago I spotted this book and decided to give it a try with no real idea of how closely it mirrored the screen version.

    Once a few pages in it becomes clear that Kubrick - while remaining close to the book - has put his own distinct mark on the piece which is of course part of what made the film great, although this does not mean that the book is in anyway inferior, quite the opposite in fact.

    Firstly there is the new language to contend with; Burgess' utter genius in creating this new slang or 'Nadsat' as it is known, used by the youth of the day and their 'droogs' is incredible and although it may at first seem confusing, after a few pages of the book you begin to understand exactly what is being said by the narrator - Alex - and the other characters.

    As we start by following Alex and his droogs as they go on 'ultra-violence' rampages, we see Burgess' vision of this other world which to his credit is not so dissimilar to the present day now.

    One thing that particularly struck me was that even though the book is quite short - around 150 pages - it appears that you have read an incredibly indepth and detailed novel, but in the best way possible - at no times does the book seem to drag.

    With deep meanings regarding society, violence, acceptance and life itself running through every page, Burgess has created a masterpiece that will seem as relevant as it does today in many years to come.

    The only negative thing I can say is that I wish that i could have read it before seeing the film, as - in my opinion - it is much better.

  6.  Fantastic...


    After reading Banks' first book - the wasp factory - a while ago and enjoying it, I thought I would try the crow road and where the wasp factory advanced, this overwhelmingly excelled.

    After this book Banks has risen to be one of my favourite authors and definately one of, if not the most original and different story tellers i have had the pleasure of experiencing.

    The story is told through the eyes of the main character - Prentice - as you are taken back and forth through the present day and the past, experiencing all the confusion and turmoil which he encounters, and to a large degree creates in his own mind. This way of telling the story may seem confusing to some, but the way Banks delivers it makes it a joy to read and not in the slightest hard to follow.

    Every character in the book is well thought out and you can really get a brilliant sense of who they are and what they were like, with the main character becoming somewhat of a reluctant best friend to you.

    Funny, sad, dark and uplifiting this story moves from one situation to another with little to no effort and leaves you wanting to turn the page again and again.

    For me the real part of Banks' genious is how he can take everyday events and make them anything but ordinary to the reader.

    If you want to try something different, please give this a go, i am sure that you will not be left dissapointed.

  7.  Beautiful


    I cannot really see how anybody could not at least give this film 4 stars, it (in my opinion) should have very wide appeal to many different people.

    I will not repeat others descriptions of plot and storylines, but will just say that this is a beautifully shot and thought out film which covers a wide range of emotions and ideas through the eyes of a young girl and those around her.

    I had no real preconceptions when i sat down to watch this and was extremely surprised at how good it was. Again - as others have said, the film is not 'slow' at all, each piece of it works well with the next and any so called 'slow' parts are just as thought provoking and interesting as others.

    If you enjoy good films and are capable of watching something without numerous special effects every five seconds, then you will love this.

  8.  Different to anything i've read before - really good


    An odd experience when reading this book - it isn't particularly about anything, not a great amount happens, it isnt absolutely fantastic, yet i couldn't stop reading it! It was so different to anything i had come across before i was compelled to keep turning the page.

    One thing Iain Banks does brilliantly is describe the scene to you, every time i could almost feel myself standing in the shoes of the character, such were the beautiful images cast upon you.

    One thing that should be made clear is that the book isnt for those easily offended or squeamish, the graphic depictions of some things in it can get to you - again credit is due to the author for this.

    As i commented before the book is very different to anything i have seen or read before, i could almost call it odd or weird, which i suppose it is, but in a way i liked it, with the subject matter and story line being way off from the usual books i would read.

    All in all i would recommend this book to anyone who has an open mind and enjoys new reading experiences.

    Not quite sure why still, but i thoroughly enjoyed it!

  9.  Addictive, a page-turner at its best


    I bought this book mainly just because i am interested in the subject matter and not because i had heard it was good or read any reviews of it.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find then that it is a really great read and keeps you hooked right the way through, i got through it within 3 days (which is quick for me as i work full time and only have an hour or so free a day) and would recommend it to anyone, whether you have a previous interest in gambling or card counting or not.

    All i can say is that it leaves you wanting to be able to do it yourself!

  10.  Talib delivers the goods and more


    A great album from someone who I have always followed and considered to be a great rapper, but who has never achieved what he really should have.

    It's not often that i enjoy every track on an album, but there isn't one that i dont love from this CD. Each track has Kweli's smooth and silky vocals on it, ranging from him exploding on the mic like an MC in the midst of battle to his sweet serenading lyrics like poetry from a master.

    With fresh beats and great collaborations, if you like hip-hop you've gotta love this!

    Keep it up Talib, you've finally smashed it!