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  1.  Epic Again


    Its been a long time since i have posted a review on here but i wanted to after playing Mass Effect 3. Like the first 2 games it is Epic. Its rare you find a video game you can get emotionaly connected to but you cant help not get connected to the Mass effect universe.
    For me the ending was ok. Maybe more could have been explained but it left me fairly content. It certainly didn't take away from my enjoyment of the 100 hours i put in over the 3 games.
    One bit of advice to any one new to the series. Play the first 2 games before this!

  2.  Oustanding


    To be honest i hadn't heard of this game till a week before release. But after reading a review in a 360 mag where it got a solid 8/10 i decided to give it a go. I have to admit after the first 30-45 minutes i started to doubt my decision. But after continuing with it i soon discovered what a gem of a game it is.
    It kinda reminds me off the grindhouse movies the way it plays out. The graphics can occasionly look rough but that adds to the way the game comes across. It has a brilliant music score and the voice acating is tops and the banter between Garcia and Johnson hardest settings as meduim is not to hard to beat.

  3.  Hunted: The Demons Forge


    This game seems to got a lot of mixed reviews but in my opinion this is a pretty good game. Ok the graphics look a couple of years out of date but it is very nice to play. Good story, good voice acting including Lucy Lawless.
    Out of the two character i think E'lara is the best to play with as she is great at long range. But it has some replay value as you could go through it again as Caddoc.
    If your after something a bit different, defently worth a look.

  4.  LA Noire


    Let me start by saying i agree with a lot of the comments on here. Both positve and negetive. Anyway heres a few of mine..

    Best facial graphics i have seen in the game.
    Recognisable Actors from shows like Hereos
    Great voice acting.
    Nice music score.
    Interesting Story.

    Gameplay can get repetitive.
    Street crime missions are lame.
    The city dosn't feel 'alive' as GTA's or Red Deads.

    Overall defently worth checking out but it wont be to everyones taste.

  5.  Its back and stunning!


    Welcome back MK, you have been missed. This is the daddy of fighting games and takes me back to my megadrive days!
    Your favourites such as sub zero, scorpian, kitana are all here and the Fatalities are nice and gory as they should be with MK.
    Buy it. Buy it now!

  6.  So disappointing..


    In the 4 1/2 years i have owned a 360 this is one of the biggest disappoiments!
    Yes the graphics are not the greatest but i could of looked past that if the rest of the game was up to scratch but it just isn't.
    The single player has so much potential but is way, way to short and get rather dull at times.
    The multiplayer can be good at times. But that when you can get into a game. Well known problems are lag, getting thrown out of games, screen freezing, the 'beacon issue'
    This game is such a fail imo. Shame really.

  7.  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


    Im a huge star wars fans and a fan of the first game so i was expecting a lot from this sequel. To be honest except from some strikingly beautiful graphics the game is a huge letdown. It has an uninteresting story with very repetitive level design and is shockingly short. Even the DLC level is over in a blink. If you want to try this then wait till its at a bargain price.

  8.  Great fun


    Well need for speed is back and its gone back to where it began. Ok the positives. Fun gameplay, fantastic multiplayer, stunning graphics. This really is an enjoyable racer. Nothing like forza but its not trying to be. This is arcade fun! Couple of small negetives. It can get slightly repetitive in single player and this has ea's stupid online pass facilty.
    So overall a racer defently worth a purchase.

  9.  A Let Down..


    Wow what a big let down this game was. I remember reading about it early this year and everything sounding so promising. Maybe even a COD Killer. Well that turned out to be false!
    The single player was pretty enjoyable but too short. But this was ment to be about the MP but that was a major let down! A glitchy, laggy snipe fest! Defently one to buy at a reduced price if your thinking about it.

  10.  Black ops


    Well its here again. November means Call of Duty and this year its as good as ever. The campaign is really enjoyable as is the zombie mode but as with all COD games its all about the multiplayer. On first play of the mp i was a bit unsure but now i love it. Feels much more balanced than MW2. The way you get perks, attachments via credits is a very welcome addition. Being able to design your emblem is nice to.
    There are a few small negatives i guess. Graphics could be a little sharper and the servers seem to be struggling slightly with the pure weight of gamers but im sure that will improve.
    For me this the multiplayer game of the year.