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  1.  perfecto!!!


    i seen this in hmv for 20pound and thought hmmm then came home looked on play.com and BAMMM!! its 10:99!!! BARGAIN! plus ordered the day before and came next day, am ordering another 2 now.

  2.  get ready to iump


    i loved this film it is scary as you dont know whats gonna happen next, number 2 is really good too!

  3.  its loose fit!


    i bought xxl coz i like my tops a bit baggy but i should of bought the xl one as its big on the sleeves and chest area, but over all its a nice top and comfy too well worth 4.99

  4.  so funny


    this is a good season and its the funnist i think so far ...love the lil gags haha

  5.  really nice christmas storys


    Aww i remember watching theese about 4/5 years ago when i was about 15 and they were good plus barbra windsor is the voice of a animal in second star to the left and thats the best one out of all of them..its about theese animals that are on a lil mission to save christmas haha...i bought this and now i watch it everyyear

  6.  good horror


    i love theese dvds they are good horrors,the way its set in a motel is good and they find out whats happaning. for the price its really good because you get number 1 and number 2 the sequel...if you like to be jumping up and down on the couch get this as theres loads of jump scenes.

  7.  come on this is good


    its good you get an additional wii remote but you get a really good game.the game has loads of lillte games from air hockey to tanks and i have got to have tanks is very very very additive!!!!! and you will never get to level 100 haha ..well worth buying

  8.  shes back!!


    ooo yes shes back with her up to date right on trend album!. all the songs are well worth listening to not like when you buy an album for the first song they have brought out and all the other songs are a bit poo, not hers all her songs are great and mean somthing plus wrote very good.if you a big fan of whitney its a well worth buyer!!!!...i put it on to relax :D

  9.  really good game ....


    its a really good game and i like the way there havnt changed it loads when its moved onto the wii, they have kept everything and added more tracks and that and its good you can play as your own mii when you unlock it.if you buy this game i really think you should get the internet hooked up to it because playing other players around thw world is really god and you can boost your points up. A REALLY GOOD INVESTMENT FOR WHEN YOUR FRIENDS COME ROUND!!!!

  10.  very good


    i think this phone is good its got a sport walking montior on it and the slide is really good you can get it in a few colours and its got a memory card slot ,i would reconmend this fone