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  1.  Possibly the worst Zombie film ever


    Embarrassing, cringe worthy, pathetic, shameful are but some of the words that come to mind to describe this film. It is by far the worst of Romero's zombie films, even outshining the pathetic vegetarian Zombie in the awful 2008 remake of day of the dead.

    I love zombie films but Romero has just turned into a giant parody of himself and should really stop for a few years, sit down and have a good think about what he's done.

    The script is terrible, the acting worse. The effects diabolical, the comedy crass and the soundtrack was a botched throwback from some teen horror slasher flick.

    Avoid....actually don't, find a copy and watch the first few mins and judge for yourselves. Just please don't pay money for it...you would be better off and more entertained just burning it.

  2.  Terrible


    I purchased this controller because i have always felt the PS3 controllers are too small, the toggles are in the wrong place and the triggers are utterly useless as your fingers just slip off of them. This one seemed to take more of an Xbox 360 style approach with better toggle positions and curved in triggers. The grip too also appealed greatly to me.

    Unfortunately this device, while extremely comfortable, seems to only work within a few feet of the console to the point where I've decided to just keep it plugged in to play. If i didn't, it just keeps cutting out every few mins or if i lean back into my chair its suddenly too far away (maybe 7ft).

    I've also noticed that the controller needs to have a direct line of sight to the USB sensor required to make it work with the PS3. Sometimes i sit at my desk in the corner of the room as opposed to the sofa directly in front of the TV. From this angle the controller will not work where as the PS3 controller does. Sometimes blocking it with your knees whilst sitting back will interrupt the connection.

    I really find myself wanting to use this controller due to how comfy it is but find that i dont trust it at all to stay connected without a cable plugged in

    My verdict is:

    Good to hold
    Excellent feel

    Terrible connection distance
    Cuts out frequently

  3.  Starship Troopers 3 - B-Movie Deluxe!


    If your expecting this film to be of the same standard as the first film then you will be very disapointed. However, if you have seen the second one...this film is genius.

    I love this film, but it was made for a very limited budget. Considering this, the bugs look good...except maybe the scorpion which looks like a styrofoam model.

    The plot revolves around disgraced Colonel Johnny Rico, former hero of the federation now disgraced from a disasterous Bug attack against one of the federations outlining farm worlds. He is then recruited by Dix Howser, his former Assistent, now General and adjutant to Sky Marshal Anoke, he is sent on a dangerous mission deep into Bug territory to rescue the Ill fated Sky Marshal.

    Assembling an elite group of Troopers, who i can best descride as really chib Power Rangers, Rico is given command of the Maruaders, the Federations newest weapon in the Bug war. Now...when i first saw the epic arrival of the Marauders i couldnt help but laugh myself silly, which is something you will find yourself doing frequently through the film. Or you will watch it saying "oh god no, this is awful" as there is no middle ground, you will either love or hate this.

    If you have read the book i believe you will be very happy with the portrayl of the facist Federation, something i felt was lacking in the previous two films. They are evil, the epitomy of evil, but you just want them to win as they are so evil they'e just great, especially the head of intelligence, shes fantastic!

    Packed with funny moments this film really made me laugh in a good way. I would recommend this film to anyone who doesnt take things to seriously, this is a fun, rediculously epic film with utter ham actors and one female trooper whose accent i cant understand at all...but i assure you, shes in it for a reason. If you remember the shower scene from the first one then you know what im talking about....if you dont, then its nudity for nudity's sake.

    This film isnt for everyone but i think its brilliant.

    Remember Troopers! "Gods back, and this time he's a citizen!"