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  1.  The second best Terminator film of the series..best of 2009!


    Like most people I read the critics reviews of this film and went to see it with apprehension. What do critics know!!! This film is brilliant!!!
    For a lot of people unless Arnie is in the Termintor films with his corny one liners this was always going to be a film they would try their best not to like.
    Christian Bale is perfect as John Connor, the saviour of the human race. Sam Worthington is the star of this film though as Marcus Wright. A shame he won't be in any follow up as Wright is a great character.
    The original Terminator film will not be beaten, but I rate this as the next best film in the series. Gone are the lighter, cheesy, comedy moments of films 2 & 3 and a return of the straight up no-nonsence edge of the seat action of the original.
    The special effects are also great and the different robots really make this a fun film to watch...and for anyone hoping for a glimpse of Arnie they won't be disappointed.
    I recommend this film to anyone. Ignore the naysayers because this is class! Bring on T5!!!

  2.  Wrath...album of the year!!!


    This is the year of Lamb of God's 6th album release and quite possibly their best to date!!! Wrath the album is what the metal world has been waiting for. A classic full throttle ride that takes the listener through a musical ride which only gets better with every play. The whole band are on form, particularly yet again the stunning guitar work of duo Mark Morton and Willie Adler - two guitarists that are surely now up there with the all time great's from Maiden, Priest etc. Randy Blythe's vocals sound like he's been gargling with crushed glass and delivered with the venom of a deadly snake!!! Chris Adler's drumming puts many of the greats to shame with speed and technical terms of his play and it's good to hear John Campbell's bass solo chugging on 'Contractor'!!!

    Stand out tracks??? The whole darn album in my eyes!!!

    Lamb of God are the future of heavy metal!!! Forget Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine...this band is REAL heavy metal!!!

    If everyone so far has given this album 5 stars then it's gotta be the real deal!!!

    In 2009 nobody will top this album...close the polls now because we have a winner!!! Thank-you Lamb of God!!!

  3.  Great 4gb card...Great Price!!! Who needs Sony!!!


    For a long time I've been of an opinion that when it comes to mobile memory cards that it's Sony or nothing. Well due to Sony's lack of producing or availability of an M2 card over 2gb I decided to try SanDisk...Why did I wait so long???!!! I cannot recommend this product enough. I've now got all my favourite albums and more stored away on my W660i!!! Buy! Buy! Buy!