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  1.  Good for people new to Street Fighter


    I was always a bit skeptical about Street Fighter IV.
    I played it at a convention back in 2008, and thought it was ok.
    I picked up a copy when I was in America back in February, spent around 90 hours fighting vs people online and with friends thinking that that I'd only scraped the surface. I haven't touched the game for around 3-4 weeks now.

    Why? Because there is simply not enough content there for hardcore fighting fans. If you've played Street Fighter II, imagine that, but much, much slower, with absorb attacks that will never be used once you figure out how the game plays.
    Trial mode introduces some stupidly complex combos, with bafflingly strict timing. I imagine the reason they made the timing for stringing simple things such as lp lp lp mk together so strict is so it would add some difficulty to the game and make old fans think there's room for them too, amongst the 12 year old Ken/Sagat only players.

    Get this if you have friends you want to get into Street Fighter, otherwise go play Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Hyper Street Fighter II, or Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, the GOOD fighting games.

  2.  Disappointing


    At first, I loaded up the game and thought "Well this is pretty awesome!" as I ploughed through people on the pavement holding a car above my head.
    However, 6 hours later, I'm already feeling it is getting quite repetitive.

    For a start, you power up way too fast, it only takes 5 minutes at most to get enough points to buy what you want to buy, and then there's still not enough variation in the weapons you're given (Claw, slow fists thing, a whip, something that lets you throw more effectively, and a big blade aka claw 2).

    It is incredibly difficult to die, the game is very easy all the way through so far. The enemies don't pose any challenge at all, and there's really not much difference in the missions, which range from "Kill this guy without raising an alert", "Kill this guy while raising an alert", and "Stop these enemies from getting to x location".

    The controls are sloppy, the graphics are dull and look like a late PS2 game, and the story is possibly the most boring I have ever encountered in a game. I'm usually a guy that watches every cutscene, but I found myself just skipping them after hearing people discussing amongst themselves that I'm an "extremely dangerous terrorist and have to be stopped" for the umpteenth time.
    The voice acting is dry and flat, it's not even B-movie "so bad that it's enjoyable", it's just amazingly bad. For example, the first boss arrives, and says "I've been waiting for this." in a tone that makes it sound like he just received a 3 pack of boxer shorts in the post that he bought online a week ago.

    The similarities between this and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction on Xbox and PS2 are disgusting. It's practically the same game, just reskinned. Not acceptable in the slightest. Fall in water, he jumps out exactly like Hulk, pick up a car and run, he runs exactly like Hulk, target a helicopter and charge up a flying kick, he attacks exactly like Hulk.

    So in the end, the gameplay is incredibly repetitive, the story is bland and uninspiring, and the voice acting possibly the worst I have ever heard from a video game.
    Get Infamous instead if you haven't already. Pick this up when it's on the cheap if you're easily amused.

  3.  Ignore the critics


    This game is amazing, the graphics, the gameplay, everything.
    ..Apart from maybe the story, which is a bit cliche.

    Swinging elegantly through a jungle, slamming down in the middle of some enemies, lifting a rock up, and throwing it at a mech gorilla was never so satisfying.

    Definitely THE best Capcom game of the year so far, and relatively cheap. Do yourself a favour and experience this amazing game, and never listen to critics again, form your own opinions. I did, and it got me one of the most fun games I have ever played.