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  1.  Very Good!!


    My gf got me this for xmas and i havent put it down since!! Fantastic game, on medium level now. Gr8 songs though only 42 of them and about 10 songs you can buy so not actually the 70 songs it advertises on the box as i was very much looking 4ward to playin suck my kiss. Overall a fantastic game, gr8 graphics,hrs of fun and some cool modes!!! Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2.  Absolutely Amasing!!!The future of gaming!


    Ok, il start by saying i brought an xbox 360, thinking that it would be the console to own and much better than the ps3. In ways it was with good graphics and some very good games including Halo 3. Thought the red rings problem put me off and so i sold it and brought a ps3 instead. What an excellent thing i did! The ps3 has it all, unbelievable graphics (much better than the 360), truely outstanding games including ratchet and clank, uncharted, gran turismo, you can play all ur fav ps1 games on it and best thing about it is, it doesnt break down after a year!Take note!IT DOESNT BREAK DOWN AFTER A YEAR!Do yourself a favour n get one and enjoy.For all xbox owners out there, sell ure unreliable machine and buy the future of gaming!

  3.  My gfs finally got something right!!!!


    This game is great!My gf got me this for valentines day and i havent put it dwn since!I havent had so much fun since primary school!This game is sooooo fun i havent done anything else for six days straight!Welcome to a classic example of quality on the xbox 360!Just buy it for my gf!

  4.  Fun!


    DON`T LISTEN TO THE REVIEW BELOW!!!!This game is class!!A latin grand theft auto- great graphics, guns and vehicles!!Massive area to explore.Just buy it!!!

  5.  Fun but hard


    This is a good, original game but extremely hard!Awlful save system but fun to play

  6.  Crash is back, in style!


    This game is pure quality!Buy it!I brought it my gf and she hasnt stopped playing it since!A must buy for all ages!

  7.  Knocked me for six!


    Great game!Don`t listen to anyone else, if you are a lover of cricket and you own an xbox 360 then buy this game!Cracking graphics, Brillient gameplay!Buy it!

  8.  Terrible!


    I agree with Iyryan!This game is terrible!Absolutley shocking!Boring, poor control,poor graphics, just plain and simple.. POOR!!!!