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    Do not believe the comment that said not as good as the others because it is this is the start of it so things may seam a little slow for a start but it gets better as it goes along and the second part is going to be amazing the 3D is amazing better then some 3d films that are out there at least it is 3d its all 3d. with this blue ray copy you get a great deal with it you get the normal 2d blue ray copy plus the 3d copy plus a extra bonus dvd and to top it of a ULTRAVIOLET copy which you get a form with a code on so you can watch it anywhere you like and as much as you like and get to share it with 5 friends to so they can watch it to on there lap tops or computer or consoles just amazing deal.



    I was wondering to get this one or not cause the others from TOMB RAIDER 4 have let me down but BOY O BOY was i pleased my wife got me this game its really amazing graphics and the game play is smooth and i was really please that the stuff was not so easy to find and there was some puzzles chucked in there to which got you thinking at times I HAVE TO SAY TOMB RAIDER FANS I THINK THIS ONE OF THE BEST THATS BEEN DONE for a long long time thanks to SQUARE ENIX and there team we can say LARA CROFT IS BACK. I also was pleased to see that they had not gone over the top with Lara with her boobs and the way she looks it also made the game real by how dirty she got and how much she screamed out in pain everything was just spot on i have not in joyed a game like this for a long time i was giving up on games because i got sick of war games but now i can not wait for the next TOMB RAIDER and i hope its made by SQUARE ENIX and team because theses guys and girls know what there doing. THANK YOU SQUARE ENIX and team



    Great game but way way to short had to be one of the shortest games i have ever done this game has 8 levels and can easy be done in 5 to 6 hours i would not pay any more the three ponds for this game if your interested. Smooth game play and some good missions love the way you have to sneak around and do your kills and a BIG WARNING there is a lot of swearing in this game so not really for the young ones but had to love the way they had the balls to do this made a change really.Online is a waist of time no one is ever on so that says it all really.So if you do get the chance to pick this game up REALLY REALLY cheep then its worth a go and can be fun dont do not waist a lot on this game its just not worth it.



    This Samsung Home Cinema is Amazing peace of Kit it's very easy to set up the menu's are great and easy to follow and set up.I t comes with wifi and has apps you can use you also brows the web.The speakers are slim and very sexy and have a great sound the 3D sound is out of this world and very clear you can also switch from 5.1 sound to 7.1 sound with one touch of a button the remote control is nice and slim and very easy to find the stuff you need.The is one pain about this dvd player is if you wont to go from HDMI 2 to HDMI 1 you do have to go right through the menu which you do by pressing the source button on the remote control which is very easy to find.This dvd player has a very clear picture even with normal dvd film as it up scales to 1080 and blue ray is out of this world.The amazing thing about this Home Cinema it comes with 2 HDMI in's so you can connect you HD sky plus you games console comes with 1 HDMI in but no scart which is no problem cause every thing HD now.



    What a game all 3 games are out of this world.The reason for 4 stars is the out takes on the game get a bit on your nerves the story line is very good dont get me wrong but i feal that there is far to many cut seans in the game you just get into it and a cut sean will take over but still the game is great graphics are out of this world and the sound is brill.I found that the co op part of the online bit is far better then the muliplayer part the co op part is more intresting should i say very good loved it.But if you dont play online at all and it dont intrest you the game is still warth the buy its just great keep them coming and do not make them sorter and dont just make them all about online keep the game going strong.



    I also have to say theses disc are just the best i have tried many other blank discs and always end up with dud ones but with verbatim i never do have that problam.if you back up your music then they are great for that as you get very clear sound with them and no crackerling sounds like i have had on other disc they are great for backing up your pictures to.



    This is one of the best christmas albums ever a must buy everything you wont on one album set go on buy or be a hum bug



    This is put tograther very well its like watching a serious plus playing a game just love the way they recap the last game play at the start of the next leval the graphics are good and is a bit like playing residant evil but the controlls are not as easy to use the viewing is a little hard at times and could of been better and the game play is a bit all over the place but dont get me wrong this is a great game and is worth a shot cause once you get into it its really good but it is hard work.the only reason for 4 stars is because of the controlls they could of been better so this is not a game you can rush because if you do you will may be not get any where you have to plan your rout and the way your going to play the game this what makes it a good game hope this helps give it a go.

  9.  MOH TOP GAME 100%


    This game is not COD no its BETTER then that by far the graphics are much smoother and much much more clear the guns are much better to use they do not jump all over the place when you are trying to shoot some one.
    I love the way that you can choice to ear every one or just your friends on team speak much better idear.Im telling you if medol of honar keeps them coming out as great as this then COD will have to buck up there idears about making there games better in stead of just trying to make much money as possible.At this price you can not go wrong but i must say its better to buy this game bran new or you will have to kick out for the online reg to which is 7.99 cause if its second hand then its more likely its been used so you will have to pay the online reg.SO OVER ALL THIS IS A GAME THAT SHOULD BE ON YOUR LIST.

  10. Lair



    1 New from  £16.56  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.02

     Give it a chance then its a great game


    The bad hipe on this game is not far to me its people starting it can not do the controlls and then say its rubbish which to me is not far one bit.The game is not easy at first as the controlls are not easy. To start with as you have to move the controller up or down to move up or down also to move left or right you move the controller left or right so on and so on once you get use to thinking you have to move the controller and not the normal way you would play the game then it be comes a great game
    The Graphics are good and the story line is very intresting keeps you hooked the dragon you controll is very fast in responding your orders.
    I would give this game a 8/10
    the only reason for 8 ouf of 10 and 4 stars is the graphics could of been a little better and it says online but can not play online any more.
    So at this very cheep price new or old give it a chance before you bad hipe this game and your not be sorry.