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  1.  great product.


    my sons love roary and this canvas is a great price and good quality too. delivered very quickly. good buy.

  2.  love it!!!


    I really enjoyed thew first proffesor layton but i was constantly needing to use the walktrough on the first one, but luckily this one is not as hard but still has some mind boggling and well thought out puzzles. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the first one.

  3.  really good


    i bought this game about 3 months ago and i play oon it nearly every night when i have put the kids to bed. it is really addictive and un to play and you just cant wait to get to the next level. i would definetely recommend!!

  4.  TOO HARD


    Didnt have a clue what you was actually supposed to do in this game, didnt even get to solve the first crime then decided to sell as it just drove me mad, i think this is too hard and doesnt come close to games like phoenix wright and unsolved crimes.

  5.  not very good


    i bought this game and was expecting a lot but was very dissapointed, for £24.99 i wish i hadnt wasted my money, the graphics are very blury, very hard to move around and not that much to do, do not buy.

  6.  love it!!!


    i played this type of game for hours on my pc and was really happy to hear they had brought it out on the ds, this game me hours of entertainment and is definetely worth a buy, great puzzles inbetween the searching games, really a great game and cant wait till they bring out the next.

  7.  did not enjoy


    this game is good if all you like doing is walking round talking to people about things that are not that interesting and looking at objects that dont really have anything do with the game, i only had to solve 1 puzzle up to now and have been playing for 2 hours 35 minutes and the puzzle was only putting 4 jig saw pieces back to fit a picture, really a truly dull game, wish id never bought it, but would be great if you have trouble sleeping as this game will make you doze off in no time.

  8. EXIT


    Nintendo DS

    7 New from  £11.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.37



    didnt really like this game really bad graphics and quite boring really as your only aim in the game is getting the man to the exit. bit boring really.

  9.  very bad


    i will just say one thing and one thing only. crap game!!!!