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  1.  Incredible movie


    I don't often write reviews here...but I have to say this movie is jaw-dropping entertainment. Combines elements of Saving private Ryan (the battle scenes) Groundhog Day (the repeat of the same day) and Aliens (the space creatures and high-tec gadgetry) but manages to bring all these together into a very entertaining movie. Tom Cruise is back on form, and this is the very best sci-fi he has made thus far. Well worth a watch...

  2.  Tense ultra-realistic movie


    This true-life story about a ship being pirated by Somali bandits unfolds in documentary-type realism. It leads to a brutal and tense finale. Tom Hanks gives yet another top-notch Oscar-worthy performance as Captain Phillips, trying to control the nightmarish scenario. You certainly cheer when the US Navy get involved, and take down the Somali guys. But the script is clever enough to actually make you side with the pirates at several intervals, and you feel sorry for them in the end. A good movie, which the director -Paul Greengrass - handles with his usual skill. Just like Flight 93 and Green Zone, he is THE director for big-budget realistic true-life hijack movies and army stand-offs. Most of the tension is not knowing how it will quite end...so this is really watch-once kind of film. It will never be as good as the first time you see it...

  3.  Surprisingly emotional movie


    Yes, this film follows a well-trodden formula very similar to Rocky etc. I think Bogeyman's review is spot on, and funny. This movie is a real tear-jerker. I'm a grown man, hardened to Hollywood manipulated films, but this one got me! Hugh Jackman is fantastic, and the child actor is not annoying at all. The kid is really excellent in this movie, which really helps to make it good. I love this film, after having put it off for ages. Really worth a shot. The special effects are top-notch too. I'm wiping away man-tears from just finished watching this!

  4.  Incredible!


    The first couple of hours are a bit of a drag but once you are introduced to the incredibly amusing Trevor the game never ever lets up after that! Absolutely amazing game, the best of the series so far. I'm glad they've gone back to a bit of the San Andreas approach because that game, too, was awesome. GTA IV was way too serious and became worse as it went on. This game has the opposite: it just gets better and better! BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5.  Most mature game out there


    Forget The Waking Dead games. This one is the closest u will ever get to the superb TV series, and reminds us of The Road. It is brilliant...with just one big problem: a scene early on when u are in virtual darkness and must kill the Clickers. It is REALLY HARD...and getting through the Boss Battle straight after may put many gamers off continuing as it is tough to get through. Once u manage it, though, the rest of the game opens out into an incredible story of desperate survival. Incredible!

  6.  Incredible movie.


    I've read some of the reviews and agree with most of them. Those people who gave this classic one star wouldn't know greatness if it hit them squarely between the eyes. Wake up. This film is the greatest piece of Americana EVER made, and by a British director. I've watched this monumental film probably 50 times and STILL get absorbed by it. It is so good that over the years it has burned into the human psyche. I doubt any groups of people head into the wilderness these days without being fully armed...

  7.  Subtle then daft


    Starts off intriguing enough, as we slowly discover it is the comatose son who is haunted not the house, but then gets more outlandish and overblown when the father has to also enter the spirit world - affected by evil - to find and bring back his spiritual son from the Astral Plain. I've had an astral-travel experience myself, and it is much more powerful and subtle than this movie. If they stayed with the subtle approach then this movie could've been a classic. Instead, it is just a high-class B-movie, destined for the bargain bin in time...

  8.  Hard-hitting drama


    Gut-wrenching story of a young father who leaves his son in a pickup truck for just a moment in the American Rockies. Son disappears and dies in the snow. Father begins to be suspected of his murder in the close-knit town. Really makes u feel for the father who is accidentally responsible for the death of his three-year-old son. Nicely filmed and acted movie...

  9.  Incredible series.


    Yet again Sir David and his incredible crew of film-makers have created an amazing series about wildlife in Africa. Unbelievable slow-motion tussle between two giraffes is just one of the many many highlights. There is more diversity of wildlife and landscapes in Africa than we have ever known. This series is one of the best ever. Highly recommended on blu-ray if you want to get the most out of the stunning filming. Four years in the making, and ultimately worth every second it took to make it. Attenborough remains the greatest living Legend on our TV screens. Just buy it!

  10.  Best American Documentary series ever made!


    This is an epic series that follows a group of almost down-and-outs, unemployed guys who invest all their meagre savings into trying to pan for gold in the Alaskan wilderness up in the mountains. The first major hurdle is to get the huge and heavy mining equipment ,that a father and son, gambling all their spare cash to buy, maneuvered into the mountains. Even that is an epic battle, crossing a rickety bridge with heavy trucks and crossing a fast-flowing stream with a digger. When they get there they must contend with wild bears, contaminated water that nearly kills one of their young children, lack of experience of getting a mine operational, and each other! Tempers fray when it becomes obvious that they will find it tough to get started sieving for gold dust and nuggets. More drama flares up here than you would see in ten movies! Amazing viewing. And that is just the very beginning of their epic fight to try and turn a profit from finding gold, as they lose $1000 every single day! Absolutely riveting documentary series that really highlights all the blood, sweat and tears that go into pursuing wealth of this nature. Highly recommended. As good a series as Axemen or Deadliest Catch etc. Brilliant!