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  1. F1 2012

    F1 2012


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     F1 2012


    F1 2012 is by far the best F1 game that Codemasters have made.

    Lots of improvments

    What i liked

    Better graphics
    Slicker Menus
    Great challenges
    Better Layout
    Ramp up is up to you
    All Assists to No Assists
    Champions Mode great addition and not easy to complete
    Flags and Penalties are far more accurate

    What I did NOT like

    Not much
    Changeable weather can be tricky
    In COCKPIT CAM mode you CANT see the car behind at all even if its really close

    By far the best f1 game out on the PlayStation.
    Well Doen Codemasters looks liek thsi tiem they listened to the fans

  2.  Logic3 TX101 SoundStage 5.1 Fantastic


    Easy to set up
    Easy to configure
    Remote is a piece of cake
    SRS is unreaal
    THis is much better than I thought it was going to be.
    highly recommned
    I had this up and running friom BOX to Fully loaded in less tahn 10 minutes.
    Buy it you wont regret it. :)

  3.  Great Phone


    I waited a long tiome before getting this phone, I previously had the Sony P990i and I was looking for a phone with all teh functions of this.

    I can honestly say that this phone is superb and is exactly what I have been expecting it to be.

    As I am not a great fan of lumbering laptops through airports and in my travels this is the ideal way to stay in touch and it all fits in your pocket.

    This phone is not heavy or cumbersome in any way, my only bug bear is teh OS locks up now and again and it is sometimes slow to respond (a few seconds) but hey thats easy to live with.

    Go Buy and Enjoy

  4.  MOH a Great FPS


    As a refreshing change from the recent cod series i was looking for something similar, so i tried airborne and found this game very enjoyable, this game offers you the ability to land in various zones so the difficulty of the levels starting point is up to you.

    Once you have mastered landing from your parachute drop and entered a level you are be given various objectives to complete which can be completed in more or less any order you like, the choice is yours.

    The graphics are a 10/10 the gameplay is 8/10 and the story is 7/10
    The reason i have scored it this way is because the game is like cod franchise (apart from cod 3) in that its way too short which seems to happen a lot with these kind of games these days, however the story is a lot more linear and you and your team go from mission to mission in a tackle an area and move across the map method.

    Online is amazing and very smooth with thus far no lag in the games i've played so far however there is a limit to players online which is my only bug bear.

    That said it is a great game and is definately worth purchasing.

    Go buy and enjoy :=)

  5.  Fallout 3


    I have never played this kind of game before and was dubious at first however it was on offer so i decided to try it out at the advise of some friends,and what a great game this turned out to be.

    This is a bit more graphic in some areas so may not be suitable for younger kids especially when the blood starts to flow when disposing of enemies.

    The game physics are excellent.

    There are 2 modes of shooting available.

    Standard fps in real time
    Or using the l2 button you can freeze the action select your target and where you want to shoot them then sit back and watch your character dispose of the enemies, this is a great mode and one i used frequently.

    The graphics are a 10/10 the gameplay is 10/10 and the story is 10/10

    The reason i have scored it this way is because the game is prettty much open season go where you want (the gnr building being the only exception as its quite well blocked off so the path to this building is the only real linear route you have to take).

    In addition unlike any other game you do feel you are the main character and all choices (good path or bad path) is entirely up to you.

    There are missions (quests) to be achieved in order to complete the game and again how you do it is up to you, there are also some secondary missions that you can do if you wish however they are entirley a choice as you can finish the game just by completing the main tasks.

    This game is not your standard shooter so may not be everyones taste however i do advise buy it and try you may be pleastly surprised at just how addicted to this game you become.

    Go buy and enjoy :=)

  6.  COD 5 WAW Is Just too Short


    I have always enjoyed the COD Franchise and this game is in my opinion a great addition to the family.

    This is a bit more graphic than COD 4 especially when using the flamethrower.

    The game physics are excellent shoot an enemy in the leg and he hobbles shoot his arm and he drops his weapon.

    The Graphics are a 10/10 the gameplay is 8/10 and the story is 6/10
    The reason I have scored it this way is because the game is like COD 4 in that its way too short even with the addition of the zombie level (Available once you complete the game) and the story is a bit too disjointed as it jumps from fighting Germans in one level to fighting Japanese in the next I would have preferred it if the game tackled one area at a time and moved across the map as the game progressed.

    In addition unlike other COD games I had no affiliation with the main character and I cant explain why.

    Online is amazing and very smooth with thus far no lag in over 20 games ive played online so far. I would have given this 5 stars had it not been so short a game, however it is still worth adding to your collection.

    Go Buy and Enjoy :=)

  7.  PS3 Games Need For Speed: Undercover


    I have a ps3 attached to a hd plasma tv via hdmi and i have
    Noticed that when playing this game that the game play is
    Very very choppy.
    This completely hinders the game play, also the cars when driving are wooly and twitchy all at the same time in fact the steering overreacts when overtaking then under reacts when cornering, very frustrating indeed.

    I am a seasoned driving game enthusiased and have been playing nfs games since the release of nfs 3 hot pursuit on the pc. I had also preordered this game with great anticipation,however in my opinion pro street was the worst game in the nfs catalogue however due to bad handling slow game play and unbelevable lag and choppy frame rate whilst driving this game now takes the crown, in fact i have now returned my game as it was un playable.

    It would have been better if they had released need for speed most wanted on the ps3 instead of this hopeless title.

    I give it 1 star as the graphics are great but the game is fit for the bargain bin. Avoid