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  1.  Pretty challenging


    First few reviews of the game are a bit harsh! Try turning all aids off, manual gears with a steering wheel, then you will realise it certainly is not arcade.
    It's not a perfect game, but the physics are pretty challenging and i'd recommended the use of a wheel for this to get the most out of Blackbeans first rally game. It requires a good amount of wheel input to maintain realistic control of your car, with a lot of concentration listening to your co-driver, as one mistake can be very costly.
    Car audio is on the disappointing side, lacking in some effects too. A decent enough game overall

  2. F1 2010

    F1 2010


    7 New from  £4.85  Free delivery

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    The most authentic F1 game produced. You really do feel you are living 'the life' of an F1 driver. Graphically stunning, impressive audio and challenging physics with all aids off makes for a truly great F1 experience. Don't expect to throw your F1 car around like in GRID, despite the cars having slightly too much grip you can quite easily lose control if you're not concentrating on your speed into corners.
    The AI is intelligent enough. For the best experience a wheel is highly recommended.

  3.  Highly Recommended


    Upgraded my Compaq Presario C701EA from 1GB (2x512mb) to 2x Kingston 1GB modules. Had no compatibility problems at all, the 2GB of total RAM was recognised as soon as i switched it back on.
    Performance of the laptop has greatly improved from approx 80% resources in use to a nice low 45%.
    A great quick and cheap upgrade!

  4.  Still a good movie..but


    A disappointing lack of extras on the DVD release when compared to the Blu Ray release. Again those without or cant afford a Blu Ray/HD TV are left out due to the movie companies pushing Blu Ray.
    Salvation is a decent enough action packed movie from start to finish and a worthy DVD purchase, but still not as half as good as Camerons T1/T2. Why do big movie sequels go down hill ? The golden days of the movie industry are long gone.

  5.  Not the best demo, but


    A must have game for any racing/sim gamer! Graphics although not as realistic as GT5/P, they are still top notch for the 360. Engine sounds are reasonable, no real change from Forza 2, same goes for the tyre noise. Cockpit view is a great addition, but hopefully the full version will allow total freedom to look around your cockpit, currently you have to hold up on the R analogue and can only look left/right.
    Presentation/user interface looks slick and easy to use. The rewind function is good for those who wish to go back before an error/crash, although i personally feel its defeating the who point of the game.
    The price for the LE edition is great for what you are getting! A must have game

  6.  Based on the demo only


    First of all do not let anyone tell you which game to buy, there are demos for BOTH PES 2010 and Fifa 2010 so try it out for yourselves before listening to others!

    PES 2010 is a definite improvement over ALL current gen PES games. Apparently the demo was not the final game code so perhaps not all animations have been finished yet, but the running and general movement in the game is still on the stiff/robotic side and definately needs improving. However there have been big improvements in the dribbling and passing sharpness, being able to pull off realistic one touch football to build up some great play.
    Unique skill animations are in there too, depending on the player youre controlling.
    I dont know why some reviewers feel the shooting is rubbish because it (my personal view) feels much more solid and rewarding than Fifa. The sound of the ball being passed and shot is much more realistic now.
    I could go on more about gameplay/game plans etc but would be here all day. Graphically its the best PES game to date. Player faces are the most faithfully replicated on any football game. Stadiums are looking as good as ever and much improved pitch grass/lighting.
    All i say is give it a go !

  7.  Amazing snooker and pool simulation


    Anyone who enjoy snooker and pool will love this game. I have not bought a WSC game since back on the PS2 so i could not comment on the differences between WSC 08 and this one 09.
    Ball physics are the best ever seen in any snooker/pool/billiards game.
    The graphics are incredible, so smooth and the player faces look likable to them in real life. The players cue action looks very realistic along with all the arenas, the tables, shine on the balls etc.
    The commentary is ok, can be a little annoying, but you can turn off if you want.
    There are official 8-ball pool championships. A shame there isnt an option to have pub balls, but still, it is the best pool simulation ever.
    A must for anyone with an interest in snooker and pool.

  8.  Just amazing! Going to buy another!


    Well yet another high quality Sony bargain from Play.com. Having recently bought the 16gb bluetooth A829 mp3 walkman from Play (i don't know how i missed the 10% discount offer with this speaker!) i just had to buy this bluetooth speaker.
    Fast delivery from Home Delivery Service, upstairs, out of the box, plug in mains cable, turn on, hold 'ID Set' button for 7 seconds, pair with your bluetooth device, simple as that!
    I paired the BT100 with the A829 and A818 effortlessly.
    For the price, it is amazing. Loud music, crisp clear, great highs and deep bass. Could not ask for more considering its size.
    It looks great, does not weigh much at all yet still looks and feels solid.
    At the loudest volume, it is still crisp clear, just excellent quality!
    There is an input connection on the back if you want to play via a physical connection.
    For anyone with the Sony WLA-NWB1 bluetooth dongle, i had no problem connecting wirelessly when using the A818.
    thanks Play!

  9.  Excellent Paintball game for £24.99


    A number of reviewer have given this game not such a great review score, but they dont know what a good paintball game is when they play it. Its definately the best developed simulation of paintball created. Its pretty quick to get into thanks to the training sessions, showing you how to lean, snap, sprint, dive and jump etc.
    Graphically it is pretty good, although the developers could definately improve all round. Sound wise the paintball shooting, splats, team communicating are pretty authentic.
    The locations are based on the NPPL and Millennium field layouts along with 5 woodsball fields.
    Some may find the game will become too repetitive over time, but anyone who enjoy paintball will love it, specially 7v7 online multiplayer.
    You can earn credit and skill points to improve your team and purchase new equipment.
    Overall it is a fun game at a great price

  10.  Great,but not perfect


    Single player campaign is great, same style from the first Gears. Graphically it has improved, and a lot of glitches have been sorted out in multiplayer. Despite the additional multiplayer modes, i still believe more could have been done for a better experience, it really isnt anything new.
    Its definately worth buying, but Gears of War just isnt perfect! Theres niggling detail problems that fails to make it a 5/5 game. Control system can be frustrating sometimes, the shotgun feels too sluggish with shot detection problems. Player movement isnt realistic enough, plusi hate the forward/back/sideward rolls! Sliding onto walls !? Laughable. A lot must change or else Gears 3 will become boring