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  1.  Fantastic


    I dont know what planet fearless is on! I love everything about Moto GP 08 from Capcom. It has all the official riders, tracks and bikes for a start. The authentic Moto GP menus and logos.
    The user interface is easy to navigate and starts by asking you to take a tutorial which is basically an arcade race. There are 'Advanced' and 'Simulation modes to choose too.
    When you grasp simulation it is a dream to play. Graphically Moto GP is great considering the number of bikes on screen and the tracks have been modelled very well. Sounds of the bikes are decent enough, maybe could improve.
    There are many different camera angles to choose from when racing, including 1st person and dashboard views. Replays are impressive with great camera placements and varied camera options.
    All round a very polished game

  2.  Looks fantastic


    A must buy! Fantastic transfer into HD along with amazing sound. However there are no deleted scenes nor trailers which Play claim.

  3.  PES Is Back!


    Last year i preferred Fifa 08's new revamped system. I was left disappointed with the Fifa 09 demo and had high hopes for PES 2009.
    The PES 2009 demo was enough for me to stick with PES this year over Fifa despite the lack of licence. Its gameplay has slowed down from PES 2008 (a good thing) and feels more authentic in how real football plays, improved animations has helped a lot in replicating the real game. You are able to have some great build up play along with attacking football, its fun and graphically looks great. The stadiums for me look fantastic (already have full game) along with much much better grass textures.
    Players faces look a lot better than Fifa 09s too. Sounds are ok, could be better. Stadium sound effects are good. Commentarys the same from 2008 pretty much. Ultimately gameplay is excellent and plays more realistically than any other PES game. Buy!

  4.  Better than 08 but nothing special


    Its a improvement over Nascar 08, but EA's Nascar games are just still off the mark by a long way. First of all the PS3 version is a port from the Xbox 360 version (which i didnt know until after buying it for PS3 ) The game has texture problems and some frame rate issues, whereas the 360 doesnt. Lazy developers!

    Despite having 40 cars on track, graphically it is not great. The car models look bland, colours are not realistic enough along with bad textures and poor crowds in the stands. The engine sounds are good though. There are all the major tracks from around the country along with 1 downloadable Canadian J Villeneuve track.

    The replays lacks wow factor with unexciting camera angles which you would see in real Nascar.
    Unless you are a hardcore Nascar fan i would avoid this years game. EAs Nascar developers need really improve a lot for next years game, but when they have the licence and no competition its hard to imagine anything special.

  5.  One of the best SIMULATORS around


    I agree with bungobogtins and scooby on their reviews. Ge0rge I would very much doubt anyone giving this game good reviews actually work at System 3 !! Firstly this is a simulation at heart with a variety of assists to help out beginners. The menu system is simple and effective.
    There are trophy and challenge events along with time trials and single races. Depending on your finish position you unlock new Ferraris which you can buy with credits earned from races.
    There are many real world tracks available and with promised DLC tracks and cars each month. Graphically it is very good, but not as attractive as GRID or GT5P. Hopefully a sequel will be made with improvements. There are an odd few graphical problems but hardly affects gameplay. Sound wise the engines are fantastic with full 5.1 sound. Would have been great to hear the rain fall on the wind screen,other rain effects though.
    AI is good on the harder difficulty, varied and not making it easy for you to overtake. Online is still broken with connection problemsbut hopefully is sorted soon.
    A great game to own, specially if you have a Logitech G25 or DFP wheel.

  6.  A must play before Gears 2 release


    At Play.com's price, its a must have if youre mad enough not to own Gears of War yet ! Obviously for anyone new to this game you are going to love it. Great graphics, sound, story and atmosphere.
    Multiplayer, although good, is very frustrating. The odd occasion there is bullet detection problems, sticking to walls problems, poor symmetrical multiplayer maps that get boring after time.
    However all round it is a great game and worth every penny.



    Nascar 09 is shaping up to be a lot better, but it is a joke EA let this dreadful game out in its really bad state. Graphically awful, car handling rubbish, sound rubbish, god everything about this game is rubbish. EA are a disgrace

  8.  A must have at £29.99.Great fun


    Based on the XBL 10 minute demo, i have totally enjoyed every second. Graphically great, the music during battles is dramatic with a fast beat and is a pure dream to play.

    Its great fun and definitely worth the rather cheap pricetag of £29.99.

  9.  The Matrix at its very best


    Never has The Matrix trilogy looked and sounded so good.
    A proud addition to your HD DVD collection or would make an excellent start for newcomers. Also looks fantastic on the Xbox 360 HD DVD player.
    I personally wasnt too keen on Reloaded but watching them back to back in hi definition really makes you appreciate how amazing The Matrix trilogy is.

    You will not be disappointed. Also checkout V For Vendetta by the same creators on HD DVD.

  10.  Best in the series


    First off, i repeat what others have said, don't compare this to Forza 2, which is a racing simulator. PGR4 improves in every aspect from PGR3, from gameplay,graphics and sound. It is a a solid racer, and despite being more of arcade than simulation, it is still very challenging with great handling.

    Weather effects are a great addition, clear, light,heavy rain,wet,icy,snow,storm etc. Graphically the best racer on Xbox 360. The meaty engine sounds are great, music is nothing special, but some nice classical !
    Photo mode allows you to upload/save your photo creations on PGR Demand for other racers to view and vote for.
    Simply a great game