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  1.  No classic but no duffer either.


    This game is a bit dumb. Go around shooting on simple quests and collect more and more powerful weapons and make your character more and more powerful.

    It is allot of fun though. The next upgrade or the promise of the perfect rifle is always a push to play some more. The ending was a bit of a let down. I am glad I bought it for the fortnights entertainment it gave.

  2.  Best game in years.


    The game has a few bugs which are getting fixed. The downloadable content set up is a bit of a pain. The graphics are average to good quality. You are forced down allot of set paths. Some classes have better survivability than others. Managing 4 characters at once can be a bit slow (pause to set an action for each character) and hectic (10 characters all hacking at each other with spells going off) at the same time. The setting and story is a bit cliche lotr. Some classes have better skills to survive and kill than others.

    This is one of the best games I have played in years. You have a massive story about saving the world. You have tactical blood spattered fights. You have a well thought out set of game rules to master. This is not a big graphics twitch action extravaganza. There's a little Chess, World of Warcraft, Lord Of The Rings, Neverwinter Nights, Baldurs Gate, Mass Effect and Knights Of The Old Republic mixed into one.

    I'd say you are looking at 65 hours to complete. Less if you skip side quests. More if you want to find everything. Then there are replays so you can master dual wielding warriors, arcane mages, or backstabbing rogues.

    Shame you cannot control a party online with your friends.

  3.  Some will enjoy this title.


    You control a handful of LOTR characters.
    During phase 1 everybody gets to select a square to move to. Then everybody moves at once. If the opposition gets close the movement stops.
    During phase 2 everybody gets the chance to use an attack or item.
    Each mission is very LOTR with scenes throughout the films.

    Phase 1 can be a little cat and mouse. Trying to keep the tougher hand to hand characters in the way whilst trying to keep the ranged at distance.
    Phase 2 is a very standard turn based attack style.

    The game works quite well. It starts off carefully balanced keeping the fight on a knife edge between success and failure. Unfortunately the game became difficult part way through and I had to grind the first level (which can be completed in 2 turns) to improve my characters abilities. Completing a level gives around enough money to purchase a stat increase such as +2 to strength. The game then went back to being challenging until near the end where my characters had become overly powerful and careful tactics became unnecessary. .

    There's the problem. The game is a slow and tactical with a balanced difficulty. Until the level difficulty is second guessing on how powerful your characters abilities are, and the game loses it's balance.

  4.  :(


    I hate this film. I hate it because although I new it was going to ruin my memories of a classic movie. At the same time my curiosity and need for more of what was a brilliant film would make me choose to watch it eventually. I probably don't need to tell you to avoid it. I'm sure some of you will have to do the same as me too!

  5.  Great show


    Fantastic show. Great cast with a brilliant performance by Hugh Laurie. Intelligent without being too up itself it contains a good sense of humour and a choice selection of music dispersed through each series. I have watched every episode through twice now. The only problem with the set as a cherished collection is whether you want a box set without the current series.

  6.  Fine sports phones


    I have owned the previous model to destruction. It lasted about 14 months of sweating before starting to degrade at the connection and signs of rust appeared on the metal. I am hard pressed to find any difference with this model except for the colour. The first thing I noticed when putting them on is a slightly uncomfortable pressure on my ears. This eases a little over time through use and is also less noticeable when you are moving as the pressure point moves a little. I would not buy these with the intention of sitting around listening to music. My previous model review applies here too.

    They perform exactly as I need them to when running:
    I never have to adjust them.
    They don't give me any discomfort.
    I have no issues with the sound quality.

    When not running I tend not to use them:
    The bar gets in the way when laying back on a bench or any headrest.
    When inactive they are not as comfortable as non sport models of headphone.
    Higher audio quality headphones exist for sitting back and listening to music.

  7.  Good quality picture and sound


    I have to admit I couldn't get into the film.
    The picture quality is very good. It is one of the best examples of how an old film can look brought up to high definition. The huge vistas are sharp, detailed and colourful. I am wondering if too much dnr is used as most old films do show at least a little noise. However it does put some more modern conversions to blu ray to shame and I am glad I viewed it as it gives a good point of comparison.
    The audio options are not as extensive as they could be but that does not mean the audio quality is poor. Through a very expensive hi fi in stereo it gets the thumbs up, but those into their av surround sound systems may be a bit disappointed.

  8.  Noticable sonic improvement and a noticable design flaw


    I purchased these as a replacement for the standard ipod nano earphones. There was a noticeable improvement in detail, a more accurate reproduction of dynamics, and an extension to the bass response. Not outstanding, but enough to put a smile on my face every time a track revealed more of itself than I'd become accustomed to through my nano. However they are not perfect. I do not like the way you have to really plug the earphones in your ears to get a balanced volume across all frequencies. I am not impressed that any rubbing against the cable is translated to you ears much like a stethoscope. Brushing your arm against the cable is simply unpleasant. At a bargain price they are a worthwhile purchase.

  9.  warm romcom


    No Gervais no! What were you thinking?
    We have a very pleasant, pretty and warm comedy romance that meanders along happily. Every now and then there is a hint that they might try some edgy or quirky or laugh out loud comedy...But they don't. Is Gervais in this because Stiller,Sandler and Black turned it down for being too average a script?? The films suits Greg Kinnear though. It's about his comedic level. That is it really, It's not a pile of pants, just pleasant, and picking it up because it had Gervais in just made it a little disappointing.

  10.  A film for the big kids


    The stupidest and most immature movie I have seen all year. I couldn't stop laughing. Brilliant.