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  1.  Good, but could've been great.


    Worms has been around a while and still all the way from back in the day when it came out I've loved it. The funny cut scenes and amusing comments by the worms whilst playin. Brilliant fun! Nothing much has changed, why change a good formula?...Unfortunately the Wii version seems lackin of some of the original charm and sparkle. No newish weapons to marvel at, the landscapes are pretty much the same as ever too.
    I'm not saying its not fun because it is-it hasn't lost the appeal of blowing the opponent apart with a rocket :-) and it utilises the Wii remote well, for example using it like a plunger to detonate a bomb pack...this adds a little satifaction to the experience as it really feels as your in control! But i can't put my finger on it really just doesn't shine as i thought it would. Maybe I'll warm to it more as I play? But there definately should have been a Wi-Fi element. That would have made this game a winner.
    Buy this game if you like the worms games or haves alot of friends to go multiplayer with, otherwise choose something else.

  2.  Its in the title people!


    Put in the genre by many people as an Alternative Country singer, don't let this fool you, Ryan proves on this album that he has a rock streak a mile wide!
    This is a driving rock album with country roots. Again he excels with the writing on the album and start to finish theres no song thats below par, which is true for all his albums.
    Am i being bias because he's my favorite artist, a little, but anyone with any musical taste should recognise that this guy is a one off and is a living legend who's not even that well known!
    Most of the songs on the album are upbeat rock but there are some slower ones. My favorites being the gruff Wish You Were Here, the energetic So Alive and lively song Boys.
    Again if you have any of his other albums this will not dissapoint you. If you don't have any be warned you bt one you'll want 'em all :-)

  3. Gold


    Ryan Adams - CD

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     What a follow up!


    This was the second solo release from Ryan Adams and the first album of his i bought. I heard New York, New York liked it and bought the album based on that song, and was not let down by the rest of the album. After listening to it i went straight to play.com and purchased his first album Heartbreaker!
    Like all of Ryans albums theres a mix of songs and on this one he shows a little more of his rock n roll side...
    The quality of the writing is right on par with his brilliant first album, with the country Firecraker, moody La Cienega just smiled and the utterly brilliant Touch, feel, and lose. Again this album is one of the best albums i have ever bought (as with all his albums) and in my opinion up there with the best of the rest.
    Once you listen to him your hooked! What an artist!

  4.  Music Genius


    'Musical Genius', a phrase which is flaunted about these days rarely without any actual truth to it! But Ryan Adams is one of these people, this album contains such good material its hard to find the words. This album inspired Elton John to go back basics on his album Songs from the the west coast.
    The songs are a mixture of country folk rock to a gritty country rock and roll style. The album is simple, guitar, piano, mouth organ, i don't think any synth is used at all!
    All the songs are so passionate to the subject matter and lyrically amazing...
    I don't know really what else to say, if you have any sense you WILL buy this album, it is a modern classic and an album that MUST be owned...

  5.  Very, very good!


    LIterally just got the album, and just listened to it for the first time. Opinion? Very, very good! Its nice to see that finally an artist who has hit the 'mainstream' has produced a nice ecletic album...its all folksie, soft-rock (and reluctently use the word) pop music which is easy listening, but gets your foot tapping at the same time.
    The songs vary nicely in tempo and composition, all making an album you could put on and leave playing without second thoughts of skipping a track. Her voice is pleasant to listen to and strong when needed. I bought the album based on the fact I had an feeling that the album would be good, but was convinced after i heard L.A. which is one of the strongest songs on the album. Other highly rated songs would be Barrowland Ballroom and Run... also if you let the album play after track 11 there is a 'hidden' track which, though short is a welcome addition to an already strong first albim.
    I think overall i'm impressed by the standard of the production of the record and its obvious that this hasn't been churned out and time and effort went into each track.
    Should you by it? If you like what she's released so far then yes, if you're still unsure about her, i say if you have some spare cash give her a go anyway...i don't think you'll be dissapointed!

  6.  Lucky Man - A must read


    Even if you're not a fan of his movies, or even the guy himself reading this book will change your mind. I've always enjoyed his ventures in the entertainment industry but this book is his greatest acomplishment...

    The book tells of his life, the ups and downs, but also his sruggle with Parkinsons, and describes its effects and how it affects peoples life, including his own.

    He's a very talented writer, witty and at some points had me laughing aloud, but there are very serious issues in this book.

    The only downside to this book? Its not long enough, at the end i wanted it to continue. The book flows so well that i read it in two sittings, i couldn't put it down.

    Mr Michael J. Fox I salute you, you're a funny, multi-talented, brave man and i look forward to a second book.