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  1.  Demo based review combined with Developers Interviews


    The demo is very good, the default controlsare good, but a little simple, most likely to help new players. After customising the controls to beter suit a g15 and g5 setup I fell in love.

    I love FPS games that test reflexes, tactis and strategy without too much camping or just nade spamming (looking at you COD series). AvP ticks this box.

    The combat is fast and furious and depending on race plays very differently. Adding a lot of variety!

    As a Marine you start with the motion sensor and pulse rifle, this being your racial advantage, high ammo and clip size and death from range plus an indication of any movement (but not which angle it's coming from). You suck at melee but you can't have it all.

    As a Xenomorph (Alien to non-fans) you have no ranged attack only melee but have speed, agility and close combat as your racial advantage. You fail at using stealth and sped and the Marine will destroy you, get up cose and you will tear them apart.

    As The Predator, you are a fairly fast, fairly good at close combat, with powerful weaponry you must find, but it is slow firing but very powerful.

    Great variety

    Great Game!

  2.  Amazing fun!


    This game runs great on a pentium 4 3.2ghz machine with a 1950pro, getting smooth performance at 1280z1024, so not sure what the the other reviewer is going on about. It is so fun, all the skill is now funnelled into unit control instead of build orders. Meaning the game relies more heavily on the action. So no more boring sit at your base waiting for resources to accrue before teching up.

    The hot key system is fasr allowing an almost wasd like speed to controlling units and ordering builds!

    Gfwl and steam are great, you get instant updates and news and no cd in the drive to play! They both use very litle memory and no cpu utilisation, so don't pay any attention to the anti drm novice's review. You also get exclusive access to games in beta!

    Loving the campaign, and even more so when my buddy comes online and we play "co-op" performing beautiful precision strikes with our squads!

    If you want a fast action packed rts with less waiting and farming and the fun of finding wargear and levelling up like mass effect as you go, buy this!

    Back to war!!!!!

  3.  Excellent gameplay, lots our hours worth, fantastic value


    Playing the games in chronological order of release tells an epic story and slowly builds up the number of units and races at your disposal until it obliterates all rivals (9 races and hundreds of units) to allow for a smoother learning curve.

    The graphics and animations are what set this apart, seeing your enemies units eviscerated in detail is just a gamer's delight.

    The gameplay is aggressive and passive, with turtling possible via Imperial Guard or be a harasser with Eldar or Tau early on.

    I have many hours playing this series of games and have been a very happy and satisfied customer!


  4.  It Is Looking VERY Promising


    I have been playing First Person Shooters since Wolfenstein and Doom and love them in all their incarnations. Slow speed, high tactical (Rainbow Six/GRAW/Splinter Cell) medium speed, easy difficulty, basic tactics (Battlefield Games) and fast and furious, twitch style, high challenge, games (Unreal Tournament/Quake).

    What this game does so far (based on the Beta) is combine the latter with the former very well, so what you get is fast action if you want it or slow tactical (focus on objectives not killing) if you don't. Very enjoyable so far and there are a lot of improvements coming in Beta 2. Even on the current build I would buy it, so I know it is only going to get better.

    Hope to see you on the playing field (through my croasshairs) ^^