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  1.  Nice design but small fitting


    Bought small size for my 11 year old and she is about a size 6-8 and it was too small as she can't zip it up so she never wears it :( shame as it looks quite nice otherwise for the price and i definitely think anyone with a slightly bigger bust would struggle to zip this up!

  2.  Not your usual studio ghibli! Definitely for younger ones.


    I felt the need to write a review for this as the other reviews on here are misleading. Although it is a studio ghibli film it is not very well known and this is probably because it is quite bad. It really is not a patch on Totoro as someone else suggested. It isn't as well made as the other studio ghibli films and the worst thing about it is the pandas voice, you might expect him not to talk like Totoro but when he does you wish he really hadn't he has the most irritating voice you can imagine! I don't think this is enjoyable for adults to watch with their kids like other studio ghibli films and should be left to the really young ones. I realise this review is quite negative but i just want to make the point that if you get this and are hoping for something like Totoro you will be disappointed! My 8 year old was really looking forward to seeing this after watching all the other studio ghibli films and she wasn't impressed with it.

  3.  Make up your own mind....this is what i think.


    Wasn't what i expected after reading the reviews, i agree with others who said it's been hyped up too much and when you watch it you expect something spectacular. But don't get me wrong it's not terrible, i admit It's not edge of your seat stuff and it is very long but i think it needs to be this long in order to portray DDL's character and how he develops into what he is at the end. It is very psychological as opposed to full on action and the acting is absolutely faultless, i don't think it should be hyped up for such an amazing film but just appreciated for what it is.

  4.  fantastic game **************


    This is a great game it kept my 6 year old daughters attention for ages which is unbelievable because she loses interest in things really quickly! There are loads of different games to play and if you complete each game it unlocks another secret place in the game. I really loved it too and we play it together and i will do the games my daughter is not so good at and she does the games i'm not so good at and we completed it today but she is really sad it has ended!
    It definitely gets 5 stars.

  5.  WHERE'S 'SUCK MY KISS' by red hot chilli peppers???????


    Just completed this game last night, has some fantastic tracks and the battles are a great touch but.........the track i was dying to play, 'suck my kiss' by the red hot chilli peppers wasn't on there! It's not on the encores or in the store to buy!!!!!!! Has anyone else noticed this??

  6.  Very addictive, alot to achieve! NOT boring!


    First of all i reccommend finding a website which explains the different things you can do in the game if you haven't played it before because the instruction booklet is very limited and doesn't exactly tell you how to do stuff.
    This game is by no means boring, some of the tasks you have to do such as feeding and petting your animals or watering crops gets a bit monotonous but you can always get the sprites to help if you want a break!
    There is so much to do in this game like designing your own farm,building things, looking after animals, marrying and having children. I like unlocking and exploring the mines.
    Overall an excellent game, well worth the money!!