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  1.  GETS NASTY!!


    For the first hour or so you start thinking to yourself is this really a horror?
    An earthquake??
    But then it gets very brutal with some horrid scenes, and the best bit for me was the last 10 seconds.
    worth a watch but be patient.
    and for an apparent budget of $2 million (IMDB) they have done very well.

  2.  Well worth a watch for the 80's baby :)


    Really enjoyed this movie I love the original 80's movies. So when i came across this movie i was a little sceptical but This film feels the same as the oldies and really delivers. The soundtrack is wicked and really makes the film if you are also a fan of 80's movies this should not disappoint.
    Very funny in places

  3.  Great lil comedy


    A great Eddie Murphy film.
    It made me laugh in places but is also very sad in others.
    Totally recommend this film to comedy fans.
    Great addition to the collections this film defiantly has re-watch value :)

  4.  Do not judge a film by its cover!


    I would like to save people from making the same mistake as I did. I genuinely do not think anyone would enjoy this movie it is very very cheaply made I think there is only 7 cast members though the whole film. Do not judge this by its cover which I can assure you cost more to make than the movie. Would give it 0 if I could and I rarely do that.

  5.  Well worth it!!!


    Very good road trip/motel horror.
    A bit like no vacancy but more brutal. I have given it 4 stars and not 5 because I thought they could have ended it a lot better and the twist old have been more original.
    Having said that I really enjoyed watching it and will defiantly watch again.
    The music adds to the effect of the moment and really makes you feel for the characters.
    Would recommend to horror fans. And if you love the old road trip motel rest stop flick then this should not disappoint you.

  6.  soooo bad


    this movie is the worst one of the lot its just a mess and a really bad story line

  7.  WOW


    I have given this 5 stars based on what it is, not the best film in the world but in its class OMG If you like films like wolf creek, creep its a bit of a mash up of the 2.
    I love my horror flicks and its very rare that they have such an effect. I had my hands on my face in disbelief.
    All in all this film is cold,harsh,grim and violent.
    Great cast,storey and the killer, well he makes the killer in wolf creek look PG

  8.  Worth Your time


    Pretty cool film I watched it with the English audio rather than the sub titles. It's a little slow moving, but having said that it is filmed very well, The real Norwegian Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg inadvertently admits to the existence of trolls with real footage at the end of this film!!
    (yeah) A publicity stunt to cover up the fact that he keeps building large pylons in the mountainous countryside, these are really just large electric fences to keep v.large trolls from entering civilized areas.

    All in all well shot, acted and original, cant wait for the US version coming 2014

  9.  clever movie


    To the guy below thanks for the SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A cllever movie with a twist which Im glad i didnt read the guy below me's review as he has given it all away.

  10.  SO SO


    SPOILER ALERT do not read the drip below me's review unless you want the films twist given away.
    In my opinoin no where near as good as Taken and you can see the ending so early on not a great twist too easy to figure out and to be honest i fink they have tried to hard to surpass Taken which this film most definatly does not do.