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    I absolutely loved this remake tyler mane does an excellent job as myers standing in at 6ft 9". Loved the retelling of micheal's childhood. The cast do an excellent job horror slasher fans will not be disappointed.

  2.  wow


    turnaround2005 has no idea if you dont like horrors you wont like this. its full of gore and deeply disturbing stuff but the characters although psychotic murders are actually likable. far better the the 1st movie.

  3.  very good


    well worth a watch and keeps you entertained for 3 hours

  4.  good


    not as bad as these people make out. i've never seen a film quite like it before so was pleasantly surprised by it. good characters and acting and a decent story line i'd say its defiantly worth a watch.

  5.  Macho


    Gotta be a real man to like this movie. its Awesome and so manly fight scenes are the nuts great acting just the nuts must see don't listen to the boys...BUY IT

  6.  ok


    story line is very poor. the acting terrible but its a dodgey zombie flick and it does deliver some decent zombies and good scenes..

  7.  pretty decent


    for a straight to dvd tittle the camera work and presentation are brilliant, the story lines ok, the acting is pretty good, but all in all its a pretty enjoyable film to watch. its not jump out of your seat scary and its not really that gruesome. women add a little spice to the flick, deferentially watchable...

  8.  awsome


    if u like that sort of thing then its a must not as good as the first but altogether a decent sequel..

  9.  Excellent


    great picture quality just needs a decent size memory card!! as already said does lack instructions!! overall decent camara.

  10.  great


    just as good as the OLDER series and YES this is the original movie.