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  1.  Disappointment, stick to Modern Warfare


    Well what can I say...

    Most people will buy this game for online, stick to Modern Warfare. This is the worst online installment of the series I have played. Bland maps, bland game play, and as a Hardcore player you seem to be punished as only given 4 game modes to play.

    The only good thing I've pulled from the online experience is the fact you can now fully customize your class, enabling the chance to have up to 6 perks but with only 10 slots available it makes you think about what to use carefully.

    The scorestreak idea is 'OK' but killstreaks make a lot more sense.

    The story mode itself is quite a disappointment. Maybe this is why if a team splits up when producing games, the weaker of the 2 should just start a new game instead of using Modern Warfare's model but ruining the brand name.

    I must admit I am looking forward to the next installment of Modern Warfare now to restore my faith in the series.

  2.  Great game with hours of fun


    This game came free with my DS so I didn't really get around to playing it for a while. just started playing it and cannot put it down. If you ever play the games in machines in pubs then your like this as it holds alot of the card games. The most addictive thing is you always are trying to beat the scores on the scoreboard, so if any of your friends ever try the game you will want some good scores to make it hard to beat. Hours of game play and worthwhile purchase.

  3.  Well made film


    This is a well made film. It holds a good storyline giving a different alien attack story instead of the usual "aliens taking over the world" that so many films have taken. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a film that isn't based on action but to show a reason of why there would be a alien landing that doesn't cover the normal alien films.

  4.  was what was expected


    I feel the storyline was good along with the acting. It's a typical action film based on the US seals in combat "behind enemy lines". Will highly recommend to anyone who enjoys the action genre.

  5.  Better than expected


    I looked on this site and saw the 2 reviews for this game, and even though they both gave 5 stars, I thought i'd try it for myself. I wasn't disappointed. The game is very hard to put down, and to be honest don't know why. Alot of play time with this game so for the price you can get it for it's really worth it. Can be repetative but if you look past that and aim for a goal you don't really get affected by it. Good game, not too challanging but hours of fun

  6.  Ok but wouldn't rush to buy


    This game is fun but I go for games with gameplay and this just doesn't supply. If you are good at FPS you will find this easy, once completed once becomes boring even when trying to get all the achievements as there are not many map variations. I like the feel of playing online when in single player mode as the computer A.I is your typical Quake high standard. If you enjoy FPS i'd say get this game for your collection, but don't expect too much

  7.  Good game but could be improved


    As i love the Rainbow 6 series I had to get this. The graphics are still good, gameplay smooth, and the online community still massive, so there is hours of gameplay to be had. I just thought it was a shame they didn't try something different since the last game. You just get the impression that the creators couldn't really be bothered to do much so just tied it in with the previous game. So i would say the story is Ok and online mode is good so if your into your FPS and the Tom Clancy games then this is a must buy

  8.  Great game and hours of fun


    I played this on the Wii so thought i'd try it out and the DS and wasn't disappointed. You play on a board, rolling a dice each turn. After all the players have a turn you then get a minigame to play for extra coins. The winner at the end is the player with the most stars, which you buy when you pass them on the board. It is very addictive as to unlock everything you need to complete the story with all the characters (8) and also complete the mini games and there are 5 of them not including a free play mode as well. A good combo of games using the stylus, mic and normal controls. Some are really easy but some can be challanging. If anyone thinks the games are easy, try putting the comp difficulty to the hardest setting and trust me you will be tested. It is a must buy for anyones game collection

  9. War



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     no shock here


    as expected, when these 2 guys come together your gunna get a good action film. great plot, good twist, all in all a must buy film, you wont be disappointed

  10.  What's the hype???


    I just don't get it, I got the game yesterday and started playing it and it's boring! The aiming's rubbish, the game is slow, and the graphics aren't even the best graphics on the 360, so why is everyone loving this game so much? Fair enough i haven't got live yet but i will have in a few weeks so is it worth me keeping this for live? the single player mode seems boring, ive even gone back to playing C&C instead as i just couldn't get into this game