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Product Reviews

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  1.  Feel-Good at it's best!


    Beautifully written book, if you want something that's easy, simple and wonderful to read, then please read this!


  2.  Brilliant!


    Totally agree with the other reviews here, have just finished this book, and this lady's style of writing is right up my street! Humour, topped with more humour! Just bought her 2nd book and reckon am gonna get the same happiness from it! Thanks Ruth! :-)))

  3.  On a par to 'Too Close to Home'


    In my opinion, best Linwood has written since 'Too Close to Home'. Fantastic, gripping all the way through, then great ending! LOVED IT!

    Read it... you won't be disappointed :-)

  4.  Not Great!!


    When I watched FD1 I thought it was great - brilliant idea, and it really made you think about 'things' that do happen in life, and 'when they may happen. FD2 I enjoyed too, and even FD3 to a point. BUT FD4 was, as quite a few reviews have said here, disappointing, and I also agree that the idea is now wearing thin - to do any more would make a complete mockery of the original idea, which, like I say, I personally thought was good! And the acting in the others was better - acting in FD4 terrible and wooden ... 'crash' part was best bit...

  5.  Enjoyed very much!


    Will definately read Tania Carver's next book! The story kept me hooked, and it was very thrilling! And book wasn't as explicit as could be, which I was grateful for! Can i just say, loved the other review here, where the reader passed book onto her pregnant friend - thought that was very funny! Ha ...

  6.  Oh My God!


    I bought this dvd for a bargain price quite a few months ago, cos i wanted to give it a go. I enjoyed Ricky in The Office. I eventually got round to watching it last night, I hadn't been too enthused by some of the reviews i've heard/seen about it! So basically, I wasn't expecting too much..!

    It was Fantastic!

    Thing is about this film, is because Ricky is 'comedy', I reckon most people expected a full on comedy film. It definitely had comedy, which is great, but it also had some of the most moving scenes of a film i think i've ever seen. (You who have watched it, will surely know the parts i mean). It's a keeper for me, and have to say, i will be watching it again very soon.!

    Greg and Tea excellent too!

    Watch it! Sooooo worth it! (e'e)

  7.  L-O-V-E-L-Y !


    Agree wholeheartedly with the other 2 reviews here! This story was gorgeous! To see how Darcy changed her 'ways' was lovely! I was hooked the minute I picked it up, finished within few days! Would suggest reading Something borrowed first to get whole picture! Great book too..

    Loved it! Read it!


  8.  F~U~N~N~Y !!


    This was brilliant! Hilarious laugh out-loud! Even more so than '50 Ways' which was great! Crackin' story too - (Rachel speech bit beautiful..)! Love this author! Looking forward to next book....

    Outstandingly hilariously funny!

    Read It ! ....

  9.  Brilliant!


    This is a classic! It's a Keeper in my opinion, and in my dvd collection! Very funny 80s movie - watch!


  10.  Very witty !


    Enjoyed this book very much, there were some very witty, laugh out loud moments. Am gona check out other books by this author! Hopefully will be as pleased with them!

    Read it!