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  1.  Favorite Christmas album


    This is the Christmas album I always listen to every year.
    Her voice is calm and soothing so you can have it as background music while baking christmas cookies or whatever you want to do :)

  2.  Really really good!


    I read this book within a few days, I just could not put it down. From the very first page it captured me with all the drama. Getting closer to the end I began to get tired of all the ups and downs, but not enough for me to put the book down, I still could not get myself to put the book down.
    When I was halfway in the book, which did not take long, I hurried up and ordered the other book, Walking Disaster, which I am now waiting for to arrive. I look forward to reading that one, it is an interesting way of doing it, writing one book from the girls point of view and the other book from the boys point of view.

  3.  A must read for women


    I read this book before I was a big reader, but I loved it.
    It is an amazing story of overcoming the most basic challenges in life, but challenges that can be all consuming because they cover such basic needs. I have read the book again, and I have watched the movie with Julia Roberts (read the book first, then see the movie). The movie is good but there are some points that lack in it, but I find in this case that it is good to combine the two. It is life affirming, it has great points that are good to remember in life, and it is a story of love; Love of yourself and love in life. I made my mother and my mother in law read the book, and they both loved it too. Must read for women :)

  4.  An unexpected favorite


    When i first started reading this book, i really thought about putting it back on my shelf. The writing is very british english, which can be a bit difficult in some of the wording used.
    But! I kept on reading and very quickly i could not put the book down. The story is really good and without saying too much, i can say that i cried more than i ever had, when i was reading this book. For those looking for a good lovestory, heartbreak, drama, and so on, just buy this book and read it

  5.  A really great story


    I was a bit scared off in the beginning of this book by all of the foreign words and names, but I decided to give it a shot. Im glad I did as the book is really great. The storytelling is a bit different as to what I am used to, but it worked well in this book. The story is heartbreaking but so lovely, I could easily read the book again at some point.

  6.  A really great book


    I just finished reading this book and in the last few chapters I couldnt stop crying, and Im usually not big on the crying thing. There is a lot going on in the book and a many details to keep it interesting (so much is left out in the movie, which I unfortunately just watched). A highly recommended book.

  7.  Did they bother to read the book?


    I just finished reading the book and decided to give the movie a try - BIG mistake! I am not sure the people creating the movie even read the book. They rush through everything, leave out really important details or mix them up and I am sorry but the acting is really poor too. Do not watch the movie if you have read the book and thought the book was good.

  8.  No morals and nothing like 50 Shades


    I'm getting pretty tired of the line "If you liked 50 Shades of Grey, you'll love this book". I have read 2 different books now with that line, where that's far from being the case.
    Well the woman in this book is cheating on her husband while he's watching the kids, which to me is a giant turn off all around.
    I'll be honest and say that I've stopped reading halfway through the book because I simply don't get it.

  9.  A dirty version of 50 Shades


    I read the 50 Shades of Grey triology and loved it (loved the humor in those books). This is a more dirty and explicit version of 50 Shades. The setup is so much like 50 the first half of the book felt like a copy but with much more sexscenes and more explicit words.
    Anyway the story is alright once you get past that. When you get to the actual story between the two lovers, there are more twists in their stories.

  10.  Great book trilogy


    I usually don't read this type of lovestory romance, but I really did love theese books. It's a great lovestory with lots of drama.
    I recomend it highly to others.