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  1.  Decent-ish


    Certainly one of the best dance CDs out there at the moment, but I have some mixed opinions about this one. The good thing is that because this is a DJ album a different person is used for each individual track - definately promising variety there then as you're not really sure of what you are going to expect for that next track. For the most part Basement Jaxx: The singles is pretty darn addictive, you'll find yourself tapping your foot or dancing about to this lively album. However, I can't help feeling that a couple of the singles put on here were purely done so to fill up space. It is these tracks that sem to be guilty of the crime of repetetivity so bad it's annoying - my most disliked single is "Rendez-vu"... repeat the line "Let's make a Rendez-vu" and you've pretty much got an idea of how that song goes. Some of you might also skip past "Samba magic" if you don't like the idea of a track without lyrics. Overall though, Basement Jaxx is pretty decent dance mix that you should consider buying if you can get hold of it for a cheap price. "Basement Jaxx: The singles" seems to be about one thing - dance. And that's what it really is, perhaps because of its nature the purpose of using it in a club or at a party is so point-blank obvious. So, if this sounds like your thing, Basement Jaxx is for you.

  2.  At least, someone decent has come out of a tv competition!


    Always having the opinion that most artists that came from a reality TV show had little talent and dissapeared off of the face of the Earth after a few weeks; my view was spectacuarly revoked when out of American Idol came Kelly Klarkson.
    'Breakaway' is currently (and probably will be for a long time to come) one of my all-time favourite albums, and is the first where I have loved each and every track on the CD. Taking a more mature (and obviously, a lot more successfull) turn in her style of music since her last abum, 'Breakaway' sees the likes of favourites such as "Since you've been gone", "Behind these Hazel eyes" and of course "Breakaway" which gives the album's title. These are only just some of the best songs on here and I'm sure you'll enjoy many more of them. In vocalist respects I feel Kelly has a beautiful and refreshing voice; the good thing about this album is that the songs are pretty varied to suit your mood - songs such as "Gone" when you're feeling a bit more lively, and calmer ones such as "Breakaway" which are significantly a lot more, perfect to chill out to after a hard day then.
    Of course, there are a couple of songs that aren't as good as the others, they aren't bad per say, just don't compare to whatever your favourite songs on the album are. But which album doesn't experience this? You're always going to get the lesser-known bands on a music disk, especially because they usually become forgotten about after you've repeatedly skimmed thorugh to listen to your favourite tracks over and over again. So it's impossible to expect each and every single track to be 100% perfect... after that's what favourites are for right?
    The extra tracks included as a bonus make a nice touch and ensure the CD keeps your interest longer, especially "Beautiful Disaster". Even after you listen to this album a lot, you won't tire of it because when you come back to it it's a pure gem. Great stuff!

  3.  delightfully controversial


    GTA:SA is the fifth instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series, and has come a long way since that bird's-eye-view simple driving game perspective. Playing the role of Carl Johnson, gangster wannabe, after you find out your mother has been murdered you are forced to come out of hiding in Liberty City and return to your home state San Andreas. Once being part of a gang called "Grove Street", Carl's aim is to build up this once powerful gang, find out who killed his mother, and ultimately take control, of the streets of SA.
    San Andreas is HUGE, and I do not exaggerate when I say this. It consists of 3 areas: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas (spin-offs of Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Las Vegas), each of which are huge and boast many things to do.
    Game-play is the sole aspect of GTA:SA. The missions themselves are great and range from tasks such as infiltrating an huge army tanker and stealing a fighter-jet to using a combine harvester in a hillbilly farm to mince up the opponents! GTA:SA is a hard style to describe, but it seems a cross between stealth sections to full-out extremism. Fans of violence will not be disappointed, there are plenty of guns to put holes into victims, plenty of grenades to explode things, and plenty of vehicles to take if you fancy them. Even after you've completed the missions the fun doesn't stop there, no GTA:SA is such a mammoth of a game that it will take ages to complete and even after a year you'll probably still be playing regularly like me. Since GTA:SA is such a free-roaming game you'll free that you really can do whatever you want, whenever you want. After all, where else would you get the chance to knee a hapless thug in his private parts, and then shatter his skull with a baseball bat? Highlights of extra activities include gambling, a range of schools such as flying, driving and motorbike schools), recruiting members of Grove Street for hardcore gang wars, and various car stunts and drive-byes that you can perform.
    Graphics I'll keep pretty short. GTA:SA has more of a cartoon feel to it visually, which is probably why we don't take the fact we've just blown someone's head off with a shotgun seriously. The good thing about GTA is that since it doesn't over-dramatise the death, we an laugh at it. GTA has some impressive graphics though such as that everything has its own physics engine. The fact you are surrounded by walking, talking civilians makes the feel of a living and breathing society more believable. I also love the different looks of each area which gives it a different characteristic - the orange and sun-bathed streets of the urban Los Santos, the metropolis of San Fierro, and the blazing neon lights and Elvis impersonators of the hectic Las Venturas. Bloodied footsteps after trampling over someone's dead corpse, the shimmer of light on the ocean and day/night affects are also a nice touch.
    Sound plays like a dream. he real key are the radio stations. This ensures that you'll be happy whatever your taste whether it be classical music, rock or even a country folk station with a psychotic host.
    In Conclusion GTA:SA does everything we want, and to be honest it couldn't do a lot more. If I could sum up this beauty n a few rods: Best..game... EVER! If killing sprees are exciting action are your thing, this is THE game for you. However violence is not your thing don't bother buying. With this and various sex and drug references, this is NOT for a child to play.

  4.  An ingenious combination of shooter & strategy


    I'll explain quickly I've never played any other starfox game, so this'll provide a good viewpoint for someone who is unfamiliar with/never played the series. STORY: You play Fox McCloud, leader of the fighter squadron Team Fox. In a nutshell the story explains how after Fox McCloud defeated Dr.Andross (previous head bad guy of other starfox games) the team disbanded. They must now reunite as a new enemy called the Angler now launches waves of attacks from planet venom. CONTROLS: First thing you'll notice is you control your fighter ship via stylus, the d-pad and A/B/X/Y buttons well..shoot. I have to admit, it felt a bit weird at first but you get used it surprisingly quick. Star Fox should definitely be commended for this originality and really takes advantage of the NDS' touch aspects more than any other game I've seen, makes the game feel much more interactive eg. stroking the stylus back and forward across the screen sends your ship into a barrel roll. Cool huh? GAMEPLAY: Most interesting thing is Starfox combines strategy and good classical shooting. At the start of each mission the Great Fox ship (doesn't move, but launches all the fighters) any fighters you have, and any enemies (that are visible, some are hidden in "fog" in later levels) are mapped out onto a birds-eye-view terrain. You must draw a flight route from the chosen fighter using your stylus (since you have limited "fuel" you can only draw so far) to use up a turn. At the end of each turn all enemies and your own fighter moves, so if an enemy hits the great Fox its mission over. The aim is to intercept groups of enemy fighters. If you do a little window pops up showing the number of enemies (the whole thing's very well presented) and you jump straight into 3rd-person battleship perspective. Not really much to explain about this part, it's basically classical shoot-all-you-see. There are a number of items to generate by flying through a hoop (eg health, fuel) and because barrel rolling (apparently) generates a magnetic field you can suck in nearby goodies. A number of enemies reveal cores when killed, and a certain number are required to end the battle. Killing all enemies in a battle gains you bonuses like a missile for the Great Fox which can shoot down bad guys. After killing all the little enemy ships you then take on the enemy base, at the end of which you must try and bring down the mothership, by flying through beacons and then barrelrolling into the ship at the end. But this happens EVERY mission; so the main problem of Star Fox is it gets very repetitive, luckily though half the time you are so happy flying around and shooting stuff you don't really care as much as you should. Good thing though is as you progress you gain more characters for the team each with their own vantages eg Fox has target lock, Slippy more bombs. GRAPHICS: 3D, so everything's looking all crisp and nice. Terrains are mostly detailed too eg like corneria's cities. However some can be pretty bland for instance one is just red sky, and enemies sometimes pop-up out of the background. SOUND: Nothing to really complain about here, all music sounds heroic and generally classic. Coolest thing is the characters all speak in a garbled language, and you can actually record your voice on the DS and implement it into the character's speech! LASTABLILITY: Very beefy cart - 9 endings for single player, multiplayer mode and Wi-Fi though at the moment really only U.S people/ importers have it.