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  1.  1 star is generous


    Absolutely awful! Theres not much more to say, low budget, bad acting just an all round bad film. Bought it on the strength of the rewiew, it sounds good, but really i would rather watch a songs of praise 3 hour special, twice. Quite possibly the worst film iv ever had the displeasure of watching

  2.  Review doesnt do it justice


    Saw this film at the cinema last night, and the review really doesnt give it the credit it deserves. The film centres around a group of the 'popular' kids in a secondary school in the uk, everyone will recognise these so called cool kids from their own class. They are basically bullies but i cant really say much more without spoiling the film. This is a must see for anyone who has been bullied, the ones doing the bullying should see this too, It might make you realise the harm your little 'fun games' really cause. Great film

  3.  Had me hooked


    Watched this on tv last week and having watched all of sarah waters adaptaions expected thrilling viewing. I wasnt dissapointed. I have already read the book, which in my opinion cant be beaten, but this story is full of twists and turns, and had me glued to the tv. Brilliantly acted and written sarah waters is a genius. You have to really watch and pay attention though, its not the type of film you can leave half way through and pick up again. Buy it!

  4.  Magical!


    You really cant go wrong with these books they are absolutely amazing, whatever age you are these books fill you with warmth, I have read each book 5 times to date (the philosophers stone , chamber of secrets and prizoner of azkaban 6 times, im working my way back round!) I dont get bored and have yet to meet anyone that has. I am 21, always been a book fan but these are some of the best stories iv ever read, puts Dahl and Blyton in the shade in my opinion. Real classics!

  5.  long live kurt


    awesome shirt only paid a fiver buy it great fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6.  Outstanding!


    Just finished watching this masterpeice about a family discriminated against because of their religious beleifs. The writing and acting is fantastic. A real touching story that revolves around a young girl and her perspective about live for jews in the 30s-40s. Its hard to beleive people were treated in this in-humane way by other human beings. Fantastic film, really makes you think how lucky and priveledged we really are. Definately worth the 4quid i paid for it, allow over three hours worth of un interupted veiwing. Scenes in concentration camps really put things into perspective.

  7.  fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    absolutely brilliant. love story following young nan who falls for stage star kitty butler. buy it.for £4 you cant go wrong, it wont dissapoint. love it

  8.  fantastic


    one of the best films i have seen in a long time, its not quite girls night with brenda blethyn and julie walters but almost. it is a very heart warming story and brenda is fantasic as usual watch it, youll love it.