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  1.  Daft, gruesome and totally great!


    Hot chicks, Highway hijinx, car based carnage and Kurt Russel in outstandng form. What more do you need!?

    I've heard severall people speak about how they felt that the film had too much chat, but at no point did I think that it dragged.

    The action sequences are superb, (real edge of the seat stuff) and once again QT has opted for feisty female leads who more than hold their own against Russels demonic cackling madman.

    Stunt man Mike is an instant classic anti hero superbly played by Russel in his best role since escape from New York.

    QT throws us the usual in jokes and references and sadly a slightly poorly acted role as the bar tender but that is my only gripe with this picture.

    If you go into this movie expecting Shakespeare then you are going to be disapointed. If you go into this movie with an open mind then you may just find that it blows your socks off.

    Just remember to fasten your seatbelt...

  2.  Great fun but its no Mario Kart


    Took a while to get used to 'Steering' with the Wiimote but once we'd got the hang of this the game is great fun.

    Fast, Frantic and Fun its well worth a go but only if you don't expect the realism of PGR or GTR.

  3.  Sorry guys I really really wanted to like this, but it blows


    Stood in the shop last friday trying to decide whether to buy a Wii or not, a child came in and started looking at the Wii games. I asked him whether I should get one and he excitidly said yeah. He also informed me that 'In spiderman 3 you can actually shoot the webs like he does in the film' with a flick of the wrist.

    Being a fan of spiderman, I was sold. I got myself a Wii + Wii sports, Wii Play, Tiger Woods and Spiderman.

    Now, I also own a 360 which I use for games such as Fifa and COD3 which I know has a massive advantage in the graphics front but I didn't buy a Wii for the graphics. I bought it for the new style of game play.

    Wii sports - Great. Wii play - Pointless Tiger Woods - Fun.

    Enough about them, onto Spiderman. I've just traded it in at the shop after owning it for little over a week.

    I wanted to love this game so much but sorry it ain't good.
    Game play is limited to three moves, the graphics are hopeless. The dialogue is dreary. The only thing that is of any note is using the wii remote movements to fire your web but even this is wildly innacurate and gets old after about ten minutes.

    This game is so incredibly dull that I would steer well clear of it.

    It left me feeling like a mug for buying into another rushed and undeveloped franchise game.

    Total tosh.