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  1.  Visually.. Stunning.. And Its A Bookmark ?


    Wow.. I Recieved This Through The Post This Morning, Packaged Extremley Well By Play.com I Must Add.. My Reason For Buying Was I Have Purchased Eclipse And Breaking Dawn For My Girlfriend For Xmas And Thought This Would Be A Nice Little Extra And It Really Is Top Quality Twilight Merchandise.. Really Do Buy It, Great Price Aswell !!

  2.  You Gotta Love Cordens Outbursts !!!!


    H.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s !!!
    From start.....to finish this had me laughing all the way through.. The storyline is what you expect from the gavin and stacey pair.. Beer..sex.. And girls, and this film is full of all of it with a twist the girls aren't looking for anything other than to suck the life out of you... Not at all a scary film so dont be put off by that but a pure comedy !! And honestly cordens 1 liners nearly made me wet myself !!! So if you want a night in and a film that you will laugh the whole way through.... Then buy this !!!

  3.  Outstanding..Magical A Real Sucess !!! *****


    Wow.. This film is amazing its definately one of the few dvd's i would reccomend in your dvd collection.. I hadnt wathced it till a few months ago untill my girlfriend and i saw the trailer for the saga..new moon in cinema so i came straight home and ordered it, on the first time i ever wathced it i was unsure what to expect.. I knew the reviews were great !! So we watched from start to end as the magic unfolded before our very eyes "it feels so low-budget but cathrine hardwicke had made every word in the film stick in my mind...all the actors/actresses are superb my favourites.. Edward, bella and alice i'm super psyked about going to watch (new moon) this weekend as i'm sure it will delve more into the world of the quilete legends and hopefully see some real money thrown into this film with effects that will blow your mind !!! I have to add i purchsed twilight and the saga on book for my girlfriend on the weekend.. She dug straight into number 2 and has already finished but i refuse to submit and ask her the storylines.. And i strated number 1 after watching the films 5 times already i must quote that the book is enchanting and breathtaking the imaginativity and creative mind of stephanie meyer gives you a twisted and stronger perspective on the film we all love !!

  4.  Eclispe..Dirt Track... 165Mph :D


    Ive Just Preordered My Copy Of Colin McRae DiRt 2 !! After Playing The Demo .. Downloaded From Ps3 Strore, At First I Wasnt Convinced As Every Corner My Mitsubushi Eclipse Rally Was Flying Into Tree's And Smashing Into Rocks With Stunning Visual And Damage Graphics !! But After Playing It A Few Times And Timing The Corners And Doing 165mph Round The Superbly Designed Tracks.. All I Wanted To Do Is Buy :D Yeah Sure Its One Car One Track On The Demo But Download For Yourself , Its Taken Rally Driving Ps3 Realsim .. To The Next Level Going To Be A Huge Competion For The Upcoming Nfs Shift !!

  5.  The Games Are Still Going !!!


    Mixed feelings about number 5 .... Ive always been a huge fan of the saw franchise and have pre-ordered 1-4 so i owned them on the release !! I didnt know what to expect on this one with the loss of jigsaw .. But maybe didnt want the whole in depth storyline of how the legend of jigsaw was created!! I think its still an awsome followup with some great gore and cringing moments .. If your not a saw fan then buy this then you may aswell skip 1-4 as you will be as upto date as me !! Still a must buy and bring on the number 6 .... What a fantastic ending :-) really suprised me !!

  6.  Because You Were Home !!!


    I watched this in a packed out cinema on the premiere ... And it had the lads screaming ?? Lol it has jumpy moments and also some gore !! A must watch with your girlfriend as she's hiding behind you the whole movie .... Really unexpected storyline great horror/thriller !!

  7.  "Praise Be To Allah"!!!


    "My style is impetuous.... My defense is impregnable .., i'm just ferocious... I want your heart !!! I'll eat your chlidren ... Praise be to allah!!!!" this is a must have for any mike tyson fan !!! Ya gotta give the man his respect for all the anger and ferocity he brings in the boxing ring this dvd definately shows the sife of him that we all learned to love !!!!! Tyson you legend .......

  8.  Better Than Pro-Street !!!!!`


    Not bad ... Not bad !!! The game's focused a lot more on the actual control of the car and much better than pro-street what a cock-up that was ... Storyline's pretty decent and a great choice of cars just annoyed me that i got my bugatti having completed 90%+ would have loved more time to race with it but having said that ... Theyve reintroduced the "free roam feature" which makes this game that little bit more enjoyable !! =D .. Buy buy buy

  9.  LeOnA Is aMaZiNg !!!!


    Placed a bet on leona in the bootcamp stages of her victory !! Which presented a nice little result for me !!!!
    She's truly great ..... Its not very often that i could listen to every song on the album and enjoy there's obviously standouts ...... (Run/bleeding love/a moment like this) there all class am gonna follow this girl through her career she can only improve =)

  10.  Ready .... Ready !!!! Fight .,.....


    Best boxing game so far i really cant wait for round 4 as its introducing more realism to the punch control !! As punches can be missed ...... Lets be honest anytime you can control the outcome between a fight lets say between calzaghe and mayweather cant be bad bring on round 4 !!!