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  1.  The nearest run thing you ever saw in your life.


    A very good historical strategy game. This game for most part is about destroying the enemy to win the day. There are other objectives of course but this is the main thing. There are several modes to play with, Campaign sees you in a story mode where you play through maps in order to win. Skirmish is basically you against the enemy, including set peice battles and there is a new mode where you pick a side and litterally battle across europe in a mixture of turn based and real time strategy.

    It is very historically acurate but it has a lot of factors that take time to get used to: morale, formations and resources. The other major downside is that it gets very repetitive and can be quite difficult.

    Graphically the environment is good and units have a good level of detail. Lots of gunfire and shouting for the audio aspects to accompany the background music. The gameplay will be hard at first, gets easyier with practice and large scale battles are very good. Playability wise depends on the person playing but it should give a good experience and can be picked up after not playing it for a bit.

    A good game but tailored more to stategy game players with experience.

    Graphics: 7/10 Sound: 7/10
    Gameplay: 7/10 Playability: 6/10

  2.  There's even more to catch - A MUST HAVE game


    If this is your first pokemon game then you have picked a good one to start with. If you already have the others then this is a MUST to add to the collection.
    Saphire is one of those games where you start to play it and have a hard time putting it down. The game involves travelling around with a pokemon, catching more and training them up so that they can beat gym leaders (bosses). Once that is done you have to beat the elite 4 to become the champ. The game doesnt end there as there are a number of side quests and goals to accomplish - contests, battle tower and of course ya 'gotta catch em all'.
    Graphically the environments are fantastic and the battle scenes are great. There seems to have been a lot of work on the sound and it is very pleasing to the ears. Gameplay is easy and there is always something to do and when (eventually) you complete everything there is multiplayer options aswell. Due to the nature of the game you will find it hard to put down and will be on it for weeks before you even get a thought about being bored of it. The playability and longevity of the game is amazing.

    The only downside would be that the story is the same as the other games - collect badges, defeat evil team, become champ.

    Great for newbies and there is so much for people who have previous versions it is a MUST HAVE.

    Graphics: 10/10 Sound: 9/10
    Gameplay: 10/10 Playability: 10/10

  3.  Raise Sheilds Arm Phasers


    To start with this game is awesome. One for the fans. It has a fantastic uniqueness which is that there are no other Star Trek games like this around and on the Wii.
    The main point of the game is to build your fleets based around admirals and conquer the galaxy in turn based strategy. The game play aspect is a bit repetitive but there are several ways to conduct combat and controlling the ships is great. The graphics and sound are great which give you the feeling you are in the battle. Another great thing about the game is that it involves actual ships, weapons, planets and characters throughout the Star Trek legacy.

    The downside is that after a while you find yourself doing what you have done before. Due to it being turn based it can drag on quite a bit and at times it may seem like no progress is being made.

    Overall a very good game. More so for Fans of Star Trek and strategy games but it does have a slight universal appeal to it.

    Graphics: 8/10 Sound: 7/10
    Gameplay: 8/10 Playability: 7/10

  4.  Tiny racing can be fun


    Micro Machines V4 is one of those O.K games that will be a sort of filler to your game collection. For those who have owned previous Micro Machine games it is worth adding to the collection but do not expect to much.

    The game involves a lot of racing around tracks but sometimes you have to win by being first across the line other times its about scoring points to win. There are weapons to help along the way and a variety of tracks each filled with hazards will keep you racing for a while. One nice element is that you unlock collections of cars which you can use to race with.

    Graphics wise the game does have a nice look to it - backgrounds, moving objects, car models etc... but don't expect to much. The sounds in the game are not exactly masterpeices but they are nice. Although there are several modes like time trials and races after a while of playing it becomes very repetitive. Playability wise you will find it a game where you can play it, leave it and comeback to it easily - although you might find you don't play on it as long.

    A good enjoyable game worth having but do not expect a masterpeice.

    Graphics: 7/10 Sound: 6/10
    Gameplay: 6/10 Playability: 7/10

  5.  Fantastic


    First of all I have to say this game is excellent. Secondly this is a LOT different from the P.C versions so don't expect the same - Its turn based.

    The game has you playing as a perticular side where you have to complete a variety of different missions usually by brute force. You collect resources, build towns and research new technologies and ages enabling you to build a variety of different units which you use to complete the main mission goal(s) and optional goals as well. Each civilization has a unique unit and all civilizations look different.
    The graphics are good and the maps have a variety of terrain which is clearly shown. The sound is a bit boring with the same few effects but does add a nice touch to the fight sequences. The actual gameplay is easy to get the hang of and does require some planning. The playability of the game will have you playing for a long time and even when you stop you will want to play some more. If you leave the game alone for a month or two you will find it a nice game to just pick up and play.

    Overall I have nothing but praise for the game.

    Graphics: 8/10 Gameplay: 8/10
    Sound: 5/10 Playability: 10/10