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  1.  This will become a CLASSIC , BEAUTIFUL... BUY IT


    What a joy. Such beauty and a great story ... Disney has alot to learn from films like this. Basic plot plants have had enough and attack man , in the future; we as human must obey the rules the
    Forest has set as it controls our water supply. However when our hero finds a cryogentically frozen girl... The past and present begin to clash and so the story progressess. Great film and i mean film not just a cartoon. Buy it you wont regret it.

  2.  A REAL TV SERIES GEM in a sea of trash


    Victoria Wood is a true classic of Britsh Comedy, This series ONLY had a 2 year prduction,Unlike some other comedy series that keep running till they have become PAINFUL to watch, as they lose their humour. This is FRESH and GENTLE, rib tickerling ...thought provoking but Mostly incrediabley FUNNY. DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY THIS SERIES .

  3.  FINALLY Walt Disney makes fun of its self....


    ... and OH ! it has been worth the wait. Disney for many many years have found themseves the BUTT of many other cartoon / real film makers JOKES because of their slightly and excuse me for saying, better than anyone else attitude ... AT LAST They have grown up and released a film that makes FUN of Themselves. I laughted out loud at the cross referencing to other Disney Films and other Cartoons, Great lines and Fantastic film .... A FUN FUN FILM.... This will be a classic because it was the first time for DIsney thats why only 4 not 5 ... BUY this you wont regret it... watch it and JUST LAUGH....

  4.  Defining Ghost Stories in FILM


    As the other reviewers have said.... Truely in my mind the best genuine (sitting around the campfire) Scary film... as you should in all good ghost stories, you see NOTHING but the camera angles and your imagination does it all... AND more. MAGNIFICIENT and WONDERFUL and why cant ALL horror movies be made this way, with out selling out to blood / gore and violence, Probably because their stories are so weak ....OWN This ...Brilliant.

  5.  Maltapete


    What an incredible SHAME... how sad that the amazing WIT, Humour and intellegence of Mr Adams BOOKS can be turned into such a AWFUL reproduction, Totally Changed characters, badly acted and it missed the point totally ... This Film was like CUTTING all the Romans out of the Life Of Brian . DONT OWN THIS get the ORIGINAL Series made for TV ,1000 times better.

  6.  Good ... BUT


    This is a good Americanisation of a very EXCELLENT French film. It will fulfull sterotypes for certain people ... corny but reasonably done with a good message against Bigatory and Prejudice. However the Original is in my collection but not this... that should speak volumes.

  7.  Cry my shoulders went... effects me even now FANTASTIC


    When The Colour Purple was released in the Cinema, I cried so MUCH...It took me nearly 15 minutes to pull myself together at the end of this film. Now at least I wail in my own Home with this DVD!!! (Not as embaressing) This is real superb acting, The music keeps you jumpin and Whoopi is a Gem. This film is about how People treat each other- it makes you realise how lucky you are in your comfortable chair. The fact that HOPE can live in the DARK and to have the strengh to RISE above it all and scream I'M ALIVE . Fantastic This film should be in everyones collection truely a MASTERPIECE ...GREAT. thank you Spielberg