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  1.  MOH not COD


    Why do so many people slate this game due to length of the single player or the multiplayer isnt like COD. It really gets on my nerves if your a COD fan boy then leave MOH alone simple don't like it then don't keep it. I'm really enyoing the whole game so far with the bonus of the done up old school MOH in HD aswell. Its a great little package and so realistic too! Stop slating this game making it out to be like COD when its not! It is its own game. Stop comparing it to other FPS. Its a must have at the price of 17.99

  2.  Flesh ripping fun


    I disagree with the previous review the graphics arnt bad they are like a comic book, sound effects are good music is also good. There are some bugs or glitches not many tbh and they will be fixed soon. Enemy's are sometimes tough and annoying but you do forgive it for being so. Lots of checkpoints even half way through giant boss battles which is never in games these days. Overall a nice package and a welcome for another splatterhouse game some minor things for such a fun game.

    Graphics: 8/10 comic style with a touch of realism too
    sound: 8/10 decent metal music from popular metal bands
    Gameplay: 7/10 Can be sluggish at times but not much

    Also has the first 3 original splatterhouse games to unlock too!

  3.  Final Fantasy at its best!


    I agree with the review before me stop comparing this final fantasy to other final fantasy's each final fantasy is new and refreshing never the same story or layout and that goes for final fantasy xiii too. yeah there might not be any shops, towns or citys to explore but why care when your surrounded by beautiful enviroments? the graphics are the best ive ever seen so far for an xbox 360 game and the storyline is strong and keeps you playing. it gets you addicted. im a final fantasy fan too it's what got me into RPGs and im blown away with this new one so stop complaining about trival things that it has and hasnt got. if you like/love RPG games and are interested in the final fantasy games then this is a must have graphics, gameplay, story are all amazing you will be hooked on this game for months maybe years to come :) its refreshing to see that final fantasy is atlast back on the scene again with this masterpiece!