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  1.  Good quality tshirt misleading product picture


    As I said in the title, thetshirt quality is good, size seems to be right (xxl) print also seems high quality...but that is where the misleading product picture comes in...

    The House Targaryen sigil is the wrong way round, the dragons should be facing left (or your right arm when wearing) but they are facing right (left arm when wearing) as you can see from the product picture it is the correct way round so I'm not sure if this is just a mistake while printing or if it is a way to get around official design (the official design has white teeth and claws, but at least that isn't in the product picture)

    But after saying all that, I'm ok with it, as the price was low enough, and it's something that most people won't notice, just wanted to make people aware on here.

  2.  An excellent powerful system for a brilliant price


    I've had this system for a while now, and it's just excellent, the only downside is when you first see the lack of connections on the back...but once you figure out that you don't actually need phono in (as there is a jack input on the front (which is more or less the same, plus you can find cheap phono to jack leads in most places) you have HDMI (which works as the main connection point (If you have a TV with HDMI input...I don't just yet...but my uncle does and I set his up) His now plays whatever sound is coming through from the TV...and if a HDMI source is plugged into the TV it will act asa pass through, which is great, no more worrying about multiple leads (like we used to have to do with Scart's...(always hated scarts...though I'm still using them :(...old tv)

    anyway, back on to the system, there is also an Optical input, which is the best way to hook up your PS3 or XBOX 360 (I have both) it's quite easy just switching between 360 and the PS3 by just changing the lead over from console to console...if you don't want to keep doing that then you may want to look into buying an optical switch (think they are on here, and not that expensive either) sound quality is amazing, when I first heard my Uncles system I thought...that must have cost over £300...when I got home and checked I was amazed to see it was only around £150
    (we had "Predator" playing as a tester...the walls and floor shook it was brilliant :D)

    Bass is also just something you have to experience for yourself...you would be glad if you had spent over £300 for the bass alone...it's just so rich and deep...you can turn it up or down (I have mine set to (-6db) I know that sounds blasphemous, but trust me...I don't think my neighbours could take it at the full +6db (which is a bit too powerful for my room, I've had a it a few times in the day time when I know people are out...wish I could have it that loud all the time :D) surround is excellent, as you'd expect, and playing games like COD:WAW, and Battlefield:Bad Company is just so much fun, especially when hearing the enemies shouting behind you, and beside you...even hearing their footsteps...

    all I can say is buy buy buy (it also upscales DVD's to 1080p...so if you can't afford a blu ray player at this time, and own a 1080p TV this is the perfect system for you...and it's nice and cheap...:D


  3.  hmmm...not what I was expecting


    Ok, so the films are great, they've been released in every format ever available...(give or take) you'd have thought that a release like this in the year 2008 would have been the best of the best...well...i'm sad to say...i'm slightly let down, now don't get me wrong, i love this trilogy (and only this trilogy...let's not talk about those other 3 in the series)
    Firstly why the hell is this box set in a closed card box with slim amaray cases inside? It's quite annoying having a box which you have to open up to slide out the film you want, (i guess that's why it's only £17.99)

    What i don't understand about this release is the lack of features, ok you get the usual commentary track, but what got the most was the lack of a 5.1 soundtrack for the original theatrical version, that was quite shocking when i looked at the back of the box today (when it arrived) i don't understand the idea of releasing a trilogy box set (millions of years later) and not giving the original versions the same dedication as the remastered versions, you can always have the 2.0 soundtrack with a 5.1 soundtrack...and on to the 5.1 thx sound quality...i haven't watched the films in full yet but had a quick run through earlier...i found that quite a lot of the sound was quite tinny, but then i never had any earlier version of the films on dvd so have no idea what they sounded like before, or if these are the same discs that were in those sets...

    Still, for £17.99 it's not all bad, i would have loved to give this 5 stars but we all know what the films are, so i'm rating the actual box set.


  4.  Nice T-shirt but...


    ok I do love the design on the T-shirt because it's basically a comedy T, and if you wear a jacket over it it can look like you're wearing a tie and jacket underneath :D

    but, the design seems slightly lower on my XL T, meaning the tie ends up around the top of the chest area, looking back at the picture on here I would say it's not that much off, but is noticeable.

    a good T for a reasonable price.

  5.  A great saber...far better than people have said.


    Ok my first Lightsaber was Darth Vaders (A lovely saber, with real metal hilt, nice and heavy) so after getting that one, I decided to order Lukes and Yoda's at the same time :D
    (I'll give a review for Yoda's on that page...I wasn't happy how that one was packaged :()

    but anyway, on to this saber, firstly this was the only one that came in the original Master Replicas warehouse outer box (which I was extremely happy about :) so I knew that the whole thing was in mint condition.

    so now on to the lightsaber itself, firstly you'll notice how light it is, compared to the Vader blade (real metal) the Vader blade in Hilt heavy so is slightly more balanced, the Luke saber is blade heavy, so is not well balanced, but that's not too much of a problem as it makes it easier to spin. now on to that creaking that you have no doubt heard about, it's actually not that bad, I have to say I haven't really noticed it that much, so i don't see it as a problem.

    The sound effects are definitely the best of the 3 sabers I have, I say this, as this saber is the most responsive of the 3, the Vader only has one clash effect, and doesn't repeat it until it has finished playing it, whereas the Luke one will override a clash effect with another clash effect if it is hit again and again, and the least said about the Yoda saber the better...you nearly have to smash it against something to make it clash...which is not good at all.

    a very good saber, probably one of the better ones if you fancy having a duel as the clash will actually work properly.


  6.  Best film of 2008 by far. (yeah I know...it's still early)


    I'll start by saying if you didn't like the film due to the "shaky cam" then you really missed the point, if you saw the trailer and thought "that looks really cool" but were then shocked to find that the film was exactly the same style as that perfect trailer (I've never seen a trailer that had everyone talking about a film that was unknown)

    If however you did not like the film due to plot etc, then that's fine, there are many different tastes in film, there are many films that get Oscars, that really do not deserve them...

    anyway...now that's out of the way, this film is a must see, even if it's just so you can say that you have seen it, it will be a classic in years to come, as it stands it is by far the best cinema experience I've ever had, (and I've been going for 20+ years ;)) a friend of mine liked the film, but had to leave due to the shaky cam, so it might be a good idea to leave it till it comes to DVD...if you suffer from motion sickness (I don't :D)

    anyway, excellent film, nuff said.

    bring on CF2 :)