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  1.  Great hoodie, great price


    I really like this hoodie as it can basically be worn at any time of the year. I am a size 10 and I bought a small which fits nicely. It is made to be fitted so if you want something loose, get a size up. The material is nice and there is a large BENCH. logo on the back at the bottom. For £9.99, it is definatly worth the price!

  2.  Non completable


    This game is OK to play but the graphics arn't that good. Many of the levels are really confusing and I have had to use walkthroughs to help me do it. Near the end of the game is a level which is almost impossible to complete because you can't see what you are doing due to the dodgey camera angles. It isn't an easy game so I found it very annoying when the screen froze during a game. It does this quite a bit. I don't think this game has been very well made and I suggest you don't buy it.

  3.  Very funny movie!


    I love watching this movie and have seen it countless times. It is full of classical funny moments including the popular 'Spiderpig!'. It is a must see movie for people of all ages and definately worth the price!

  4.  Still the best show ever!


    I absolutely love Desperate Housewives and this season may not be as good as the first but it is still full of laughs and mysteries. It is one of those series you can watch again and again and not get bored. I must have watched each episode at least 5 times! If you enjoyed the first series I definately recommend buying this one.

  5.  My favourite show of all time!


    Desperate Housewives is by far the best show ever! It is funny but still has loads of mystery to it! You will get to love all the characters and enjoy solving each of their mysteries. After watching this you will definately want to buy the rest. If you have seen it or you haven't I really do recommend buying it. It is the most addictive series ever!

  6.  Quite easy to complete


    Both me and my brother have this game and he managed to complete it in a week! I haven't yet but I don't really go on it much because I find it quite repetative and boring. You fight loads of pokemon and not alot else. There are lots of places to go and lots of people to meet so its not that bad. Maybe its because i'm a girl but I don't find this game very enjoyable.

  7.  5 STARS!!!


    This game is really awesome. I don't think I have a single fault with it! There are loads of levels so it never gets boring. Once you have completed it, which takes a long time, you can go back collecting more stars to unlock other things. The mini games are also loads of fun themselves. There are so many its like having two games in one! I recommend this highly, its the best game I have and I have over 60!

  8.  Amazing


    I love playing this game. There are loads of different races to try in many different places. You can chose your own character and even the vehicle they race in. You can change the difficulty of the game to make it more of a challenge. I really like racing against other people using the muliplayer feature. Everyone has to having a racing game and I recommend getting this one. Its super!

  9.  I enjoy it


    I really like playing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. There are loads of different missions to do and lots of classes to attend. It can get a bit annoying with all the travelling you have to do, but I like running up and down the moving staircases. I think it would be very boring if you just zapped yourself to various places. The school is huge and there are loads of different places to go to. The missions arn't that easy so it doesn't get boring. I don't know what the other reviewers are saying because I think it is a fantastic game. The camera angles can be annoying but I wouldn't have that put you off the game.

  10.  A really enjoyable little game


    I really like this game and I find you can grow quite attached to your little hamster. Its great if your parents won't allow you to have one in real life! You get to do all the usual things like feed and clean your hamster as well as play loads of mini games with them and teach them tricks. The more you play the bigger your hamster gets and the more you can do with them. This game is great especially for kids but I think adults could enjoy it to.