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  1.  brill game its extreamly hard to get the hang of


    At first i didnt realy like it because i was rubbish but when i got the hang i have started to realy enjoy it now i have bought 6 cars and unlocked 7

  2.  brillant


    I played on another stronghold game 4 years ago so when i saw this i had to buy it . I love it i cant stop playing and i have bilt loads of castles and done lots of missions but the best bit is u can go on line

  3.  need for speed a great game


    This game is amazing it has evry thing you could want on it from great control to amazing cars i recomend ity to evry one

  4.  good graphics but really really hard


    I found this game unbelievebly hard near on impossible none of the cars are very good and you always spin on corners not too fun. The reason i give it a 2 star is that you have fun doing donuts an committing suicide over cliffs

  5.  good game overall but a few bad things


    Good race game but the bad thing is that you cannot directly customize cars (like where decals go and stuff) and it gets a bit hard at the end but good as its got lots of challenges, briliant graphics and immense racing!!! Im not usualy into race games but i loved this one!!

  6.  good game i enjoyed it good grafics cool sound


    this game was good in many ways its calenging fun and lots of things to do but now iv complearted it i am board of it the only thing good to do is pirate dice

  7.  yes over all good


    i enjoy geting medels and geting new games u r always good at some and bad at others

  8.  is it that good yes and no


    at first its realy good and so for 6 or 7 months then it gets boaring i dont go on it so if i was u dont buy it

  9.  good or not so good


    this game has a lot of critisisom but if u r into this sort of game its a good buy so it depends on the person wether u buy it or not but this game was not for me but my friend loved it

  10.  cant stop playing :-)


    good game it has a varierty of things to do so if u do a race and u want to do a chalenge u can whith 3 cars and 3 motobikes to chose from u have wide serlecshion the only down side is say u pick mario the cars are only ever so slitghtly diffren but all the same good