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  1.  Refreshing Hip Hop/Rock - Superb!


    This is one of the best albums Ive listened to in a long time and have been listening to this over and over and use this for my gym workout at the moment. Lil Wayne is fire, all brilliant tracks and Drop the World with Em is brilliant but my favourite track has to be Paradice, Unbelievable song. Lil Wayne is a lyrical genius. This will be a massive success and I highly reccomend to all.

  2.  Move aside ISS, you have been officially Relegated!


    I have been a ISS player for the last 10 years plus but for the first time I have been pulled over to FIFA. This years offering is like no previous versions. This is by far the best, i mean BEST, football game I have ever played in my life. Totally addicted and hooked on this game. For those that review the graphics havent improved need eyes testing, the graphics are visually stunning with superb detail on players, teams, kits and stadiums. Manager Mode is fantasic and I have only started this. Music in the game adds real atmosphere and feel and the in game commentary from Andy Gray and Co is superb. There really isnt a bad thing I can say about this game, absolutly awesome. Thank You EA Sports.

  3.  Refreshing and Exhilirating


    I would highly reccomend this album and especially if you love the tune 'Boom Boom Pow', unlike previous review the entire album is built around this song and you will love it. Its a very good album to put on before going out, its upbeat, uplifting and some very catchy tunes. The songs all come from the same concept of 'Boom Boom Pow' and all follow that catcy beat, jazzy sound with a lot of auto-tune. Apart from 'Boom Boom Pow' which is the perfect tune to open this album with there are some superb other tracks notably Meet you halfway, I gotta feeling and alive and Ring a Ling. Highly Reccomend.

  4.  Great Selection


    Has the previous reviewer been asleep for the last 5+ years?? Akon is one of the biggest names in hip hop music and more than warrants a place on this album! Name a hot hip hop song in billboard charts right now and the chance are its Akon, feat akon or produced by Akon! Go and do some research before you try and come off with garbage like that! Current UK Number 1 is Lady GaGa who is on his Akons record Label Konvict Music!

  5.  Best of the series yet!


    Anyone who doesnt give this game a good review, needs to take a good long look at themselves and ask themselves what more they want from a game! This is one the best games i have ever played, only closely matched by Gears of War 2. The graphics are the simply stunning, the storyline is fantastic and the different features within of using tanks, fighter plane make this game 5 Stars. It is one of the most enjoyable games i have ever played and i just want to go back and start again. Brilliant game

  6.  Pink at her best again


    I think the last review did some injustice to the album. Its a typical pink album with a couple of upliftng club bangers but mainly filled with heartfelt, deep and meaningful songs that are simply breathtaking. Pink is a lyrical genius and this album is one of favourites of 2008. Its an album of expression that is saying that she wants to have fun and enjoy life but is deeply hurt by her breakup and generally upset with how people treat one another.

    1. So What - Club Banger - 10/10 - Really catchy tune
    2. Sober - 9/10
    3. I don't believe you - 9.5/10 - One of the best songs on the album, beautiful lyrics and amazing vocals
    4. One foot wrong - 8/10 - Great slower track that fits perfectly on album
    5. Please dont leave me - 9.5/10 - More upbeat song but with heartfelt meaning lyrics that come across powerfully.
    6. Bad Influence - 8/10 - Another catchy tune which should do well in clubs
    7. Funhouse - 9/10 - Title track which may fool people into believing the album is simple going to be uplifting and upbeat. But as soon as you listen to the song and its lyrics it becomes clear what the album is all about. Catchy heartfelt track
    8. Crystal ball - 9.5/10 - Slower track which shows off Pinks amazing vocals and songwriting ability.
    9. Mean - 9.5/10 - Great song showing some home truths which many will relate to and real honesty in her lyrics. One of the best tracks.
    10. Its all your fault - 10/10 - Really catchy song with a title and lyrics that basically sum up what the album is all about.
    11. Ave mary a - 11/10 - The best song on the album without a doubt. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful reminescent of 'Dear Mr President'. Awesome song that I will listen to over and over.
    12. Glitter in the air - 10/10 - Another touch of genius from Pink by ending the album perfectly with this heartfelt moving ballad. A beautiful song which ends the album with a song that typifies what the entire album is about

    Another fantasic album from Pink which is listenable to over and over again and easily merits a 5 Star Rating

  7.  A+ - Awesome Album


    This is a fantastic album with some breathtaking songs and spine chillers, Sex on Fire is massive dancefloor filler whilst my personal favourite on the album is use somebody which is simply unbeatable

  8. Forth


    The Verve - CD

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     Best Album from The Verve Yet... Outstanding


    This album is simply outstanding from start to finish. Its the best Verve Album to date and has a real energy and some great guitar and drum work throughout. Valium Skies and Appalachian Springs have to be my favourite tracks but I found all excellent. One of the best albums I have listened to this year. Superb.

  9. L.A.X.


    The Game - CD

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     One of the Worst 'Hip-Hop' Albums I have ever listened to!


    This is complete garbage! You have been exposed without the production of Dr Dre and 50! This album is laughable! I would have given in 0 Stars but you cant! Awful - Is this album meant to be a joke??