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  1.  When Disney still kept the magic alive.


    For a complete digital restoration, I only currently own Pinocchio... which, like Snow White, is shown in 4:3 and not 16:9. However, to do this, the film would have to be cropped, and therefore would be missing the top and bottom of the image throughout. DVD copies aren't widescreen, just a stretched 4:3 image done by your TV. Bluray discs have the ability to adjust the image for you.

    Think about it... you're expecting people to create work for widescreen from 75-80 years ago? Be realistic.

    As for Snow White, this is a bluray I was at first skeptical about. However, after seeing the work and effort put into Pinocchio and it's features... I shall be purchasing this as soon as possible.

    An era when Disney were still keeping the Magic alive, instead of relying on Pixar to do this for them.

  2.  Times Have Changed, So Has Dwarf, But That's Not A Bad Thing


    Red dwarf finally returned to our screens this easter weekend thanks to the beautiful people over at the ironically named dave. And while some people obviously wanted this 3 part special to be a nostalgic 90's throwback, doug naylor realised that the product had to once again evolve just like it had done several times beforehand.

    Yes the plot is nothing new, and has been done several times [which means league of gentleman was nothing new either!], but dwarf placed their own spin on it, and manged to make a surprisingly epic product with a rather pants budget.

    The future of red dwarf could well lie in the sales of this dvd, so get your mittens pre-ordering, and let's smeggin' well get series x seen quicker than back to earth took yeah?

  3.  Finally, a real Doctor Who replica!


    It's about time the BBC got around to releasing genuine replicas. I've purchased both the sonic and laser screwdrivers when released, and although well made for their price, you still can't get past the fact they're made of plastic.

    Then the "replica" Fob Watch was released, and it was a step too far. A plastic watch?! No thanks. But thankfully the Beeb have realised it didn't make sense, and for the true Whovians have released a fully working replica... minus the chameleon circuit I'd imagine!

    Plus you get a COA signed by the 5th Master himself Mr. Derek Jacobi! Seeing this is one of a mere 1000 globally, what more do you want for what's a fairly reasonable price!

    Now if you excuse me, I'm about to make myself human....

  4.  An Unforgettable Classic


    No films of recent memory, including Disney's themselves, have managed to capture magic quite like Aladdin and it's 2 sequels. And due to popular demand from it's first release, the Aladdin Trilogy has come back with the inclusion of the new Aladdin: Musical Masterpiece version of the original.

    Seeing I wasn't able to get hold of a copy during it's first release, I have snapped this up while I still can. And at just over £25 this is an absolute bargain. An absolute must for the Disney Classics collection in your home for both young and old.