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  1.  Pirates meets the Mummy


    First of all I dont rate this movie 5 stars I actually would give it 4.5 because my out of 10 rating was a 9. So this is actually a 9/10 rating. If you have been let down like myself in previous years from rubbish like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, 2 great games that got made into Movies then this is the game-changer!!!
    The start is brilliant, Mike Newell gives us 5-10 mins of seeing the young Prince as a Orthan boy in the market standing up for his friend who gets stopped by the kings guard for stealing. The king is overwhelmed by the boys courage and takes him under his wing. The movie then goes 15 years on were we see Jake Gylenhall as the youngest of the 3 princes of persia. They invade a city for missing weapons and end up taking a mystical dagger and the beautiful Princess Tamina as there prize, played by the brilliant Gemma Arterton. It is from here the movie really picks up, Im not going to say why, but Prince Dastan (Jake) and Tamina end up running from the kingdom for something they didnt do. The relationship is very similar to the great Han Solo - Leia star wars bickering and keeps the movie flowing nicely. Its during one of these Arguments that Dastan learns the powers of the dagger that he discovered raiding Tamina's city. Releasing the sand from the dagger hilt turns back time by 1 minute, yet only the holder is aware of it. Its from here that Tamina and Dastan must take the dagger to the guardian temple before its stolen by others that want its powers. Thats all I will say on the Synopsis side of it. Graphically the film is supurb, Jerry Bruckheimer really pulls the stops out with the effects team. Support roles from Arterton, Sir Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina are great. And Jake Gylenhall is fantastic as the high flying, all action prince of persia. If you like your films with good action, humour and a gorgeous lead lady in Gemma (My own opinion) then this is definately for you. The scenery of Morocco is lovely and the film never gets slower than 400mph - A summer blockbuster to be proud of - Take note Michael Bay (Transformers) - this is how its really done.

  2.  Too much detail not enough gameplay


    Ok if your real fans of the NFL you will probably appreciate this review if you are just fans of the game you more than likely wont!!
    EA Promised us that we would get a real life experience of the game this year. added features that soon get repeated so much you end up skipping them anyway. by deciding to put so much time into these pointless bits of detail they have neglected what really needed changing: On the field gameplay!!! with the emergence of great def lines you have 0.5 seconds in the pocket before being sacked. But when you play defense the computers QB has about 6 seconds in the pocket - come on were is the fairness?
    They have also now made it very hard to complete plays of 10 yards or more, even if your Tom Brady and you have the weapons he has!!! this is a stupid thing now were defensive backs stick to recievers like magnets.. its pathetic. In real life If randy moss has 1 on 1 coverage and brady has just 2-3 seconds its goodnight defense. Sorry EA you got that wrong as well.
    Im saying this based for gamers who play all pro/ all madden by the way as the other 2 difficulties are too easy. The graphics are solid yet again as expected, but you just feel there is something missing and its the arcady feel to it. The gameplay is on offense far too wooden and on defense far to rushed, you barely get a second to audible/ change player before the snap has been taken. The added "fight for fumble in a pile" now means guess what? MORE FUMBLES... I played 4 games with new england and dropped it 11 times. Now thats ridiculous!!!!

    I will end this basically by leaving 3 good points and 3 bad points.
    good point - Extra detail before the game
    good point - ratings are more accurate
    good point - Madden moments returns

    Bad point - less gameplay oriented
    Bad point - Too many fumbles and Ints
    Bad point - Boring commentary and layout on calling plays

    All in all I am going to remain loyal to 2009 which for me is still the best one on next gen release, EA sports were very smug about this release but after a full day of opening play from me, they have no reason to be. Madden 2010 is a picture of what the NFL looks like, sadly though,,, not how it feels.
    Thanks for reading

  3.  Football Epic


    Denzel Washington, Head Coach, Nooooo

    Well that was my first thought when I heard about this movie. But how wrong was I?
    Set in racist times in america this film is set with high class filming, acting and story. Based on the true life events of 2 rival schools that must combine this film has it all. Friendships, Bust ups, Democracy and above all Courage and Hope.
    When you really delve into what it was like in America during these times you will see just how special an achievement it was in what folds out in this movie.

    Im not going to ruin it for you but personally I would pay £15 for this movie let alone a fiver.....go ahead and buy it, even if you think that american football is for wimps lol. This isnt so much about the football its more about the characters and the way that they become 1. Really a great piece of Courage. Buy this movie!!!

  4.  Im Impressed


    Well i will be the first to admit that i was a bit wary of this louisiana rapper but i must admit after buying this album that im very impressed by it, my favorite song is got money feat t-pain, closely followed by mr carter, and lolipop is just a banging tune...

    The first i heard of this rapper was on destinys child soldier with ti, i then was impressed with his vocals on hello brooklyn 2.0 with jayz on american gangster. And what made me get this album was his chorus part in the best rap song this year - my life by the game feat lil wayne....

    I was a bit worried that he couldnt do a good hip hop album by himself but i was wrong... Good stuff mr wayne...

  5.  Its Still Not The Greatest. Let Me Explain


    First of all im probably going to get bad blood for this seeing as everyone else has put great reviews lol but here goes....

    For gameplay on offense its improved slightly...The fact you only get about 7 audibles is a bit stupid especially if your Peyton Manning for example who has more audibles up his sleeve than play.com has dvds.... Another thing is that when you drop bck to pass your pocket always collapses, what happened to being able to stand tall for 5 seconds??? meaning that if your sacked its at least a 7 yard sack....

    Running the ball out of the shotgun has never been harder, and i dont know if thats a good thing especially considering when I do it on say 2nd and 14 theres no eliment of surprise to it even with 5 wideouts on the field, whats up with that??
    There are some good things though, i mean Tom Brady is rated 99 for once, and slide protection does seem to work better for stretch plays, but other than that on offense no great strides have been taken.

    ON DEFENSE: right first of all is Ladainian Tomlinson always covered in baby oil or something??? You cant bring him down for crying out loud..Oh and AP is almost on that scale...And what is up with tank ass Jamarcus Russell always scrambling and completing passes?? If that was realistic then the Miami Dolphins were the ones who went 16-0 last season!!!! I think stopping the run, no matter what difficulty its on is way too easy, (except LT or AP) but yet defending the pass on defense is really tricky. I mean u can only control 1 defensive player, i tend to be the DEF TACKLE but i swear the computer purpously turn your secondary into a bunch of idiots, i ask myself why is Champ Bailey covering like a 1 legged dog??? Thats the gameplay sorted..

    As for the game modes madden get a huge well done for the madden moments which is terrific fun.. The franchise is the same old cropola were you just win superbowl after superbowl and trade for good free agents.. i did a funny trade actually...im the patriots and before the start of a season i traded my 1st round pick with kansas city straight swap 1st rounder for 1st rounder. Please tell me why would the Chiefs ever do that??? I dont think ea gave the other 31 head coaches a brain in the making of the game...

    Im going to wrap this up by saying if you want a fun, arcady style football game please go ahead and buy it and break even more records with brady and moss, but if its realism and the real smell of turf you are after then leave this game firmly on the shelf because the only realistic thing you get from this is that Brady and Manning are Rated 99, even if it should be 100 lol.

    Anyways its your choice and I just hope you make the right one...as for me Im going to go win a 5th straight bowl with the pats. as mr cadle would say bye for now bye bye

  6.  The Best Is BACK


    In 2007 we got a new album from Kanye West which was a very good album, we also got the 3rd installment from the ever growing bore that is becoming 50 cent....I mean doing songs with JT and your meant to be GANGSTER RAP!!!!! give it a rest fiddy..... Well right now with just 2 weeks to go, the Game is back and early rumours are that this album will be better than his previous outing (Doctors advocate). expect collabarations with NAS and others as the soul carrier of GANGSTER RAP returns.... So forget 50 pence and the dire efforts of last year (exceptions to jay z and T.I.P) Because in the rap world 2008 starts now, the game is out of jail and he is BACK. Look out...

  7.  Its an Average Game


    In all Honesty this game is pretty Average, For Graphics and eveything like that, Its outstanding. For actual gameplay, not so. Anyone who watches The game will know that LeBron James is an outstanding "To the Rim Dunker" On this game it is quite hard to get anywere near it even on the 2nd of 5 difficulty levels. The skill buttons are to complicated and Defensive fouls are to easy to give away. Overall I give this game 3 out of 5, Purely for realism in looks!!!!