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  1.  A Present Returned


    Just Horrible, I know you get what you pay for but I just got fed up of this locking out and freezing meaning lots of hard restarts and re-inputting passwords... and on top of that a touchpad that made the job ten million times worse. sorry for the negativety but I feel these reviews need a bit of balance as my experience of this was so terrible, at the time of my purchase (Nov 10) my choice of pad was limited now there is a greater collection of touchpads you can spend a bit more and get a much better pad. Thanks to Play for prompt response in sorting my return.

  2.  Good cheap surround, average for music


    Bought to replace my old yamaha surround sytem, the DVD was not the main seller but I would agree with the previous comments (Would add I'm not to fussed with the touch control and clunky door). As far as sound goes... well its a lot different than my old system I mainly use this for my ps3 and the surround separation is excellent and far superior, though the Bass can lack a bit. However for music it sounds a bit flat, very clear but no warmth.

  3.  History: Average Battles! - Medieval(ish)


    I did quite enjoy this title though it plays quite basic. The formula is fight a major battle and grind to level up through minor skirmishes to give you additional and improved troops for the next major one. Ignore the video shown,the battles shown appear more epic than I have experienced and you will be playing this with the camera zoomed out unfortunately it then starts to look like a pig! some of the maps end up looking sub PS2 with their lack of detail (English campaign lvl13). Some battles are far too easy (Crecy in 3 mins - Not good!) and then there are the difficulty spikes (English campaign lvl13 again!) meaning more grinding to further improve my army, I haven't tried this online maybe between friends it could be ok? and don't get me started on the cut scene videos History the american version... Hmm.

  4.  Brutal


    It maybe sacrilegious but... I opted to watch the dubbed option (Subtitles & original language 5.1 also optional) and I must say this was almost okay for once. Not perfect by any means, initially the accents jarred a bit but all was soon forgotten as the action kicked in. Great movie (as previous reviews) and as revealed in the extras made on a shoestring with the asistance from the local community. Well acted and often quite brutal. I can't remember the last zombie movie I saw where the survivors were so willing to take on the undead in such a physical way! Recommended if you enjoyed 28 Days later or other european horrors REC, Mutants, etc.

  5.  Still liking the first.


    Mildly disapointed... I wasn't expecting a AAA title but was hoping for an improvement to the first game in the series but sadly not. In particular I missed Lynch's medicated craziness, as you now play him he's lost any element of being a dangerous rambling psycho you're trying to keep a leash on. There are fewer big set pieces and the locations seemed a bit stale. The aim and bullets to kill ratio is crud to! On the positive side the graphics were different and the pixelated nudity made me smile but overall a bit of a let down.

  6.  Fallout


    A strangely enjoyable film, it is shot in b&w with no dialogue and with action sequences kept to a minimum. it is often slow paced but it's unusual ambience just drew me in. It kept me questioning what was going on and why? Yes it is a bleak film set in post apocalyptic future of deserts and decayed cities, highlighting the daily grind for survival, the search for water & the hunt for food. But it was the compelling relationship between the characters (especially as nothing is said!) that kept me watching untill the end which is something more than The Road achieved. The biggest & only downside is the lack of extras on this blu-ray disc.

  7.  Hadrians wall again?


    Great film. It feels a lot bigger and better than the movie I was expecting. With sweeping exterior shots & graphic battle sequences (though these do suffer a bit with the usual problem where CGI is used for the blood splashes). The story is a rolling hide & seek, revenge & betrayal affair but it is all brought together by Neil Marshalls trademark flair of making the most of the natural beauty of the countryside, with great action pieces and the comical banter between the troops. If you enjoyed his previous movies like Dog Soldiers or have an intrest in this genre I would definitely recommend this film.

  8.  Could be better


    As said previously this is worth a purchase if you can find it cheap enough. I just found the arcade mode a bit basic/easy and didn't really get the need for the lock on option, yet the harder settings seemed to take away all of the fun elements I was looking for. Perhaps I just wasn't doing it right! Definitely worth a play, great graphics but I lost interest far to soon to see it through.

  9.  Great little B movie


    A period version of tremors without the humor (not quite but almost), well acted, good locations and cinematography with the nihilism of a modern western not the cowboy films of old. The creature effects are reasonable and you do start to care about the characters. Not a death by numbers horror so typical of modern films just a great little B movie. Now 4.99 it's go to be a must buy if you are a fan of the genre.

  10.  Terminator for the nineties


    Thats what the flyer promised but this film has the suspense of Rear Window not the action of Terminator. All praises for the transfer quality and the fact it has been released on Blu-Ray however in balance I would only award this 3 stars, great if you're a fan of the genre, a cult classic yes but a must see? and Lemmy's cameo... it still makes me cringe!