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  1.  Beautiful Game


    The graphics for this game are just superb. I know it's been around on PC for nearly a year and the top end PCs belt out a better representation, but for an xbox title it's still a beauty. The story is very involving and the decisions you make are your genuine decisions (rather than knowing if you're doing the right thing or not a la mass effect 3). The game comes in three acts, each one has unique environments and characters (who are mostly abhorrent). The politics in the game can be a little confusing as names don't become clear until the further you delve into the game, the alchemy can be a bit of a bore (or ignored) and there is the odd graphical glitch. Apart from this, the combat is frenetic, jokes are funny, language very mature and it's an addictive, beautifully realised world. Not sure I'll have time to play it twice, but the path I've chosen is proving great fun. Highly recommend - the developers have poured their heart and soul into this gem!

  2. Rome


    Danger Mouse + Daniele Luppi - CD

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     good work mr danger mouse


    Good album, great for chilling out and having a beer in the sun to. Guest appearances from Jack White and Norah Jones. Has a western feel to, bit like the red dead redemption soundtrack (which is also a great album). Sort of music you could expect Quentin Taranteno to use in a movie, departure from Gnarls Barkley - but a good one. Talented fellow that Danger Mouse!

  3.  you heard it hear first


    they don't get much radio play (at the moment) but they are going to be huge. the music is raw, it's loud and they absolutely rock. this is my top tip for 2011 - this is the new band to get behind!

  4.  Not built to last


    I've purchased two of these - the first one packed in after about 3 weeks. The little LED light on the back stopped turning on as did any charge. The second unit lasted about 4 weeks, the connection now doesn't work unless you hold the cable into the phone! It's a cheap quick solution, but not for long. Good item to take on holiday, but be ready to discard...

  5.  What is going on?


    Yawn - I just don't get it. The game looks like an old PS2 title, the talking in it goes on forever and the combat is a mystery to me. I loved Oblivion, Knights of the Old Republic and Fable - but this is just impenetrable. To be honest, it's almost embarrassing to be seen playing it. Maybe I don't have the time, maybe I'm too old for dungeons and dragons - I respect everyones opinions, but for me, it's just not what I was expecting. Good luck with it!

  6. Further


    The Chemical Brothers - CD

    27 New from  £4.19  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.02

     Where did the tunes go?


    I'm a big fan of the chemical brothers, have followed them from the start - but this album just isn't doing it for me. First listen was disappointing, stuck with it and after several listens, I'm still to be impressed. It's ok, no real stand out tracks. They could have done so much better...

  7.  Another classic from rockstar


    I was told this was basically gta4 on horses and you know what - it is. But it's also a whole lot more. The graphics, animations, gunplay, cover system have all been improved and it also feels more accessible (some friends never completed gta4 as it was just too big). I'm halfway through and enjoying every minute - i'm a huge fan of rockstar games - their gameplay, humour and sense of drama are what keeps me coming back for more. I look forward to the downloadable content and recommend this game to one and all!

  8.  A gamble that pays off - again and again!


    Listened to the track Crystalised a few times and really liked it. Thought I would go on a gamble and buy the album - I was not disappointed. The first track - Intro - is a really cool instrumental and got me hooked from the start. It's a beautiful album & very chilled. A little similar to snow patrol (only in the way it's a guy and girl singing) but way cooler. Never really heard of them before, but will be following closely.
    One of the few albums I can listen to over and over again. Love it!

  9.  A beautiful and original experience


    From the very start the movie had me hooked, beautiful and very original animations, with a good cast and a sprinkling of the mighty boosh humour. It's weird and wonderful - if you like the mighty boosh, if you like originality and you like road trips - you'll love this.

  10.  if you like the orb - you'll love this


    has the light 3000 track which is one of my favourites of all time. a couple of dodgy tracks in the middle, otherwise a well rounded and very enjoyable collection.