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  1.  Oh my gosh!!!


    I bought the nintendo 3ds just for this game and i was glad i did. The whole game is completly in 3d although i didnt play the game in 3d all the way through as i felt it hurt my eyes after a while although at times i thought stuff it as the scenery/cut scenes were so good! even in the normal 2d mode the game is a lot sharper - making the graphics fantastic.

    Zelda OoT is also a huge game - i feel with certain nintendo ds games the games are small, making them quick and easy to complete, however with this game there are probably about 12 dungeons and a million different side quests to complete.

    The game is excalty the same as the N64 but after you complete the game, you unlock a master quest (a harder version with certain things back to front).

    All in All, a fantastic game, definelty worth the money. Shame the game hurt my eyes after a while but even the 2d version is immense.... A must have!!!! Buy NOW!!!



    This game was brilliant!! the storyline is great, graphics are brill and the music is good. I love the idea of zelda on the train, and is great fun playing the music (have pipes instead of ocarina and you have to blow in the microphone in order to play the songs). Is also different from phantom hourglass as u have completly different weapons and enemies. Also was good because they kept a lot of the previous characters in the phantom hourglass game. The puzzles are quite complicated but solvable.

    The only critism that i have with this game is that the game is fairly short, have nearly completed it in under a week. On the whole this game was completly capivating, defo better than phantom hourglass.

    A must for all zelda lovers

  3.  Shocking


    what a load of rubbish!!!! yes its addictive, yes its colourful but what a load of repetitive drivel.

    The best thing about this game is the front cover!

  4.  Fabulous


    This is a great game. Better than the N64 and the gamecube "Double Dash" put together. This is because there are more tracks and different characters (you can play as Dry-Bones for example). The tracks are colourful and there are more items you can throw at people.

    You can also team up with other people who have a DS (you only need the one game though) and race verses them.

    A truly brilliant game!

  5.  Definetly one of the better Brain Games


    i think that this is one of the better brain games. There are more games you can play and they are more addictive. For instance, you have to work out whats weighs more, this or that and pick the odd one out etc. The music isn't horrendous either!!

    If your a fan of brain games, you will love it.

  6.  Very Repetitive


    it is a ok game, and its a great idea but i think it just get boring after a while. Yes there are games you can unlock but I just didn't get very much out of it. You wouldn't want to play it everyday, as it just get repetitive as the novelty of the game soon wears off. The suduko feature is very good though

  7.  Dont bother!


    this is pretty much the same as super smash brothers. i really didnt like it - waste of money. once you played it once, there is nothing else to do. Sure you can unlock charcters but whats the point of trying to get Donkey to push Shrek off a cliff???

  8.  Rubbish


    i didn't really see the point to this game. once you played it once, ther is nothing new. I wouldn't waste your money

  9.  Hard


    This game is great. Although its very very hard and cant seem to do it. For instance at the begining of the game you dont know wot your doing yet you hjave to fight about 100 people. Having said that the graphics are great, and the game includes parts of the actual film in.

  10.  Brilliant but makes your eyes ache


    yay! i love sonic, its truly reminds me of when i was small. this is exaclty the same as the sega mega drive version. Its a truly mad and addictive game. Its really fun and its great that all of the sonic games are on this disk. The onyl bad thing is you can't save it but then again, each game does only have about 8 worlds!! Also kills your eyes as sonic travels so fast at times

    If you love sonic, then you would be mad not to get it