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  1.  WWE 12 with Attitude Era


    Gameplay (6.5 out of 10)
    - Attitude era is a nice addition to this years WWE video game. Storylines from the best era in WWE are all featured, including D-X, Stone Cold, Brothers of Destruction etc... BUT. Some historical bonus objectives can be a pain. Any difficulty above normal will see the CPU reverse 90% of your moves, annoying!! Also, with so many historical objecitves to complete, one match may take 30 mins to complete.

    Roster (8 out of 10)
    - Some really good additions to the game with heavy focus on Attitude era. However, a lot of wrestlers (good ones) are missing. Owen Hart, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Jeff Hardy to name a few.

    I would recommend to a die hard fan of wrestling and who grew up/saw the Attitude era, but apart from the Attitude era addition, its WWE 12 with a different front cover.

  2.  Dexters greatest season


    Stunningly good season of Dexter. From the story line itself to each individual character this particular season brings suspense, "didnt see that coming" moments and a real surprise at the sheer brilliance of this TV series.

    If you arent a fan, trust me, you will be after viewing this. Sheer and utter brilliance!!

  3.  MAXimum entertainment!!


    Graphics (10/10) - Stunning detail with particular focus on cut scenes during story chapters. Detailed character faces and background images such as environment.

    Gameplay (9/10) - 14 intense chapters to make your way through at your own pace. Collectibles on the way such as golden gun parts and clues. Easy to use aim lock system and bullet time feature that is a well included feature.

    Overall (9.5/10) - A must own for any shooter/action and adventure gamer out there. Compelling story line with twists and turns throughout. Bring on Max Payne 4!! :D

  4.  Gears of Epic War :D :D


    Title says it all here folks.

    Graphics (10/10) - Perfect. Stunning detail in every aspect. Background detail, characters, guns etc.

    Gameplay (9/10) - 5 act campaign with a reasonable 5/6 hours worth of gameplay done on Hardcore difficulty. Slight issue is the difficulty of the final boss:- may take a while!!

    Online gameplay (8/10) - Vast arrange of online games such as team deathmatch, warzone, execution etc to keep you gaming for hours. Plenty of characters to choose from.
    Issue here is the fact that teams aren't always fair and equal. Let's have three level 70+ on one team and level 20 to 40 on the opposite. Silly.

    Overall, the best game for the console to date, with more content coming next month this is a must buy for any gamer of any experience.

  5.  Laying the Smackdown on ya candy ass!


    Achievements (6/10) - Easy obtainable achievements with reference to the Road to Wrestlemania and winning an exhibition match, but certain achievements such as collect all bonuses (150G) by far is time consuming!

    Gameplay (8/10) - Very good controls and easy to get used to, but in my opinion gameplay appears slow.

    Visuals (10/10) - Great detail gone in to each and every wrestler, along with audience improvement.

    However, on this particular version of the game, there has been no inclusion of Legends!!! I would of love to have seen such greats as; The Rock, Stone Cold and Bret Hart! No inclusion of alternate attires in reference to a "Legend" Undertaker or "Masked" Kane either.

    Overall (8/10) - Certain room for improvement, but worth while for a couple of weeks.

  6.  The names Bond .... James Bond!


    Achievements (9/10) - Very respectable with simple story mode progession achievements and certain tasks within a level to obtain. Collect all phones achievement may need a walkthrough!

    Gameplay (10/10) - Awesome with such aspects as both first and third person modes. Sneak up on your enemy and take them down or precision targeting with a silence pistol head shot!

    Visuals (9/10) - Great detail gone in to your surroundings with destroyable environments and objects. Very good detail placed in to each main film character (Bond himself, Vesper, Greene etc)

    Overall (9.5/10) - A certain worth while purchase and a very entertaining game.

  7.  £4.99 - HORRIFICALLY great!


    A fantastic box-set that is a must purchase for any horror genre fan. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) is an awesome re-make of the original film and adapts well keeping to the story line of the original film.

  8.  Get in the hole Tiger!


    Gameplay (10/10) - Relaxful game with stunning courses, in-depth character detail, awesome 3-click feature.
    Features (10/10) - Tiger challenge is very entertaining with the ever so rewarding defeat of Woods at the very end unlocks his TW range from clubs, hats and balls.
    Achievements (8/10) - Easy to gain achievements that require the gamer to play through Tiger challenge or a PGA Tour season - however some require a lot more attention such as gaining all trophies.
    Overall (9/10) - A well worth purchase and a certain must for any golfer/golfing fan - fantastic game.

  9.  Tekken for 360


    Gameplay (7/10) - Took me a while to get used the different controls and the layout of each button, but with practice, experience was gained easily.
    Achievements (9/10) - I received a lot of achievements throughout my 1st play through from reaching certain ranks or collecting orbs.
    Overall (8/10) - A worth while purchase, but not the best game out there.

  10.  Very good film - worth watching


    I was really impressed by this film - very good indeed. Timothy Olyphant acts as a great Hitman and agent 47 is given severe justice, with Timothy playing the role.
    Well worth £12.99 - a great film!