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  1.  GTA but in a School!


    A very entertaining game with several hours of fun, AND, educational at the same time!
    Certain classes within the game allow to use your brain and involve yourself with in class activities in such classes as Art, Biology, Chemistry, English and Music.
    Graphics are basis as this is just a re-mastered version from the PS2 launch earlier in the year.
    A worth while purchase for its price and a little teaser for the up-coming GTA 4!

  2.  FPS version of Resident Evil!


    Graphics - (10/10) - Very detailed environments and backgorunds and in-depth detail in to characters - a real treat for you, the gamer.

    Gameplay (7/10) - I find this game to be a little slow in terms of the amount of time you spend searching each room or as to how fast the character moves, but satisfying in certain areas.

    Achievements (9/10) - A vast arrange of achievements spreading across single and multi player - achievements patterned along making progress within each level.

    Overall (8/10) - A well worth while purchase, but some disadvantages allow the review to stand at 4 stars.

  3.  Kane & Lynch: DEAD BORING!


    Gameplay (6/10) - Same A.I. as Hitman in terms of character movement, but I find my self doing the same thing on every level.... Given a target - - - kill several people to get to that target - - - collect the target - - - escape.

    Achievements (9/10) - I received 8 achievements within an hour of playing this game with such easy achievements as completing the tutorial mission and throwing back an enemies grenade etc

    Graphics (8/10) - Detail has been placed in to the backgorund and the characters surroundings, but no detail in to the several objects on the game i.e. wilderness, Kane & Lynch etc.

    Overall (5/10) - I would recommend this game when it is at £15.00, then you may get entertainment for the money paid.

  4.  The Challenge of a life time


    Gameplay (9/10) - Each level took me several minutes to complete and along with artifact and relec hunting comes even more gameplay! Certainly one to keep you entertained for a long time.

    Graphics (8/10) - Great backgrounds and detailed atmospheres - more work could have been placed in to the Lara's look i.e. weapons and the enemies she faces.

    Achievements (6/10) - Achievements can be easily achieved for picking up certain weapons, but certain achievements such as find all relics and artifacts on one level is very time consuming.

    Overall (8/10) - A well worth purchase for any Tomb Raider, but still not up there with such Tomb Raider classics as The Last Relevation or Tomb Raider II.

  5.  Halo fantastico!


    Wow, what a game!
    The 3rd installment of the series "Halo" and what an installment!
    Fantastic graphics, along with a vast range of weapons, maps, vehicles and fun.
    A must recommend for any xbox 360 console owner!

  6.  The best game I've had for the console


    Gameplay (10/10) - OMG! A vast variety of missions/levels to keep the gamer entertained, along with a great intro training level for you to practice shooting.

    Achievements (10/10) - Great achievements that can be easily attained through the difficulty levels provided.

    Graphics (10/10) - Fantastic graphics; the use of shadows to represent dark and light and the detail that goes into your environment including weapons and fellow soldiers is just incredible!

    Overall (10/10) - I would certainly recommend this game - well worth the money and you will receive optimum entertainment for the price!

  7.  Remastered Super Deluxe - You can say that again!


    WOW! What a box set! Awesome live DVD performance of the Paris concert from July 1987.
    The remastered DVD concert is phenomenal with superb vision and sound quality!
    Fantastic version of "With or Without You" with the tear gas bomb during the song and a great snippet of "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

    I defiantly recommend this box set for any rock and roll / U2 fan!

  8.  Assassin's Repitition


    I went in to my local gamestation with high hopes that this game would prove to live up to it's expectation as one of the best games to arrive in our house holds for 2007 ... They were wrong!

    I can't fault the graphics - they are simply stunning and keep me motivated to play as much as I can of the game!

    The gameplay, however, is very repetitive! I find my self given a target; collect information on the target and then kill him! ITS THE SAME FOR ALL 9 ASSASSINATIONS!

    The achievements, in terms of story line, are very simple with an achievement unlocked for every successful assassination, but some achievements, such as kill 100 guards through one play seems for me to be an impossible task!

    Overall, I would recommend this game if you are serious about a challenge and are willing to cope with the difficult taks set out in front you.

  9.  Smackdown vs Raw 2007 but with ECW!


    I will keep it short and sweet!

    Very similar to the previous game with the additional ECW roster and every thing that comes with ECW.
    A lot of reversals from the cpu wrestler which can prove to be highly annoying as certain moves can't be executed.
    Overall worth the purchase if you like wrestling.

  10.  Konami 7 - EA-Sports 0


    Ok, so FIFA have licenses .... SO WHAT?!
    This year's installment of Pro Evolution Soccer has been yet another great intervention.
    Graphics (9/10) - Certainly more detail has been placed in to each and every first team player and the pitch along with stadiums look really good.
    Gameplay (10/10) - Reminds me of Pro Evolution Soccer 5! Fantastic gameplay with a real variety of goal scorers.
    Achievements (7/10) - You may find yourself playing the game a long time to unlock the majority of the achievements. Some achievements need you to defeat every club in that league or win 100 matches or score 100 goals, which will take time.
    Overall (9/10) - Certainly better than FIFA 08. Pro Evolution Soccer will continue to reign supreme!