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  1.  The worse football game .... EVER!


    Oh dear!
    What a horrific display on the part of EA with their lastest installment of FIFA 08.
    Gameplay (4/10) - Any thing from professional upwards and you find yourself not scoring and conseeding goals every 2 minutes.
    Achievements (2/10) - Far too challenging and require you to play on the hardest difficulties.
    Challenges (1/10) - Virtually all the challenges are of ridiculous nature and require you to score goals within say the last 5 mins of a game etc

    Overall (3/10) - A very poor display and certainly not worth £39.99. Wait until the release of Pro Evo 7!

  2.  DiRTY!


    Very good indeed!
    What can I say, but sheer excellency from Colin McRae and codemasters!
    Graphics (9/10) - A well captivated atmosphere and some very good looking stages, especially the hill climbs.
    Gameplay (10/10) - My favourite rallying game for any of the next generation consoles (PS2/PS3/XBOX 360). Excellent career mode with several tiers and race events, to keep the gamer captivated and interested in the game.
    Overall (9/10) - A well worth purchase for any racer and well worth the money in entertainment, gameplay, looks and easy achievements to rack up them gamer scores!
    Buy now!

  3.  The band's 2nd best tour!


    Well, what can I say.... FANTASTICO!

    23 tracks of U2 at their 2nd best peak! I have had many nights/times/enjoyment listening and watching this particular concert.
    Captivating songs, along with performance. This has to be one of U2's best concerts from the ZOO TV Tour. Many knowable and classic tracks, along with a great cover of "Can't Help Falling In Love" to finish off.
    A must purchase for any U2 fan!

  4.  Better than Moto GP 06 but....


    I purchased this game two days after it's release in the UK and I had high hopes that this time, Moto GP would deliver a game that consists of easy achievements, a good online and enjoyable times.
    1 out of 3!
    I find my self playing this game and every time I do, it feels and does stay the same. You qualify first, win the race by the first corner and then 3 laps of sheer bordom.
    I can only say that there is one easy achievement and that is to complete a race without falling off! All the others consist of playing online or completing full seasons, which on Grand Prix, take forever, with the additional "challenges" to complete for every circuit calendar.
    Having said all this, the online is very good. You can find your self playing more entertaining races than single player and the new "pink slip" system is real fun!
    Would only recommend to a die-hard fan of Motorbike games/Moto GP.

  5.  Mr. Disappointing Holiday


    Before I purchased this DVD, I had high hopes that the film would be how I remember Mr. Bean to be... laughable, watchable and well worth the money, but this film is not the case.
    Very predictable actions taken by the character of Mr. Bean and their was hardly any laughable moments throughout the film, along with a lackluster story line and far-fetched outcome.
    I would only recommend when at a cheaper pricing of approx. £5/6.

  6.  Dead Hit


    I purchased this game because a fellow work employee recommend it. He was right!
    Good - There are a lot of weapons to choose from and use at your disposal, such as guns, benches, flower pots, cash machines etc.
    The "zombie bashing" is really addictive and you can find yourself going off the storyline in order to defeat all the zombies.
    Bad - I dislike the save system very much! In order to save your current progress you have to locate a rest room or the security room. From where you are on the map, this can take a long time to reach and you may find yourself running long distances to save points. The weaponary for your first few levelled abilities, don't last long and you can find your self only managing 4 or 5 kills, before the weapon is dropped and un-usable.

    Overall, the game is very addictive and captivating. You can find your self playing this game for hours, just bashing away at zombies with several items of weaponary.
    A tactical game in itself and a very challenging storyline.

  7.  The legacy remains the same


    One thing I am, and that's a massive Led Zeppelin fan.
    Without doubt a very good concert film DVD. The DVD itself consists of well known Led Zeppelin hits, such as; "Stairway to Heaven", "Whole Lotta Love", "Heartbreaker" etc.
    But there are several, little annoying aspects to the concert footage. For example, John Bonham's infamous drum solo "Moby Dick", will be interrupted with visual footage of Bonham in a drag race car, which spoils the visual of John's drum playing.
    Having said that, a powerful concert film, that features Led Zeppelin at one of their all time bests.
    A must purchase for any Led Zeppelin fan!

  8.  MOTO GP 0h No!


    OUCH! Well, what can i say .... Very poor!
    Ok, fair enough, a little harsh, but, any motorbike game on a console is never any good.
    Very basic graphical detail, considering this is a XBOX 360 game.
    The game itself was out of date within months, when the MOTO GP season was coming to an end or finished.
    I recommend to potential buyers - stick to your car racing simulation games! Forza Motorsport 2 being the example.

  9. Prey


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £1.44

     Doom 3 but for XBOX 360


    Yes, ok, a very good game for its price (£9.99) and very similar to DOOM 3, which is highly beneficial for my self, personally, being a hardcore fan of all the DOOM series.

    BUT this has to be THE MOST unrealistic game i have ever played! This game has you walking up walls, leaving your body for one of a ghost/spirit and you CAN'T die!
    If you "run out" or lose all of your health, you are taken some place out of the level and re-instated within 30 seconds with half to two-thirds health remaining!

    Having said all of the above, the game is not too bad, there are a lot of easy achievements to be gained and you can find your self 50/60 Gamerscore points richer within 30 minutes.

    There are some entertaining aspects to the game, as the levels progress with improved weaponary and some sort of challenge in terms of enemies.

    A worth while purchase for £9.99, but not the best First Person Shooter out there by far!

  10.  Yeah but no!


    Yes, ok, a very good game with a lot of tracks to choose and complete, along with a lot of easy achievements that can be unlocked within 10 minutes of playing the game, but, the difficulties hard and expert take the mick!
    Expert requires you to use all five colours, hammer-ons and pull-offs! Far too challenging and some songs can prove to be impossible.