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  1.  The ending was disappointing


    I absolutely love the Harry Potter books & have always enjoyed the films, even when they start missing vital plot lines out.... This one however, I cannot forgive. The ending was completely ruined. In the book it is the most spectacular ending and I was expecting so much more, what I got instead was an ending which lasted 4 minutes and was completely different to the book. Obviously the ending means the death of one of the major characters. After so much build up waiting for a fantastic ending I was left disappointed. The rest of the film is still good but its only leading to a disappointing ending. This is a case of the book is better.

  2.  Hardback is out Oct 09


    Just to let anyone who was shocked by the release date being put back, its because the hardback is being released this October & it always takes longer for paperback. Hardback is available on here for pre-order. Hope this is of some help to all of you who are desperate to read the next book!

  3.  Tight Fit


    Way better than it looks in the picture. Only one thing I would moan about and that the fitting. Across the chest there isn't much stretch. I'm a size 10-12 and always buy medium but this one feels a bit tighter than I would like across my chest. Otherwise I absolutely love this t-shirt and will wear it again and again.

  4.  Not a lot you can say apart from wow


    I cried 3 times while reading this. Also finished it in 5 hours, I literally couldn't put it down. Its an amazing story & well written. I would recommend this to anyone.

  5.  Excellent value for money


    With the main game and all the extra mini games this will keep you entertained for hours.
    Hope they're going to bring more out.
    Totally addictive & completely frustrating (in a good way) at times.

  6.  I love this! Sooooo girly!


    I've loved Mario games since I was little & I love them even though I'm grown up now.. Bought this the other day & its great fun. Completely girly & completely addictive. Good use of the touchscreen too. Recommended to any fan of Mario!

  7. Chosen



    3 New from  £4.29  Free delivery

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    I love how addictive this series is! I've just finished Chosen, it literally took me 3 hours to read the full thing. I absolutely could not put it down. The series keeps getting better with each new book, I absolutely can't wait for the next 2 in August & September. Any fan of Twilight &/or vampire novels will love this series. Definitely a recommended read!

  8.  Worth a watch


    As far as video games into movies goes, this one isn't bad. Sure its corny and all that but theres plenty to keep you entertained. Personally I thought it was quite a good film and will definitely but the DVD.

  9.  I haven't seen the end yet...


    I actually passed out in the cinema when it got to the 'bathroom scene'... I'm yet to see the end of this film but what I did see was awesome! Its about time we had some decent horror films around...

  10. Marked



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     Not Twilight but brilliant all the same...


    I bought the first 2 of this series because they were on offer in my local bookshop & I was having withdrawal after just finishing the Twilight series again. I was instantly amazed at how wonderful these books are. The story is something you can really get into. Obviously its not Twilight but I think any fan will still find these enjoyable. Brilliant writing. Will definitely be buying the whole series..