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  1.  Crazy golf FTW!!!!


    Buy this just for multiplayer crazy golf. All the other games are a bit dodgy, but the golf is so good!

    I like the way you can control your shot and the way it does it is good (tilting the wiimote towards your feet for a slow shot and swing).

    9 holes to go at, just the golf is worth £9.99.

    Maybe if I was no good at it I would give it 1 star, or if i'd just had 1 go i'd give it 1 star. That's not the case.

    I really don't know why people take these games so serious, i'm mean get an Xbox then! Or get someone to play against. Play it by yourself and yeah, I expect it's not that great. There really is nothing like messing the leaders next shot up :-)

    I'm 28 and love it, but only the golf. If one or 2 of the games were good then it would be 5 stars all the way.

    Bring on Carnival Games Golf!!!!

  2.  Great stuff!


    Came with my wii but if it didn't come with yours buy it if you can.

    You can't really fault any of the games. Might have been nice to have had some more training games, would have been 5 stars for sure it it had!

  3.  More trash!


    If this is the kind of game that get's a top spot on play.com then it's time to sell your wii.

    The worst game I have ever played. Why is everyone giving it high ratings?

    This games for you if you don't want a challenge and are easily pleased.

    A game like this could have been so good, should have been so good.

    Again, giving it 1 star is too much.

  4.  More trash!


    Looked good but plays bad. Nice price but you can see why.

    All the games are terrible, the darts is probably the best of the lot but then, that's not that great.

    Another joke game in the top 10!

    We really need a 0 star option!