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  1.  Absolutely stunning


    Without a shadow of a doubt this album is one of the best I have ever heard. Natalie's music captivates its listener - her lyrics and melodies are truly beautiful and the album, all recorded live, has been produced masterfully by Joe Henry - a don in the music producing world.

    Each song tells a different story, some more detailed than others but each has a magical ability to transfix whoever's listening. For its beautifully told story, Old Rock is my favourite track on the album (if I had to choose one) but others such as Songbird and Find me a Home are equally captivating.

    I would recommend this album to everyone, whether you've heard Natalie's music before or not - you won't be disappointed if you buy this album - it really is stunning and it only gets better with each time you listen to it. Already excited for the next!

  2.  Brilllyant.


    Ever since I first heard these guys, it was obvious that they had something pretty special. After listening more to the album, I maintain that they are some of the best, innovative musicians around. It's a wicked album which nobody could regret buying.

  3.  Hilariously Evil


    I liked Nighty Night from the first episode, with its dark plot and sick humour. I found parts of the series to be quite simply painfull, with the main character, jill, being awful to a lady suffering from MS. This woman, Cathy also happens to be the most harmless person ever, she couldnt hurt a fly. This why it is almost distressing that Jill tries as hard as possible to steal her husband in the most unsubtle and unfashionable ways. What I love about this series is that you never know just how low jill will sink. It keeps one amused!

  4.  gold dust!!!!!!


    The Sopranos continues to amaze me, TV simply wouldnt be the same without it. These final episodes bring about an even darker side of the series. I was completely hooked. Although Im sad the series is over, I also think it ended on such a high note, it was a perfect time to end it. I have all the confidence in the writers, but sometimes I think its important to call it a day,remember the times that were good, which in my opinion is the whole damn lot of it! everything about the sopranos is brilliant, and when i saw the final scene i was transfixed and literally couldnt move! im proud to say that i felt empty for days after!



    Yet another riveting, edge of seat thriller. I would recommend this to everyone who has enjoyed the previous seasons and anyone who likes good thrillers. I would say this is the best 24 series so far, purely down to the nail biting political plot going on in the white house....The story is so exciting, I couldn't stop watching!! FULL MARKS!!!

  6.  AWFUL (0*- I have to give at least 1)


    This is a warning, for anyone thinking about buying this film. If I had to choose the worst film I have ever seen, this would be it.
    I know not everyone will agree... But, if you hate annoying music, miming, awful, tacky dance routines which make the 'actors' look complete idiots, you will agree.
    Right from the beginning, one can tell this is not going to be a funny 'cheesy film'. Instead it just makes you cringe... Ah, what a shame...
    Soooooo, I really would urge you in the strongest possibe way, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.



    This film is AMAZING!!! Anyone who has liked the other Star Wars films will LOVE this one, as it is by far THE BEST!!!!

  8.  Well worth it


    For all the hours of enjoyment I have got from these seasons, I would recommend this to everyone. 24 is a unique series, which is without a doubt the best and most exiting I have ever seen. Better than 99.9% of all film thrillers, this has to be one of the best ways to spend money when on DVD entertainment. It is exactly that, 5 doses of pure thrilling entertainment. The plots for every series are sound and watertight, and cannot fail to exite the audience. The acting is brilliant and the whole idea of the time is legendary. This is well worth 100+ pounds as it will bring days of amazing TV!!!!!!!

  9.  Very good...


    I am not a fan of Micheal Jackson as a person, but I cannot deny that his music is very good. The harmony is really good and the lyrics are great. I would recommend this to anyone who likes this kind of music and any of his other albums, as this is by far his best!

  10.  WOW!!!


    This album has been one of my favourites for many years. It really is amazing. I like all the songs, and they are truly legendary! I would recommend this to everyone.. Its SOOOO GOOD!!!!