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  1.  Not bad but not great


    Firstly, this is an improvement on the first game of the franchise in that the combat controls and general movement controls are a lot easier to get used to and master. The real disappointment for me are the graphics. It seems unpolished and almost ps2 quality in the cutscenes. On the plus side the voice acting is good, even the actor playing Robert Downey Jr's character sounds spot on. Being able to play as war machine and various other iron costumes from the comics is a nice feature as well as being able to customize the weapons for your iron man/war machine suit of choice.

    All-in-all this game is worth a try but don't expect to be blown away by the storyline or graphics, nor should you expect a long game to keep you busy either.

    Worth a try, maybe worth a rent first though.

  2.  Absolute bargain!...but......


    Firstly, I am very pleased with this tv. The picture quality at 1080p is fantastic and very clear. I'm a big gamer and my 360 and PS3 both look amazing on this, not to mention blu-ray dvds look awesome as well.

    The only reason I've given it 4 stars instead of 5 is because for some reason I cannot get sound out of my hifi speakers from the PS3 (or anything plugged into the HDMI sockets). I can get sound through the hifi speakers for devices plugged into the scarts or component and even digital tv though which has me somewhat puzzled.

    If anyone else has had a similar issue please get in touch, especially if you found a way round this. Also if you have this tv but haven't had this issue I'd like to know as well so I'll know if I'm just unlucky enough to have a faulty set.

    All in all though if you're not fussed about connecting a hifi or surround sound and just want a tv with a great picture, simple setup and at a VERY affordable price, this is the tv for you.

  3.  Fantastic!


    Fantastic game! I pre-ordered this game through play and received it in the post the day before its official release.

    Anyone who is a fan of the first Mass Effect or just like games of the same genre of Knights of The Old Republic will love this game!

    The only critizism I have is that I haven't had my code emailed to me for the special armour I should get from pre-ordering through play yet, but hopefully that will arrive soon.

    Great game, great story and fantastic fun! A must buy!

  4.  Good game.....er, I think!


    Got this game on Saturday after ordering it on here only to find after waiting ages for it to install that my pc video card doesn't support this game! I was devasted!

    From the reviews I've read online and the trailer/gameplay vids it looks like a great game which is why I've still given it two stars, but seriously if you are considering getting this game make sure your pc video card supports pixel shader 2.0 otherwise it just wont work at all.

  5.  Great.....for the price!


    Just received this in the post today and I'm very happy with it.

    The only snag is there is next to no bass frequency at all and it doesn't go all that loud when you turn it up, but for the bargain price of £5.99 that's hardly a factor to complain about.

    Overall this is a good product at a fantactic price but I wouldn't buy this if you want the best top of the range sound from your computer :)

  6.  Excellent album


    Firstly, there's 6 tracks not included in the listing for some reason. They are:
    Twenty Wild Horses
    Under The Influence
    Round & Round
    Shine On
    Little White Lies
    Keep 'Em Coming

    In my view this is a very under rated album and actually one of my favourites. It hasn't got classic songs on the same level as Rockin' All Over The World or Down Down on it and it may not please the die hard Quo fans out there (which is why I have only given it 4 stars), but it's still definitely a great album and also a pretty good driving album for any rocker out on the road in the sunshine - get on your shades, turn up the radio, wind down the windows in your car and enjoy!! :D

  7.  Brilliant! 5 Stars!


    Brilliant DVD! Awesome to finally see the masters at work on a live DVD. I definitely recommend this to all ZZ Top and rock fans in general. This is one for the collection!!!

  8.  Top quality!


    I bought this during the 'free 5 HD DVDs offer' last year and I think this is brilliant! I cannot say a bad word about this peice of hardware (altho the noise from the xbox 360 can become tedious, but like a reviewer before me said - just turn up the sound on the tv and enjoy the experience of quality viewing and sound at it's very best!).

    Even though Blu-Ray has won the format wars I still recommend HD players over the Blu-Ray ones, plus this does now offer the opportunity for bargain deals on already released HD titles. (Play.com themselves are selling selected HD titles for a little as £7.99 right now!)

    The picture and sound are clearer than anything I've seen. This is a bargain and I totally recommend it!

  9.  Mono sound?.....don't worry!


    I've read a lot of reviews for this version of this game and have noticed a lot of ppl complaining about the lack of stereo sound, and rightfully so!
    However, there is a solution on the horizon.....

    I read that the problem has been addressed and Activision will be issuing 'free' remastered replacement game disks to replace the mono version in early 2008!!

    So don't panic Wii owners! There is a light at the end of the tunnell!
    This game is brilliant, well worth buying so don't worry about the mono sound for now, just enjoy! :-)